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Gonzalo Mon advises a wide range of companies in all aspects of promoting their brands, and works closely with them to find practical solutions to even the most complex legal problems. Gonzalo helps his clients determine what they can say about their products and services in ads, as well as what type of evidence they need to support their claims. He has successfully defended clients when their ads have been challenged by regulators, competitors and consumers, both in court and before the National Advertising Division (NAD). He has also helped clients challenge their competitors when those competitors made claims they could not support. As companies experiment with new strategies to promote their brands, Gonzalo helps them identify and address the issues raised by these strategies. For example, he has advised clients on how to run various campaigns on social media, how to work with influencers, and when new ways of collecting information raise privacy issues. Gonzalo also drafts and negotiates many of the agreements that underlie his clients’ marketing campaigns. Among other things, he has worked on advertising agency agreements, promotion agreements, sponsorship agreements, app development agreements and endorsement agreements with actors, athletes, musicians and other celebrities.