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Chambers Europe 2023 e-Edition available to download.

Find the top Lawyer and Law Firms across Europe 2023 in our e-Edition, now available to download per chapter.

Chambers Europe 2022 Webinar

Watch the guide launch webinar and discover key findings from this year's research and learn what is new in this edition of the guide with an overview from the Chambers Europe team.

About the Chambers Europe Legal Guide 2023

Welcome to the Chambers Europe Guide 2023. Search the legal market's best law firms and lawyers using the search functionality above. 

Chambers Europe ranks the top lawyers and law firms across Europe, providing indispensable insights, and market intelligence for law firm clients as well as legal professionals.   

Chamber and Partners rankings are based on in-depth analysis and research, conducted by our dedicated, experienced team of researchers. Tens of thousands of one-to-one interviews with referees and clients take place each year to help us understand the views and experiences of clients for the legal work submitting firms provided.  

Our rankings and research provide clients, in-house counsel, GCs and other buyers of legal services across the European legal market with the insights they need when it matters, and aids them in finding the most suitable providers of legal services, wherever they exists. 

For more information on our unrivalled methodology and insights into our submissions process, please visit our methodology page.  

Chambers Europe Guide 2024 Submissions

The submissions for the Chambers Europe 2024 Guide have now closed, you can view the full schedule here

Keep up to date with all of your relevant submission deadlines throughout the year and get personalised submission reminders in your calendar here

After careful consideration, we have made the decision not to conduct research on Russia and Belarus this year. 

Please contact the EMEA Research Director Marlene Hermann or Head of Europe Magdalena Parkitna directly with any questions. 

Chambers Europe Guide 2023: Highlights

New ranking tables and sub-tables

This year of research saw continued growth in engagement from law firms and their referees across Europe which has allowed the team to further expand and consolidate our legal rankings across the continent. This has led to further subsections being added, notably in Spain, where the Employment table was divided into Elite and Highly Regarded, and Italy, which saw the inclusion of Corporate/M&A: High-End Capabilities. 

Contentious tables have also seen significant growth, with Austria Intellectual Property: Patent Attorney Contentious and Hungary Dispute Resolution: Arbitration being added to the guide for 2023. 

One major impact on the rankings this year was the continued war in Ukraine. With the vast amount of upheaval, we decided to reframe how we approach the rankings and which practice areas would be covered.

We have retained the rankings for Corporate/M&A, Dispute Resolution, Employment, Competition and Intellectual Property – though with Spotlight rankings and an emphasis on pro bono work undertaken by the firms. For more information on our approach, please read our Ukraine Overview. 

Further to this, we also made the decision to not carry out research into legal markets in Russia or Belarus for the 2023 guide. 

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New this year
-Ireland: Financial Services Regulatory
-Norway Energy: Renewables
-Spain Employment: Elite and Highly Regarded
-Germany Intellectual Property: Patent Attorney Contentious
- Italy Corporate/M&A: High-End Capabilities
- Austria Competition: Lawyers Based Abroad
- Austria Insurance
- Hungary Dispute Resolution: Arbitration
- Monaco General Business Law: Avocat-Défenseurs and Conseils Juridiques

Chambers Europe Guide 2023: Summary

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Department rankings / 1479 Unique Law Firms Ranked
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Individual Lawyer rankings

Our in-depth research runs from March to November.

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Ukraine research update for 2024
The team share an update on how research is being conducted into the legal market across Ukraine and how this will impact rankings in the Chambers Europe 2024 Guide.

Tech Companies versus Competition Authorities
Learn about the recent Digital Markets Act (DMA) that launched in Germany and it's impact on competition law across Europe and in the German legal market.

The New Foreign Subsidies Regulation introduced by the European Commission
This article looks at the new Foreign Subsidies Regulation introduced by the European Commission. 

Competition law insights on transfers in football
Discover the competition law that affects transfers in football and why the proposed European Super League would have been anti-competitive.

Trends in European Competition Law
This Chambers Legal Topics article focuses on some of the top trends in competition law the Europe Team discovered in the research for the Chambers 2023 Europe Guide.

Renewable Energy in the Nordic Legal Market
The area of renewable energy and the green transition continues to be a key topic in the Nordic legal market, with its importance further heightened by the geo-political circumstances in Ukraine.

Legal Trends in France and Francophone markets
This article touches on the two main legal trends we identified while conducting hundreds of interviews with Paris-based lawyers and French and international clients over the course of the last year.   

Ukraine Overview
The Chambers Europe team provide an insight into the legal market in Ukraine and share the thoughts of several Ukrainian law firms who Jurgita Meskauskaite and Abigail Keane interviewed in April and September 2022.

Barcelona Research Update
The Chambers Europe Team share an update on researching legal professionals and firms in Barcelona.

