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We’re highly respected and nationally ranked attorneys, with deep and ready knowledge of advertising law, courtroom-tested litigation skills, and a reputation for integrity and credibility earned through prior experience serving with, and working across the table from, the FTC and other government agencies.

We help global brands and Fortune 500 companies that manufacture and sell products across a range of industries to navigate this dynamic and heavily regulated industry, ensuring that their marketing, advertising and promotions are both effective and compliant with federal and state laws and regulations, broadcast network and industry self-regulatory standards, and evolving best practices for traditional and new media marketing.

We review traditional and digital advertising and promotional materials for truth in advertising, claim substantiation, use of intellectual property, and compliance with consumer protection rules.  We work with companies to evaluate, substantiate, and, where necessary, modify their advertising claims, providing risk management guidance to minimize the potential for competitor, consumer or agency challenges, and achieve their competitive goals in the marketplace with legally compliant marketing campaigns of all types, across all platforms.