Chambers Insight

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What is Chambers Insight?

Chambers Insight, formerly known as Chambers Unpublished, is a bespoke report created by a dedicated team of experts, detailing the law firm feedback Chambers receives over the course of our in-depth research periods. All feedback is included anonymously.

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Support and enhance your lawyers’ profiles for further business opportunities
Enhance personal lawyer biographies and profiles with the feedback available in Chambers Insight, helping to build their personal reputations to attract and retain business to your firm with a detailed insight on the areas of expertise for each lawyer. The reports also identify which lawyers and departments have the potential to be included in future Chambers rankings, ensuring you have time to aid their submissions for future rankings.

Enhance your firm’s rankings

Chambers Insight provides marketing teams with an in-depth understanding of their firm’s rankings, with detailed insights to assist and tailor their next round of submissions. The reports also help in understanding the strengths and weaknesses within firms, whilst providing directions on which areas require further work to help achieve higher rankings, by showing their practice area trajectories. 

Understanding your firm’s market perception

Highly desired market feedback quotes and comments are provided in the reports which help identify areas for growth and improvement from a market perspective. This information can also be used to inform and support future development plans, and in pitch documents. 

A report on competitor analysis
Discover why clients instruct your firm and understand what circumstances they may consider when instructing a competitor with a comparative analysis from the reports.
How will Chambers Insight benefit my firm?

Chambers Insight reports analyse why law firms and/or lawyers at the firm were promoted, demoted or remained consistent in Chambers rankings. They assist in developing internal strategies by identifying areas of improvement and reaffirming law firm strengths.

Premium Chambers Insight reports also offer an in-depth analysis of three of the firm’s closest competitors (per practice area), benchmarking their performance.

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