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About Chambers Greater China Region

As we continuously strive to deliver unparalleled coverage of legal markets, we have evolved our research and rankings across the Greater China Region and are delighted to announce the Chambers Greater China Region guide.  

The guide brings together extensive, in-depth market analysis, and rankings of the leading law firms and professionals across all four jurisdictions of the Greater China Region. It features five exclusive chapters: China (International Firms) Chapter, Hong Kong Bar Chapter, China (PRC Firms) Chapter, China Macau and Taiwan Chapters. 

Our rankings are based on the in-depth research of our dedicated and experienced team of researchers. Please see our methodology page if you would like to find out more. Chambers Greater China Region provides reliable recommendations, to ensure you are able to make an informed decision when purchasing legal services.

Chambers Greater China Region Guide Launch Webinar
During this session, Head of Research Dennis Li will be introducing the first-ever Chambers Greater China Region guide. Register to see the guide’s exclusive rankings.
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Guide Coverage

Our in-depth research runs from February to October. 

Chambers Greater China Region Rankings

Driven by the rising amount of law firms participating in our research year on year and by the introduction of new practice areas as our engagement with the markets further strengthens, Chambers research coverage across the Greater China Region continues to grow. The statistics below give a bird’s eye view of the research and rankings of the Greater China Region 2022 edition.

Department rankings
Individual Lawyer
provinces/municipalities in
Corporate/Commercial Research Coverage
Full translation
of China(PRC Firms) Chapter

New to our Greater China Region Coverage

With the fast-evolving legal landscape across the region, the Chambers Greater China Region 2022 guide has extended its coverage to include the following new ranking tables/sub-tables and expanded tables.

TMT: Data Protection & Privacy (PRC Firms)
International Trade: Customs, Export Control & Economic Sanctions (PRC Firms)

Geographic Expansion in Corporate/Commercial (PRC Firms) sections

Expanded and New
• Anhui - Expanded
• Gansu (PRC Firms) - New
• Guizhou (PRC Firms) - Expanded
• Jiangxi (PRC Firms) – New
• Ningxia (PRC Firms) - New
• Qinghai (PRC Firms) - New
• Shanxi (PRC Firms) - New
• Shaanxi (PRC Firms) - New

Legal Topics for Chambers Greater China Region

A Review of Recent Developments in China’s Competition/Antitrust Law Sphere
The year 2021 has seen an undoubtedly vibrant competition law market amid many high-profile cases, investigations, and enforcement. This article highlights a couple of key trends noticed in the markets in the last 12 months.

Meet the Greater China Region Research Team
Meet and connect with the dedicated Greater China Region team who are responsible for analysing the legal market across the Greater China Region and discover which section each member of the team oversees.

Dennis Li
Head of Greater China Region Research
Contact Dennis
Beatrice Chan
Research Manager
Mainly on Chambers China (International Firms), Macau and Taiwan chapters, South Korea chapter
Contact Beatrice
John Graham
Research Associate
Mainly on Chambers China (PRC Firms), Macau and Taiwan chapters
Contact John
Tim Zha
Research Associate
Chambers China (International Firms)
Contact Tim

Chambers Greater China Region 2022 e-Edition available to download.

Find the top Lawyer and Law Firms across Chambers Greater China Region 2022 in our e-Edition, now available to download per chapter.

Guide Resources

Chambers Greater China Region Submissions process
Chambers Greater China Region Submissions process
Discover the value of being a ranked firm and tips on how to successfully submit for rankings in the Greater China Region guide.
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