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Get tips on how to put your best foot forward and maximise your chances of achieving a ranking.

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The Chambers Global team share and discuss key findings from their research into the global legal market and global law firms, current legal trends, and the exciting expansion of Chambers Global.

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About the Chambers Global Legal Guide 2024

Welcome to the Chambers Global Guide 2024. Search the legal market's top global law firms and lawyers using the search functionality above.  

The Chambers Global Guide ranks the top global lawyers and law firms in over 200 jurisdictions across the world.     

Our legal rankings are the most thorough and independent on the market. Each ranking is based on the in-depth research conducted by our dedicated and experienced team of researchers. Our unparalleled analysis of the legal market enables Chambers Global to deliver indispensable coverage and insights into the leading law firms and legal professionals.     

Chambers Global provides recommendations that can be relied on, to ensure law firm clients are able to make the best-informed decision when choosing legal services when it matters.   

Please see our methodology page if you would like to find out more about our submissions process and our unrivalled research method.   

Global Law Firms with The Highest Number of Department Rankings

Discover the top law firms by selecting them below and find out how many departments they have ranked this year. 

Chambers Global Guide 2025 Submissions

Submissions for the Chambers Global 2025 guide are now closed, you can view the full schedule here.  

Keep up to date with all of your relevant submission deadlines throughout the year and get personalised submission reminders in your calendar here.

Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine and after careful consideration, we have made the decision not to conduct research on Russia and Belarus this year. We will review this decision for the 2025 release, the research for which will begin in March 2024. 

Please contact the EMEA Research Director Marlene Hermann or Head of Global International Capabilities Vian Chowdhury directly with any questions. 

Chambers Global Guide 2024: Highlights

New sections: new ranking tables and sub-tables

This year saw an incredible number of new practice areas added to the Chambers Global guide across a range of jurisdictions, including Africa-Wide, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa and Israel.   

If you would like to suggest a practice area, please email [email protected].  

Banking & Finance
French Caribbean
General Business Law
Global Market Leaders
Artificial Intelligence
Global Market Leaders
Commercial Contracts
Global: Multi-jurisdictional
Real Estate
North Africa-Wide
International & Cross-Border Capabilities
South Africa
Private Equity
Regulatory: Government & Public Affairs
Venture Capital & Emerging Companies
West Africa-Wide
International & Cross-Border Capabilities

Chambers Global Guide 2024: Summary

Department rankings or organisation rankings
Unique individual lawyer rankings
Newly ranked lawyers
Up-and-comers / Associates to watch

Our research runs from March to October. As well as covering many areas of law across key jurisdictions worldwide, the Global Guide also includes rankings at a regional and global-wide level.

Our team of experienced researchers conduct thousands of one-to-one calls each research cycle in order to identify and recognise the firms best placed to handle complex international mandates in our dedicated International & Cross-Border Capabilities table, wherever they exist. 

A selection of our International & Cross-Border Capabilities tables contain Chambers` Quadrants, helping clients compare the world`s leading international firms.  

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Latest Legal News: Chambers Global

Offshore legal trends
In the Offshore world, we have seen a continuation of several of the themes discussed in previous launches, with the increase in regulation featuring heavily in our conversations with lawyers.

2023 Trends in the Middle East
The Chambers Global team discusses how 2023 has proven to be a very interesting year for the Middle East Region.

Trends and Developments in Global International Capabilities
The Global International Capabilities team's research highlighted the continued importance of cross-border capabilities for clients.  

A Celebration of Top Legal Talent in the Middle East
On Thursday, March 7 the 2024 Chambers Middle East Awards was held in the Ballroom of the Conrad Hotel in Dubai. Read more about the event and it's winners.

Business & Human Rights in 2023
Business and human rights (BHR) law is a fast-growing field, with several significant trends over the past year including the introduction of increasing legislation, links between BHR and climate issues and the uptick in use of alternative forms of dispute resolution.

Best practices for International & Cross-Border Capabilities research
In this article, we will explain some of the key differences and provide some tips on the International and Cross-Border Capabilities (ICBC) research.

Tax Developments in Kenya
Ana Licurci (the Chambers research manager overseeing sub-Saharan Africa) presents some thoughts on changes to Kenya’s tax legislation and its implications for businesses. This content has been provided to us by Anjarwalla & Khanna, winner of the Kenya Law Firm of the Year award at the 2024 Chambers Africa Awards.

Reflections on the Legal Market in South Africa
The Chambers Global research team recently spent a week in South Africa meeting with law firms and discussing the current state of the market and anticipated developments over the coming year.

Read past legal topics

Healthy Market for Legal Sector Lateral Hires in the UAE and Saudi Arabia
The Chambers Global team discuss the record-breaking year for deal activity in Saudi Arabia and the UAE as discovered during the research into the Chambers Global 2024 guide.