Meet the Research Team – Chambers Europe
Hear from the Research Team in the Chambers Europe Team on their roles, experiences and what areas of research they are responsible for.

From Submission to Ranking: Chambers Explained – Europe 2024 – Q&A
The Chambers Europe team share the answers to questions asked during the Submission to Ranking: Chambers Explained Europe webinar, providing details and insights into all things relating to submissions and referees. 

The Current State of Competition Authorities
The Chambers Europe team investigate the state of Competition Law in France and the regulations across this area of French law.

Market Trends in Switzerland
Discover recent legal trends in the Swiss legal market and find out how law firms are handling topics such as gender diversity and corporate social responsibility.

Luxembourg Market Trends
The Chambers Europe team provides an analysis of the most recent legal trends across the Luxembourg market including the importance of the investment funds market, regulatory changes and more.

The top law firms across European Commission Competition legal matters
Learn about Chambers coverage of the top law firms and lawyers working on European Commission Competition legal matters and how to analyse our market-leading legal rankings.

Key ranking statistics from Chambers Europe 2022
Find out which law firms have the highest number of department rankings in the 2022 release of the guide and further analysis of their legal coverage and insights.

Chambers Europe 2022 D&I Highlights
Discover which jurisdictions have seen the most significant growth in lawyers identified as female and what Chambers Europe Team is doing to ensure accurate capture of diversity data in our research.

Gender Diversity in Netherlands Employment: Chambers Europe 2022
Has the number of female lawyers ranked in the practice area of Employment in the Netherlands increased since 2018? Gain an insight into the key ranking statistics around this and an analysis of the proportion of female lawyers ranked in Benelux Employment for the 2022 release of Chambers Europe.

Social Media and its Impact on Employment Law
Following the suspension of members of the England Cricket team for offensive social media posts, this article looks at how Social Media has changed Employment Law and examines legal cases in which employees were dismissed for social posts. Can employers act on social media posts made by their employees? Read now for further insights.

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Trends and Highlights from the German Legal Market
Chambers Europe Deputy Editor, Frida Sjostedt recently wrote for a leading German publication sharing some key findings from the Chambers Europe research. Read what these key highlights and trends were.

Diversity and Inclusion Highlights for Chambers Europe 2021
Furthering Diversity and Inclusion is an important area of focus for Chambers. Gain insights into how the Chambers Europe team worked to ensure D&I was key and included in this year’s rankings and view the key highlights and results.

Female Lawyers in Romania
The Romanian jurisdiction has a decade-long history of standing out among the other European countries for the presence of a high number of female lawyers within the legal profession and, consequently, our rankings.

Submissions for Chambers Europe 2022
For firms looking to rank in the next edition of the Chambers Europe guide, find out upcoming submission deadlines and advice and answers to the most frequently asked questions around submissions.

Meet the Chambers Legal Research Team

Marlene Hermann
EMEA Research Director
Oversees: Europe-wide
Contact Marlene
Magdalena Parkitna
Head of Europe
Oversees: Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Switzerland
Contact Magda
Charline Thiebault
Practice Area Specialist
Oversees: France, Francophone Africa, Haiti, Monaco
Contact Charline
Michael Foulkes
Practice Area Specialist
Oversees : EMEA Competition, UK Competition, including the Bar
Contact Michael
Frida Sjostedt
Research Manager
Oversees: Austria, CEE-wide, Czech Republic, Germany, Liechtenstein, Malta, Slovakia
Contact Frida
Thomas Morton-Green
Research Manager
Oversees: Baltic States, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Gibraltar, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden
Contact Thomas
Laurence Mussett
Research Manager
Oversees: Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Bahamas, Belize, Dominica, Dutch Caribbean, Falkland Islands, Guyana, Jamaica, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent & the Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos, US Virgin Islands, Greece, Italy, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Oman, Palestine, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Qatar, Yemen
Contact Laurence
Jurgita Meskauskaite
Research Manager
Oversees: Andorra, Bulgaria, Georgia, Hungary, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Spain (incl. Barcelona), Ukraine
Contact Jurgita
Lee Pechtl Chambers Legal Topics Author
Lee Pechtl
Practice Area Specialist
Oversees : Banking and Finance
Contact Lee
Ana Licurci
Research Manager
Oversees: Albania, Armenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Kosovo, Montenegro, Moldova, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Angola, Botswana, Cabo Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Eswatini, Ethiopia, Gambia Guinea-Bissau, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, São Tomé e Principe, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Contact Ana

About our Legal Rankings

Our legal rankings are based on in-depth analysis and research, conducted by our experienced team of Research Analysts, who conduct interviews with law firm clients/referees which helps us understand the views and experiences of clients for the legal work submitting firms provided. 

For more information on our methodology and insights into our submissions process, please visit our methodology page.

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