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Chambers Submissions Process

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Online Submissions

A submission is a collection of factual information provided by law firms and lawyers concerning a specific practice area. When used in conjunction with other sources, this information helps us determine whether a firm or individual should be ranked within our guides.

Chambers and Partners request diversity and inclusion information as part of the research process.

Submit for the ranking that matters.

  • We will never print or quote directly from a submission, but we will refer to it as a source of factual information about a law firm and its activities.
  • The process is free. There is no cost involved in providing us with submissions.
  • There is no secret formula to writing a good submission. We simply want a clear summary of the most significant facts about your practice presented using our template.
  • Using our template ensures that we receive all the relevant information we need to compile our rankings, and also provides clear colour coding to indicate sensitive material. 

Referees in support of your Chambers submission

In support of your submission we require a list of referees, some of whom we may interview. Ideally these will be clients. However, they can also be anyone who has had a positive experience or who knows your firm or practice well over the last year.

Any interviews conducted will always be in confidence. Quotes that are used will be anonymised and sources will never be revealed. Your sources are safe with us.

When submitting your referees, please:

  • Include no more than 20 referees per practice area unless you are submitting to Chambers Asia-Pacific, Chambers USA, Chambers Canada, Chambers Latin America or Chambers UK Bar. Our Chambers USA, Chambers Canada and Chambers Asia-Pacific referee limit is now 30 per practice area. The UK Bar remains five referees per individual barrister per practice area. Latin America guide accepts up to 30 referees for the Corporate/M&A practice area.
  • Lawyers from other branches of the firm cannot be submitted as referees.
  • Do not alter the referee spreadsheet in any way.
  • We strongly recommend that you ask your referees to add to their list of safe domains on their email server to ensure that requests for interviews do not end up in spam folders. 

Online Submissions

Online Submissions is a new way to submit, which helps you save time and easily manage all your content when creating and sending submissions and referees to Chambers.  

With our Online Submissions you can view progress across each submission, practice area and submission deadline all in one place. You can learn more about our new Online Submissions and register your interest here

Chambers research coverage

To see the locations we cover, please refer to our research schedule.

We endeavour to cover the markets and locations that matter. Our research reflects the market conditions of each country we cover. We focus on the practice areas that our clients tell us matter the most.

We are always open to extending our coverage and to movements in the market. Please contact the relevant research team if you feel strongly that we are not covering a specific practice area. Please contact the correct researcher from the lists below.

Find practice areas relevant to your submission

We often need to subdivide our coverage of a practice area – for example, TMT might be split into Information Technology, Media and Telecommunications. 

It is best to contact the Research Manager covering the section as this can vary from section to section.

Please note that in Chambers USA, you are often encouraged to submit separately to different subsections. Please contact the Chambers USA Research Director with specific questions.

Practice areas and their subdivisions

You do not need to send us separate submissions for countries covered in Chambers Global if these countries are covered in one of our other guides (UK, USA, Latin America, Europe, Asia-Pacific).

The country submission will be used for both guides.

Firms are encouraged to provide Foreign Expert and Foreign Desk information through a new specialised spreadsheet, which can now be found on our website alongside the Submission Document and Reference Spreadsheet forms.

For clarification, our definition of these categories are as follows:

Foreign Experts and Foreign Desks are individuals or teams with expertise in a different jurisdiction from where they are based. These individuals and teams are particularly highly regarded for international and cross-border work.

Usually, they will be identified in the jurisdiction in which they are based and in their country of expertise.

One form can be provided for all practice area in each jurisdiction, including requested information for all relevant practitioners on the first sheet and all relevant foreign desks on the second.

For Foreign Experts, a line should be completed for each practitioner, including additional lines to highlight multiple locations of foreign expertise for the same practitioner.

The location of expertise can be only be selected from a specific list of jurisdictions. Firms are also able to identify if the practitioner is qualified in each jurisdiction, with the option of briefly outlining the nature of their expertise if not.

It is the same format for Foreign Desks, again with the relevant location selected from a drop-down list of specific jurisdictions. However, there is also an additional field to highlight the practice area this desk primarily focuses on.

It is worth noting that this form does not affect the Experts Based Abroad designations, which we still encourage firms to submit for in the relevant jurisdictions.

The deadline for Foreign Experts and Foreign Desks is by the country submission deadline.

Once the form is completed please email to [email protected].

'Foreign Experts' (who will feature strongly in the global guide) are lawyers with specialist expertise in a foreign jurisdiction. They may be dual-qualified, or just have particular knowledge of a jurisdiction other than that in which they are based.

Continent, Global and Market leader practice areas

Global Market Leaders sections rank firms which have truly international practices.

In many cases, Continent-wide and Global-wide means firms which have attained rankings in a range of country sections for the relevant practice area, where this is possible. Please only take part in Continent-wide research if this description accords with your firm.

Continent-wide practice areas:

For continent-wide practice areas (as opposed to your country practices) we need separate submissions in addition to the country submissions. Continent-wide submissions should show work which demonstrates your firm's pan-regional capability.

We do not contact referees for Europe-wide unless they are for International Trade/WTO or Regulatory & Public Affairs, for which we encourage both referees and separate submissions – for any questions, please contact the Chambers Europe Research Director.

Global-Wide and Global Market Leaders practice area:

Submissions and references however are encouraged for all of the Global Market Leaders sections. Global Market Leaders identify truly specialist firms and practitioners that are heavily involved in what might be better described as niche, but highly influential parts of the international market
These include;

  • Agribusiness
  • Asset Finance
  • Shipping
  • Climate Change
  • Business & Human Rights
  • International Trade/WTO
  • Franchising
  • Outsourcing
  • Gaming & Gambling
  • Public International Law
  • Public international law: Most in demand Arbitrators
  • Arbitration(International)
  • International Arbitration: Most in demand Arbitrators
  • Leading Law Firm Networks

Chambers submissions pages per Guide

For more information, please visit the Chambers submissions pages listed below which provide helpful hints and tips tailored specifically for each Guide.

Chambers USA

Visit our USA submissions page here for more helpful hints and tips.

Chambers Global

Visit our Global submissions page here for more helpful hints and tips.

Chambers UK

Visit our UK submissions page here for more helpful hints and tips.

Chambers UK Bar

Visit our UK Bar submissions page here for more helpful hints and tips.

Chambers Europe

Visit our Europe submissions page here for more helpful hints and tips.

Chambers Asia-Pacific

Visit our Asia-Pacific submissions page here for more helpful hints and tips.

Chambers Greater China Region

Visit our Greater China Region submissions page here for more helpful hints and tips.

Chambers Brazil

Visit our Brazil submissions page here for more helpful hints and tips.

Chambers Canada

Visit our Canada submissions page here for more helpful hints and tips.

Chambers High Net Worth

Visit our High Net Worth submissions page here for more helpful hints and tips.

Chambers Latin America

Visit our Latin America submissions page here for more helpful hints and tips.

Being informed

Our research team is always interested in changes and developments in your career and your firms practice areas. Include us in your press releases and we will ensure arrivals and departures are updated and noted.

Add us to your mailing list, with the address [email protected] and we'll be sure to keep a watchful eye on events.