The new generation of leading female lawyers in Africa
Discover the growth in the number of female lawyers rankings in Africa from the research of the Chambers Global team into the Chambers Global 2024 guide.

Chambers Global 2024: An Increase in the Number of Ranked Women Lawyers Across the Middle East
The Chambers Global team discusses the increase in number of ranked women lawyers in the Middle East in the Chambers Global 2024 guide.

In Conversation with Lydia Shadrach-Razzino
In this video, Head of Chambers Europe Magdalena Parkitna speaks to Lydia Shadrach-Razzino of Baker McKenzie as they discuss the role of female lawyers in the market.

The evolving legal landscape of Artificial Intelligence
Discover the change in laws relating to AI and gain insights into artificial intelligence from a legal perspective.

Regulating Artificial Intelligence
This article discusses and analyses AI regulations and shares what the team has discovered during research into the legal market.

Talent retention strategies in the African legal sector
This article discusses the topic of talent retention in the legal field with managing partners of leading law firms in Kenya and Nigeria.

What role does the World Trade Organisation have in the future?
Events over the recent years have had a significant impact on international trade and the World Trade Organisation (WTO). It leaves us with an important question: does the WTO still have a significant role to play? 

Chambers Middle East Awards 2023 – The Research Team in Dubai
The Chambers Middle East Awards ceremony held at the Conrad Hotel, Dubai on March 1, 2023 was a highly successful event attended by law firms from across the region.

Ukraine Overview
The Chambers Europe team provide an insight into the legal market in Ukraine and share the thoughts of several Ukrainian law firms who Jurgita Meskauskaite and Abigail Keane interviewed in April and September 2022.


Developments in Israel in 2022
Israel continues to be one of the world’s fastest growing markets- 2022 was a challenging year globally, but while Israel was not immune to these challenges, some predictions place its growth in GDP at 6.1%, which would still place it in the top 25 strongest performing economies worldwide. Learn more about the legal market in Israel in this article.


Legal Market Trends in South Africa
The Chambers Global Team provide a legal market overview in the South African legal market, with data and insights discovered during research into the Chambers Global 2023 Guide.


Growth in Female Lawyer Rankings in Africa
Diversity in the legal profession has been an area that Chambers started exploring a few years ago and continues to explore throughout the coming years. Gain an insight into diversity stats in the legal market across Africa.


Shining a Spotlight on the Next Generation of African Lawyers
A total of 117 lawyers based in African countries have been ranked as either Up and Comer or Associate to Watch in Chambers Global 2023. Learn more about these rankings and the data behind them.


Meet the Research Team – Chambers Global
Meet the Research Team in the Chambers Global Team and hear about their roles, experiences and what areas of research they are responsible for.


A Record Number of Offshore Lawyers Achieve Rankings in Chambers Global
Data from Chambers Global 2023 shows a record number of individual lawyers achieved recognition in the ranking tables for the Offshore financial centres of Bermuda, the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands (BVI).


Chambers Global 2023 – UAE Rankings: The Best Law Firms
In this Chambers Global Legal Topics Article the team share a look at the top law firms across the UAE based on the number of department rankings in the 2023 guide.


Outbound Activity in Turkey: The Presence of Turkish Investors in Africa
To say that the Turkish lira has depreciated would be an understatement and to say Turkey is progressively moving out of its inflation bubble would be an overstatement. Chambers’ research has identified a trend in the increase of outbound activity in the Turkish legal market, read more to find out.


International & Cross-Border Capabilities – Italy in review
2022 was a turbulent year for several reasons. Despite financial markets recovering post COVID-19 pandemic, the conflict in Ukraine had a massive impact across Europe. This article will look at what we learnt from our conversations about the Italian legal market. 


From Submission to Ranking: Chambers Explained – AMECO 2024 – Q&A
The Chambers Global team share the answers to questions asked during the Submission to Ranking: Chambers Explained AMECO webinar, providing details and insights into all things relating to submissions and referees for the 2024 guide. 


An introduction to International & Cross-Border Capabilities research and rankings
How does the International & Cross-Border Capabilities research differ from other Chambers coverage areas? Read to find out our approach to covering cross-border jurisdiction work, sector-specific rankings, and expanded coverage across South Africa and Argentina.


Ranking statistics for the top law firms ranked in International & Cross-Border Capabilities sections
Discover which law firms have the largest number of department rankings in the 2022 release of Chambers Global for the International & Cross-Border Capabilities sections.


Market insights of the next generation of lawyers in the Middle East
The Chambers Global Team analyses trends of young lawyers and associates to watch across Egypt and the UAE. Our Business Intelligence data show a record-breaking period in Egypt and significant growth of Associates to Watch in the UAEs most-developed market. Read more.


