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Chambers Insight

Gain a data-driven view of your firm's perception and position in the market

Access unique insights to get ahead with your submission and competition

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Prepare to win new business

Put your firm's performance into context using our unique view of the market.

In-depth competitor comparisons identify your 3 most relevant competitors, so you can understand where they are perceived to be stronger or weaker, to determine what you can do to compete and impress your clients.

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Tailored guidance to improve your firm's rankings

Understand your firm's ranking to help aid all future submissions.

Take action based on quantifiable data to enhance your firm’s submission, for an improved ranking. A higher ranking can build your firm's perception in the legal market.

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Access practice area trajectories

Discover if you are close to improving bands or at the risk of moving down.

Your firm can see the trends of each department’s ranking results, providing valuable additional data to understand its performance and to enhance future submissions.

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Find out what your clients really think of your work

Draw conclusions and identify trends and actions to keep your clients happy.

Examine client quotes to uncover what they truly think about your services to help build on your brand and work performance of your lawyers.

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Get a snapshot of Ranked Lawyer reputation

Determine specific areas of improvement to strengthen performance.

Lawyers' ranking rationale shows who has the best chance of moving up, risk of moving down and what to do about it. Also discover if you have individuals on our radar as potential to rank.

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Tackle your weaknesses and build on your strengths, putting your attention and focus on areas that actually matter.

Harness the information collated during our independent and unrivalled research process

Evaluate your competition
Select up to three competitors to benchmark and we show how you are perceived to be stronger or weaker against them.
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Competitive edge
Identify what you can develop to compete, improve your rankings, and impress your clients.
Tailor-made specifically for your firm
Our market-leading reports are bespoke to your firm and selected departments.
Editorial archive
Insights from the team behind rankings
Each report is created by our dedicated team.

Key features of Chambers Insight Reports

Anonymous client feedback

Discover what your clients are saying about your firm and the work you do. It also helps to identify positive or negative trends and themes that can be praised or corrected.

Gold circle icon showing trajectories moving up | Chambers and Partners
Research scores

Provided to identify where your firm is performing well and areas that could be improved for future submissions.

Uncover department rankings

Designed to explain how your firm’s last submission influenced its ranking and key things to action to improve your next submission across respective departments.

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Ranking trajectories

Highlighting if your firm and individuals are tracking upward or downward or remaining consistent for each chosen practice area.

Market comparisons

In-depth competitor comparisons to help you understand how and why your competitors are perceived to be stronger or weaker than you are.

Take quantifiable actions

Strategise what you can develop to compete, improve your rankings, and impress clients.

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