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Chambers USA 2025 Submissions

Submissions are now open, the next submission deadline is 8 August.

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Chambers USA 2025 Submissions

Submissions are now open, the next submission deadline is 8 August.

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Chambers USA 2024 e-Edition available to download.

Find the top Lawyer and Law Firms across USA 2024 in our e-Edition, now available to download per chapter.

Chambers USA Guide 2024 Webinar

Watch the guide launch event where the Chambers USA team share key trends across the US legal market and findings from this year's research.

About the Chambers USA Legal Guide 2024

Welcome to the Chambers USA Guide 2024. Search the legal market’s best law firms and best lawyers in the USA, using the search functionality above. 

Chambers USA is the world’s leading legal data and analytics provider, highlighting the top lawyers and law firms across the USA for over two decades, so that buyers of legal services are equipped to make the best choice for when it matters.

Our legal rankings are unrivaled in accuracy, depth and quality and are conducted by our dedicated team of independent researchers, ensuring that our outcomes are trusted and credible across the globe. Find the top law firms in the USA with Chambers.

For more information on our methodology and insights into our submissions process and how your firm can rank in the Chambers USA guide, please visit the methodology page.    

The Chambers USA team continues to work with US law firms of all sizes, from boutique to global, during our research to ensure we cover all aspects of the US legal market for clients of all sizes and requirements to assist in their legal needs. Our rankings will connect you with some of the biggest law firms in the US and top US attorneys.

How does Chambers USA's analysis of the legal market help law firm clients?

Chambers’ best in class research teams of over 200 exceptional individuals assess lawyers and law firms across the USA, conducting thousands of one-on-one interviews per year with in-house counsel and third-party experts. The quality of our people ensures the highest accuracy in all that we do.  

By providing independent and impartial intelligence and market insight, Chambers supports and enables decision makers, from General Counsel at global blue-chip firms through to local businesses, to secure the talent that's right for them, while saving time and mitigating risk.  Our rankings include the most prestigious US law firms.

Chambers USA Guide 2025 Submissions

The submissions for the Chambers USA 2025 Guide are open, you can view the full schedule here

Keep up to date with all of your relevant submission deadlines throughout the year and get personalized submission reminders in your calendar here

For the 2025 release of the guide, we have new sections available for submissions.  

Chambers Spotlight

Chambers is on a mission to Spotlight the best small to medium-sized firms that can offer go-to counsel for legal buyers looking for more options and local expertise. 

In 2024 we have returned to Texas and also delved into the legal markets of Florida, New York and North Carolina - to view the rankings click here

Chambers USA Guide 2024: Highlights

In every state we rank the top US law firms in at least four areas of law: Corporate/Commercial, Labor & Employment, Litigation, and Real Estate. However, in most states we cover significantly more, meaning that Chambers USA contains over 50 different practice areas/sectors on a state and national level, allowing us to provide the relevant information to those looking for US legal support.  

This year, new areas of coverage include:  

  • Nationwide: Construction: International Disputes   
  • Nationwide: Higher Education  
  • Nationwide: Impact Investing 
  • Nationwide: Energy: PHMSA Specialists  
  • Nationwide: Transportation: Aviation: Transactional 

Rankings at state level are based upon the location in which a law firm or lawyer practices regardless of where their clients are located across the USA or globally, or where their deals and cases take place.  

Chambers USA Guide 2024: Summary

The Chambers USA guide and legal rankings cover practice areas in all 50 states, Washington, DC and at nationwide level, with hundreds of practice area-based ranking tables identifying the best practice groups and lawyers working across the US legal market.

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Up-and-Coming and Associates to watch

Up-and-Comers and 204 Star Associates or Associates to Watch
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Newly Ranked Star Associates and Associates to Watch

The Chambers USA 2024 guide research ran from August 2023 to February 2024.

Chambers USA 2023 Research Timeline

By having our researchers spend several months in carefully analyzing and researching each submitting US law firm and conducting several thousands of hours of interviews with referees, our rankings offer the most in-depth and comprehensive coverage of each law firm for those looking to find a lawyer, attorney or law firm in the US for legal advice and work.

