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About Crisis & Risk Management

Find the world’s leading crisis and risk management professionals in the Chambers Crisis and Risk Management guide. To find out about how to participate in the research for Chambers Crisis and Risk Management 2022, click here.

Chambers Crisis and Risk Management is our inaugural guide to the leading professional services providers in key markets worldwide, featuring detailed coverage of core crisis and risk services in the US, UK and Global-wide regions. It is an invaluable resource for major corporates seeking to anticipate and mitigate risk exposures and to respond effectively to crisis events when they occur.

Chambers Crisis & Risk Management 2021 Webinar
Join us for the guide launch webinar and discover key findings from this year's research and learn what is new in this edition of the guide with an overview from the Chambers Crisis and Risk Management Team
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Our in-depth research runs from January to April.

New in Chambers Crisis & Risk Management 2021

Firm and Individual Rankings
3 Geographies
Our New Ranking Tables cover the Global, USA and the UK Markets
16 Areas of Research
Including: ESG Risk, Crisis Management and Crisis PR

ESG Risk: Key Trends

• Ongoing debate around carbon markets and their suitability for achieving climate goals

• Emergence of more robust regulatory frameworks such as the EU standards on corporate sustainability and SEC Enforcement task force on Climate and ESG

• There remain substantial international cultural frictions that present challenges to global ESG risk strategies

Crisis Management: Key Trends

• Rise in shareholder, employee and consumer activism

• Strong appetite among law firm clients for risk anticipation, preparation and mitigation

• Social pressures around race relations and #MeToo increasingly prevalent

• Pandemic gave rise to whole host of crises for law firm clients of all sizes

Crisis PR: Key Trends

• Increasing use of data analytics in Crisis PR, including tools to tailor messaging to discrete societal and geographic groups

• Both clients and practitioners pointed to increasingly partisan media reporting 

Business Intelligence & Investigations (Pre-Transactional): Key Trends

Key Trends
• Split between bespoke reporting services and more commoditized, volume processing due-diligence services

• Business Intelligence providers increasingly incorporating ESG considerations into due-diligence reports
• Increasing market consolidation driven in part by institutional and PE investors attracted to commoditization opportunities

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Meet the Research and Editorial Team

Simon Christian
Global Research Director
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Katherine Hughes
Research Manager
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Chris Nicholson
Research Manager
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To enquire about commercial opportunities associated with the Professional Advisers series, contact Jeremy Stephenson.

Legal Topics for Chambers Crisis and Risk Management

Diversity and Inclusion highlights
In this Legal Topics article we look at the D&I highlights from the Chambers Crisis and Risk Management.

Chambers Crisis & Risk Management 2021 e-Edition available to download.

Find the top Lawyer and Law Firms across Crisis & Risk Management 2021 in our e-Edition, now available to download per chapter.