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Chambers FinTech Guide 2024 Webinar

During this session, Simon Christian discusses some of the key findings from our research, which was compiled based on interviews with market sources between July and November.

About the Chambers FinTech Guide 2024

Welcome to the Chambers FinTech Guide 2024. Use the search function above to discover the best law firms and lawyers in the global FinTech industry, as well as FinTech Consulting and PR & Communications specialists.  

Chambers FinTech helps clients discover the leading lawyers and other professionals in the FinTech industry across the world. These rankings are based on thousands of thorough research interviews, all conducted by our independent and dedicated research team.   

Chambers FinTech identifies and differentiates the leading payments, blockchain, cyber security and data protection specialists globally, offering an indispensable resource for start-up and scale-up FinTech businesses, incumbent tech and financial services firms, and PE/VC investors in the sector.   

Chambers FinTech 2025 Submissions

Submissions for the Chambers FinTech 2025 guide are open, you can view the full schedule here.  

Chambers FinTech 2024: Highlights

More than 40 countries around the world, including every major FinTech market, are researched by the Chambers FinTech team of specialist research analysts.  

Chambers FinTech 2024: New Legal Rankings:

New FinTech Legal rankings in Romania, Austria, Liechtenstein, Panama, Thailand and Taiwan Jurisdiction

Chambers FinTech Guide 2024: Summary

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Chambers FinTech research runs from July to November.

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Latest Legal News: Chambers FinTech

A review of key findings from Chambers FinTech 2024
Discover key ranking statistics and insights into the FinTech legal market based on findings from research into the Chambers FinTech 2024 guide.

The Latest in Crypto-Asset Disputes
A lot has happened in the few short months since the Chambers FinTech team’s last article on cryptocurrency litigation, bankruptcy, regulatory enforcement and criminal defence legal work.

Investments and Developments in Web-3 and Metaverse projects
Chambers FinTech team discusses the recent investment and developments in metaverse projects in the last 12 months.

Crypto-Asset Disputes
Chambers FinTech look into the last 12 months of crypto asset disputes.

Read past legal topics

A conversation on In-house counsel and the FinTech market
Chambers FinTech spoke with New York-based attorney Michelle Gitlitz, General Counsel at Flexa to discuss cryptocurrencies and a recent trend that is seeing in-house counsel move to roles within FinTech.


Diversity & Inclusion Statement for Chambers FinTech 2022
Read the D&I statement for the 2022 edition of the guide to learn about the diversity stats included in the guide and how Chambers FinTech continues to raise the importance of a diverse and inclusive FinTech market.

Meet the Chambers Legal Research Team

Simon Christian
Global Research Director
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Chris Nicholson
Research Manager
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Chambers Author
Bingzhen Song
Research Manager
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About our Legal Rankings

Rankings in the guide relate to the market research and analysis our Research Analysts conduct. The Chambers Methodology involved in our research consists of speaking to law firm clients/referees to discover what actual clients think of the services provided by each law firm submitting to the guide.  

To learn more about our methodology, please visit our methodology page.  

In-Depth Overviews

TURKEY: An Introduction

Turkey, an economic, cultural and geographical bridge connecting Europe and Asia, is also an econom...

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CAYMAN ISLANDS: An Introduction to FinTech Legal

 The Cayman Islands has been the leading offshore jurisdiction for the establishment of mutual fund...

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FINLAND: An Introduction to FinTech Legal

 The Fintech industry stands at the crossroads of innovation and regulation, continually reshaping...

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GERMANY: An Introduction to FinTech Legal

 Fintech continues to be more than a trendy buzzword in Germany, despite – or because of – the pand...

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Practice Area
ITALY: An Introduction to FinTech Legal

In Italy, the confluence of finance and technology has given rise to a dynamic and innovative finte...

Practice Area
MALTA: An Introduction to FinTech Legal

 Malta’s emergence as a top fintech hub can be attributed to its success in attracting a high numbe...

Practice Area
NIGERIA: An Introduction to FinTech Legal

 Fintech, short for financial technology, denotes the integration of technology to revolutionise an...

Practice Area
SOUTH KOREA: An Introduction to South Korea

 In 2023, there have been a number of regulatory changes in South Korea in the fintech, digital ass...

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