Latest Legal News: Chambers USA

US Litigation Market Overview 2024: Geographic Expansion and Litigation Boutiques Reshape Legal Landscape
Learn about the unprecedented changes in the 2024 US litigation market, driven by geographic expansion and the rise of litigation boutiques.

US White-Collar Criminal Litigation Review 2024: Cryptocurrency, AI, and False Claims Act
Explore developments in US White-Collar Criminal Litigation, cryptocurrency enforcement, AI regulation, and False Claims Act expansion.

US Real Estate Market in Review 2024: Challenges and Opportunities
How did the impact of high interest rates, hybrid work, and shifting market dynamics impact the US real estate sector in 2024?

US Privacy & Data Security Review 2024: State Laws, AI, and Healthcare Challenges
Uncover the shifts in privacy and data security practices in the US, including state law compliance, AI regulation, and healthcare privacy.

Update on Nationwide Sections No Longer Accepting Referees in Chambers USA 2025
Discover which sections in the 2025 edition of Chambers USA will no longer be accepting referees and how these sections will be researched and ranked. 

New Submission Areas For Chambers USA 2025
The Chambers USA 2025 Guide sees new practice areas open for submissions. Discover which new ranking opportunities are available in the guide.

Meet the Chambers USA Research Team
Learn about the research team behind the Chambers USA Guide and understand which section each of the researcher oversees.

Meet the Chambers Legal Research Team

Kush Cheema
North America Research Director
Contact Kush
Photograph of James Haggerty Head of USA Research | Chambers and Partners
James Haggerty
Head of USA Research
Contact James
Alek Quick-Tomasevic
Research Manager:
Intellectual Property, Life Sciences
Contact Alek
Eleanor Dobson
Principal Research Specialist:
Banking & Finance, Cannabis, Funds, Food & Beverages, Healthcare, Privacy & Data Security, REITs, Sports Law
Contact Eleanor
Evie Bispham Staite
Research Manager:
Construction, Energy, Environment, Projects, Public Finance
Contact Evie
Matthew Court
Principal Research Specialist:
Bankruptcy & Restructuring, Corporate M&A, Private Equity, Tax, Tech & Outsourcing
Contact Matthew
Shane Boothbly standing in front of grey wall | Chambers USA
Shane Boothby
Principal Research Specialist:
Commercial Litigation, Insurance, International Arbitration, Product Liability, Securities Litigation
Contact Shane
Kypriana Savva | Chambers USA Principal Research Specialist
Kypriana Savva
Principal Research Specialist:
Antitrust, FCPA, White-Collar Crime and Spotlight Guides
Contact Kypriana
Tom Lambert
Principal Research Specialist:
Capital Markets, FSR, Government Contracts, International Trade, Real Estate, Securities Regulation
Contact Tom
Annabel Evans Chambers USA Research Manager
Annabel Evans
Research Manager:
EBEC, Government Relations, Labor & Employment, Media & Advertising, Political Law
Contact Annabel
Faiza Jibril
Commercial Director - USA
Contact Faiza

If your practice area isn't listed, please get in touch with James Haggerty or another member of the team who will be able to direct your query.

About our Legal Rankings

Our rankings and market intelligence are based on unrivaled and in-depth market analysis and independent research, all of which is conducted by our dedicated team of Research Analysts, who speak to law firm clients/referees to analyse the level of client services and work each submitting law firm offers.  

For more information on our methodology and insights into our submissions process and how your law firm can rank in the Chambers USA guide, please visit our methodology page.  

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In addition to the dictates of US federal law, every business organization must be formed under the...

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CALIFORNIA: An Introduction to Litigation: Appellate

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 The outlook for M&A activity this year remains uncertain as interest rates remain high and the...

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GEORGIA: An Introduction to Labor & Employment

Several proposed rules could significantly change the 2024 legal landscape for Georgia employers, r...

Practice Area
MARYLAND: An Introduction to Labor & Employment

 Maryland is a progressive state in terms of employment legislation. Democratic voters outnumber Re...

Practice Area
NATIONWIDE: An Introduction to Energy: Oil & Gas (Regulatory & Litigation)

The US oil and gas sector is subject to many of the same conditions impacting other significant sec...

Practice Area
NATIONWIDE: An Introduction to Food & Beverages: Alcohol

The alcohol industry is a unique case study in the current complex global landscape. It is a sector...

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