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Managing Partner: José Luis Suárez
Partners: Adriana Moreno Márquez, Álvaro Andrés Díaz Palacios, Andrés Hoyos Ramírez, Daniel Londoño Pinzón, David Ricardo Araque, Felipe Mariño Dueñas, Germán Villamil Pardo, Ignacio Rafael Vélez Vergara, José Luis Suárez-Parra, Lina Uribe García, Mauricio Jaramillo Campuzano, Mauricio Piñeros Perdomo, Natalia García Arenas, Pablo Rabelly Mendoza, Patricia Arrázola-Bustillo, Paula Samper Salazar, Ricardo Fandiño De La Calle, William Araque Jaimes
Number of partners worldwide: 18
Number of other lawyers worldwide: 120

Administrative & Constitutional Law:
Paola Larrahondo Cuesta
Banking, Finance & Capital Markets: Ricardo Fandiño De La Calle
Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions: Andrés Hoyos Ramírez
Dispute Resolution & Protection of Investments: William Araque, David Araque
Energy & Natural Resources: Patricia Arrázola-Bustillo
Infrastructure: Paola Larrahondo Cuesta
Intellectual Property & Competition: Mauricio Jaramillo Campuzano
Labour: Patricia Vergara Real Estate: Paula Samper Salazar
Tax & Customs: Mauricio Piñeros Perdomo
Technology, Communications & Data Protection: Mauricio Jaramillo Campuzano
Pro-Bono: Paula Samper Salazar

Firm Overview:
Gómez-Pinzón is a law firm that provides multiple legal services in the different areas of the law to help its clients in making the best choices for their businesses. Gómez-Pinzón interprets the law in a responsable and innovative manner, with a thorough work and always offering a reliable service with the highest quality standards. The team reflects this, and the firm’s experience confirms it. Gómez-Pinzón go right to the solution.

Main Areas of Practice:

Banking, Finance & Capital Markets:
The firm’s Banking, Finance & Capital Markets practice is acknowledged as number one in Colombia and one of the most important in the region. It is a pioneer in advising on capital markets, especially in transactions that involve Colombian issuers. Its experience is extensive in capital markets operations, as well as in all types of financings (project, acquisition and/or corporate finance).

Corporate/Mergers & Acquisitions:
The firm specialises in advising corporate and M&A transactions in multiple jurisdictions, with the advantage that several members of this Practice Group are admitted to the practice of law both in Colombia and New York and has extensive local and international experience.

Administrative, Constitutional Law & Infrastructure:
The firm’s advice is comprehensive. It offers assistance in planning, entering into and executing agreements with state entities, especially private-public partnerships. It advises public selection processes, including prequalification, bidding, merit-based competitions, etc. It assists and advises its clients in public-administrative law procedures, authorisations and proceedings before entities from the State.

Through this practice the firm has participated in the implementation of the most important infrastructure projects (toll roads, railways, aiports, energy, and water, among others) in Colombia. It has participated in the structuring, acquisition and financing of public-private partnership initiatives (PPP/3Ps).

Intellectual Property & Competition:
The firm offers its clients comprehensive advice in the main aspects of the process for innovating their business in the stages of creation, administration, exploitation and protection of the intellectual property and in the structuring of franchise models. It also offers thorough advice in areas of competition law, including unfair competition, restrictive commercial practices, and business integration control.

Energy & Natural Resources:
The firm’s practice is a leader in advising new businesses in mining, energy, oil and gas areas, and carrying out high level transactions in these sectors. Its Practice Group incorporates the specialised advice in environmental matters and procedures for the different industries. The firm’s perspective is multidisciplinary and thus it provides comprehensive advice for the different stages of its clients’ projects.

Dispute Resolution & Investment Protection:
The Dispute Resolution & Investment Protection team assists its clients before national and international arbitration courts, as well as local civil and administrative courts in complex civil and commercial controversies, as well as individual and collective actions, in matters such as comercial intermediation, infrastructure, energy, natural resources, and corporate conflicts. The firm represents national and international companies and state entities. Its arbitration cases exceed five billion dollars.

Real Estate & Urban:
The Real Estate & Urban practice group offers a comprehensive advice in real estate developments, acquisition and sale of properties, due diligence, project structuring, and all sector-related agreements. Also, in the urban area it advises clients in obtaining urban licenses, urban regulation studies, planning instruments, partial and renewal plans, among others.

The Labour practice is known for providing advice to our clients in hiring processes, corporate structuring and remuneration structuring, planning and design of strategies for collective negotiation, migration matters, and disputes before ordinary labour judges. The firm advises its clients in labour matters derived from transactions, mergers, acquisitions, outsourcing of services and liquidation of companies.

Tax & Customs:
The firm’s practice is known for having a team of specialists in the tax structuring of operations such as mergers, acquisitions, financings and reorganisations. The firm is recognised as expert lawyers in tax disputes and controversies related to income tax, VAT, land tax, as well as those derived from the application of the transfer pricing regime, among other matters. The firm advise son tax and foreign exchange matters for national and multinational companies that undertake foreign trade operations.

Technology, Communications & Data Protection:
Due to the massive use of new technologies in business management, the firm’s services are aimed to helping clients in the execution of strategies to meet the applicable regulation through efficient legal structures in line with their needs in the matters of technological appropriation, telecommunication services, and personal data protections.

International Work:
The firm is part of the Latin-American alliance Affinitas. This alliance was created with the purpose of offering our clients a uniform legal counsel of the highest quality, in all the jurisdictions in which the Affinitas law firms are located. The other members of Affinitas are: Mijares, Angoitia, Cortés y Fuentes S.C. (México); Barros & Errázuriz (Chile); and Miranda y Amado (Perú). Since its creation in 2004, Affinitas has been considered the most prominent network in the region by the relevance of the firms that compose it. Affinitas encompasses the main economies that are part of the Pacific Alliance.

Spanish, English, German, French, Italian.

The firm has a balanced portfolio of clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies and private equity funds to the most relevant local business groups.