Chambers Global 2022 D&I Statement
Learn how the Chambers Global team have furthered the need for a diverse and inclusive legal market with submissions for the 2022 release of the guide and some of the key D&I stats from it.


Market insights into gender equality within the legal profession in the Middle East
In this legal article, we review the percentage of diversity in the rankings based on data collected from the Chambers Business Intelligence tool. Learn more about what steps we are taking to promote the need for a diverse and inclusive legal community.


The New Sections for Chambers Global Guide 2022
As part of Chambers Global commitment to researching and ranking new and emerging legal markets, the 2022 release of the guide and legal rankings will feature many new sections.


An investigation into what GCs really want from law firms
What are the most important factors and considerations for GCs when they are searching for the best law firms? The Chambers Global team share their findings after speaking with over 700 professionals across the globe.  


Defining the Middle East for Submissions and Rankings
Learn how Chambers Global define the countries considered for rankings in the Middle East coverage and an analysis of the legal market across the Gulf.


Chambers Global feature in The BD Ladder Round-up
In the recent BD Round-up, Chambers Global and International Capabilities Researcher, Robinson Redmond were featured.


How your firm can rank in Chambers Global
In a recent interview with The Impact Lawyers, Robinson Redmond, Chambers Global: International Capabilities Researcher discussed how firms can rank in the guide.


Five-year increase in client referees for Africa
Since 2017, the number of client referees for the Africa section of the Chambers Global guide have seen a significant increase. Read now and discover which countries have seen the largest growth.    

Meet the Chambers Legal Research Team

Marlene Hermann
EMEA Research Director
Oversees: Europe-wide
Contact Marlene
Vian Chowdhury Chambers  Global Head of Research: International Capabilities
Vian Chowdhury
Head of Global International Capabilities
Contact Vian
Magdalena Parkitna
Head of Europe
Oversees: CEE, Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic
Contact Magda
Ollie Dimsdale
Head of AMECO
Oversees: Africa-wide, Middle East-wide, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Cayman Islands, BVI, Bermuda
Contact Ollie
Charline Thiebault
Head of France
Oversees: France, Francophone Africa, Haiti and French Caribbean, Monaco
Contact Charline
Michael Foulkes
Practice Area Specialist
Oversees : EMEA Competition, UK Competition, including the Bar
Contact Michael
Ana Licurci
Ana Licurci
Research Manager
Oversees: Angola, Botswana, Cabo Verde, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Eswatini, Ethiopia, Gambia Guinea-Bissau, Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, São Tomé e Principe, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Albania, Armenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Cyprus, Kosovo, Montenegro, Moldova, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey.
Contact Ana
Thomas Green
Research Manager
Oversees: Baltic States, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Gibraltar, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden
Contact Thomas
Laurence Mussett
Research Manager
Oversees: Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Bahamas, Belize, Dominica, Dutch Caribbean, Falkland Islands, Guyana, Jamaica, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent & the Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos, US Virgin Islands, Greece, Italy, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Oman, Palestine, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Qatar, Yemen
Contact Laurence
Lee Pechtl Chambers Legal Topics Author
Lee Pechtl
Practice Area Specialist
Oversees : Banking and Finance
Chambers Author
Christian Clare
Research Manager
Oversees: Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Lichtenstein
Contact Christian
Chambers Author
Camilla Russo
Research Manager
Oversees: Spain, Bulgaria, Georgia, North Macedonia, Andorra, Malta, Romania
Contact Camilla

About our Legal Rankings

All ranked firms in the guide have submitted and have been meticulously researched and analysed by our Research Analysts, ensuring our coverage and insights into the top law firms and lawyers is based on quantifiable data and intelligence.  

To discover what is involved in our methodology, please visit our research methodology page here.  

In-Depth Overviews

ARGENTINA: An Introduction

On 10 December 2023, a new administration took office in Argentina, led by President Javier Milei o...

BERMUDA: An Introduction

 Bermuda is an archipelago of islands situated in the North Atlantic Ocean, approximately 600 nauti...


 The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a leading offshore international business and finance centre r...

CHILE: An Introduction

The year 2023 was marked by several milestones that will have a direct impact on companies and thei...

CÔTE D'IVOIRE: An Introduction

In Côte d'Ivoire, commercial courts have been set up to ease the burden on general courts, speed up...

ECUADOR: An Introduction

 In 2023, Ecuador saw a change in government with the new President Daniel Noboa taking office on N...

GHANA: An Introduction

  The Ghanaian economy is showing signs of recovery following the 2020–2022 economic downturn. The...

ISRAEL: An Introduction

 2023 proved to be one of the most turbulent years in Israel’s recent history. It began with Minist...

KAZAKHSTAN: An Introduction

Kazakhstan is undergoing significant political and economic reforms in de facto transit of power fr...

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