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Chambers Insight

Chambers Insight is a bespoke report created by a dedicated team of experts, revealing your client feedback and analysing your practices’ strengths and weaknesses.

Chambers Insight helps analyse your position in the market

A bespoke report for senior partners and marketing professions that reproduces the feedback that your practice and its lawyers have received, ranked and unranked. Each analysis examines the performance of your group and its key lawyers.

Premium reports

Premium reports offer in-depth analysis of the recent developments of three of your close competitors (per practice area), studying the differences between their performance and yours.

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Identify up-and-coming lawyers
Insight reveals the names of the rising stars in your teams who are labelled as having the potential to be ranked in the future.
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Practice area trajectories
Instantly understand how each practice is performing based on whether it is on an upward, downward or consistent trajectory.
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Actionable feedback
Key Improvement Points reveal the one area that each practice should focus on to improve.

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