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About the Chambers Litigation Support Legal Guide 2023

Welcome to the Chambers Litigation Support Guide. Explore rankings of the leading litigation funders, litigation PR agencies, forensic accountants, business intelligence firms and asset tracing specialists, and many other litigation support specialists, using the menus above. 

Chambers Litigation Support ranks the leading litigation support specialists across the world. It features detailed coverage of litigation support services in the US, UK, Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Latin America. Certain practice areas are also covered at a Global-wide level. 

Chambers Litigation Support is an invaluable resource for litigation lawyers, General Counsels and private clients tackling complex disputes. 

Chambers Litigation Support Guide 2024 Submissions

Submissions for the 2024 guide are now closed, you can view the full Chambers research schedule here

Chambers Litigation Support Guide 2023: Summary and Highlights

new research icon chambers litigation support
areas of research including:
•Litigation PR & Communications
•Business Intelligence & Investigations
•Forensic Accounting
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Core Trends:
Changing operational conditions for investigatory agencies worldwide
ranked law firms icon chambers brazil
Ranked firms 14% YoY increase
individual lawyer icon
Ranked individuals 28% YoY increase

Our in-depth research runs from January to April.

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Diversity and Inclusion Statement for Chambers Litigation Support 2021
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Meet the Chambers Legal Research Team

Simon Christian
Global Research Director
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Chris Nicholson
Research Manager
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Research Manager
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About our Legal Rankings

The Chambers Litigation Support researchers conducted hundreds of thorough interviews with senior market figures – both practitioners and purchasers of litigation support services worldwide – to ensure that these rankings are of the highest accuracy.  

To learn about our research method, please visit our methodology page. 

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In-Depth Overviews

Practice Area
GLOBAL: An Introduction to Litigation PR & Communications

 High-profile litigation is always a contact sport. Prominent litigants will see their cases placed...

Practice Area
UK: An Introduction to eDiscovery

eDiscovery, or eDisclosure, is an essential phase of not just litigation, but also investigations,...

Practice Area
UK: An Introduction to Forensic Accountants

Forensic Accountancy involves several interconnected practice areas: dispute resolution, expert wit...

Practice Area
UK: An Introduction to Litigation Funding: Brokers

 Litigation Funding Broking is a marketplace that straddles three key industries; • litigation...

Practice Area
UK: An Introduction to Litigation Funding: Insolvency

The number of insolvencies in the UK are rising exponentially. According to the Insolvency Service’...

Practice Area
UK: An Introduction to Litigation PR & Communications

Over the last few years, a new legal ecosystem has been evolving in the courts in England and Wales...

Practice Area
USA: An Introduction to eDiscovery

Legal teams that handle eDiscovery matters today face unprecedented pressure due to various economi...

Practice Area
USA: An Introduction to USA - Nationwide

As the litigation finance industry continues to grow – US funders surpassed USD13 billion in assets...

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