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UK Bar London (Bar) Data Protection

Data Protection covers all aspects of law surrounding the control of information by both public and private sector bodies. Many individuals acting in this arena advise clients on the development of binding corporate rules and other issues relating to international data transfers. The section also includes work arising from Freedom of Information Act requests. Another significant type of work involves the defence of clients facing potential fines for data protection breaches, levied by the Information Commissioner's Office, and the Financial Services Authority.

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Band 1
  1. 11KBW
    Data Protection
    UK Bar 2023 | Band 1 | 11 Years Ranked
    11KBW is a market-leading chambers able to boast the most extensive data protection law capability at the London Bar. It has an excellent track record in cases brought under the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts, with the barristers regularly acting for the ICO, individuals, companies and public sector bodies. Recent noteworthy cases include acting for parties on both sides of the landmark Lloyd v Google case, in addition to major group and enforcement actions such as those against Experian and TikTok. A client adds: "11KBW is my go-to chambers for anything involving data protection, and the set continues to impress with the strength and depth of its roster of counsel."
Band 2
  1. 5RB
    Data Protection
    UK Bar 2023 | Band 2 | 6 Years Ranked
    5RB's barristers are capable of handling a range of complex cases brought under the Data Protection Act. The team offers substantial expertise in matters arising out of mass data breaches and also has experience advising on freedom of information requests. It is perhaps the strongest set in the market for claims brought against the media under both data protection and defamation law, as demonstrated by recent instructions for the Duchess of Sussex, and government departments, in highly publicised cases. The barristers' varied client base encompasses media organisations, leading technology companies and high-profile individuals.
  2. Matrix Chambers
    Matrix Chambers
    Data Protection
    UK Bar 2023 | Band 2 | 9 Years Ranked
    Matrix Chambers boasts considerable talent across the media and technology sectors and also fields capabilities in counselling public bodies on the use of data. The barristers are routinely retained by claimants and defendants in leading claims spanning data breaches, GDPR compliance and the right to be forgotten. For example, counsel from the set including Antony White KC and Hugh Tomlinson KC appeared on both sides in the landmark case of Lloyd v Google. The set also enjoys a strong track record of involvement in headline-grabbing media cases and often provides go-to counsel for large players in this space including Google and Facebook. Clients say: "Matrix Chambers is unquestionably one of the top sets for privacy and data protection."
  3. Monckton Chambers
    Monckton Chambers
    Data Protection
    UK Bar 2023 | Band 2 | 10 Years Ranked
    Monckton Chambers exhibits pronounced expertise in data protection as well as cases governed by information law, encompassing FOI and EIR. The barristers are highly knowledgeable on the workings of the data protection regulations in the context of public law and human rights law. Notable recent cases include one challenging the Home Office's policy of seizing and downloading cross-channel migrants' mobile phones. The set also has a particularly strong track record in representing the Information Commissioner, including as an intervener in the landmark Supreme Court case of Lloyd v Google.
Band 3
  1. Blackstone Chambers
    Blackstone Chambers
    Data Protection
    UK Bar 2023 | Band 3 | 9 Years Ranked
    The barristers at Blackstone Chambers possess notable data protection and freedom of information law experience, especially in relation to the intersection of data protection, public and human rights law. The barristers are highly sought after by individuals, organisations and government entities for a range of cases heard before the highest courts, with a recent highlight including the CJEU referral of Privacy International's challenge to UK intelligence's use of bulk communications data. Members are also called upon to provide data protection advice in the context of matters such as the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse, where they have represented the Catholic Church of England and Wales.
Band 4
  1. 4
    39 Essex Chambers
    Data Protection
    UK Bar 2023 | Band 4 | 9 Years Ranked
    39 Essex Chambers can boast an impressive record of involvement in widely discussed data protection cases. One notable recent case saw barristers from the set appeal an ICO decision considering how public authorities process environmental and non-environmental information. In another, they acted for the Home Office challenging enforcement action regarding delays to subject access rights compliance. The set's noted information law capabilities extend to information governed by the Environmental Information Regulation, making it a popular choice for a broad range of cases in the area.
  2. Cornerstone Barristers
    Cornerstone Barristers
    Data Protection
    UK Bar 2023 | Band 4 | 1 Years Ranked
    Cornerstone Barristers come highly recommended for their work in the data protection and public law area. They act in novel data protection cases, often as a result of data breaches, ransomware attacks or contravention of the Freedom of Information Act. Barristers are called upon to act for the full gamut of government organisations, individuals and companies. Notable work includes acting for Heathrow Airport against the Information Commissioner, in a case asking whether the airport was a public authority for the purposes of Environmental Information Regulations. Another matter against the ICO concerned the Freedom of Information Act's effects outside the UK.
  3. 4
    Doughty Street Chambers
    Data Protection
    UK Bar 2023 | Band 4 | 2 Years Ranked
    Doughty Street Chambers is noted for its expertise in data protection cases arising out of unlawful disclosures of personal information. The set's members are well versed in data protection disputes involving public bodies, notably police departments. Complementary areas of strength include human rights-driven privacy claims. Recent matters handled by Doughty Street barristers include unlawful data processing claims against the police, and judicial review work surrounding facial recognition technologies.