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Mentor Partners: Noshir Sethna, Hamid Moochhala
Managing Partners: Ashish Ahuja, Dhawal Mehta
Senior Partners: Marylou Bilawala, Bindi Dave, Shabnum Kajiji
Number of partners: 32
Number of lawyers: 130
Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati

Firm Overview:
Established in 1883, Wadia Ghandy & Co. (the firm) is a full-service law firm offering a wide range of legal services across a broad spectrum of practice areas and sectors, including transactional, regulatory, advisory and dispute resolution services. The firm caters to its clientele from its main office at Mumbai. The firm represents its clients in the Supreme Court through its branch office in New Delhi and also has branches in Pune and Ahmedabad. The firm blends its traditional values seamlessly with the dynamic business environment in India, to offer practical and innovative advice tailored for the evolving and unique requirements of each client.

Main Areas of Practice:
Wadia Ghandy & Co provides advisory, transactional, regulatory and litigation work.

Lead Partner:
Marylou Bilawala
Other Partners: Dhruv Khanna

All types of infrastructure projects, including roads, ports, power, airports, telecommunication and sports infrastructure.
Lead Partner: Ashish Ahuja
Other Partners: Marylou Bilawala

Banking, Finance & Capital Markets & Securities Laws:
Lead Partners:
Ashish Ahuja, Shabnum Kajiji and Nihas Basheer
Other Partners: Denzil Arambhan, Gautam Ganjawala, Gopal Banker, Gaurav Gopal

Bankruptcy, Insolvency & Restructuring Proceedings:
The firm appears before the National Company Law Tribunal and relevant Courts
Lead Partner: Ashish Ahuja
Other Partners: Marylou Bilawala, Shabnum Kajiji (advisory work)
Dhawal Mehta, Bindi Dave and Denzil Arambhan appear before the NCLT and relevant Courts.

Competition & Antitrust:
Advisory and regulatory and representing clients before the Competition Commission of India and relevant courts.
Lead Partner: Aarish Dhunjibhoy

Estate & Succession Planning:
Advisory, regulatory and litigation, including trust formation and business succession planning.
Lead Partner: Marylou Bilawala

General Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions & Private Equity:
General corporate advice, mergers and acquisitions, private equity investments, joint ventures, technical collaborations, foreign exchange laws, employment laws, securities laws.
Lead Partner: Ashish Ahuja
Other Partners: Marylou Bilawala, Shabnum Kajiji-Fariyal Tahseen, Xerxes Antia, Gautam Ganjawala, Radhika Bhatt, Dhruv Khanna, Sayantani Dutta, Subashini R., Aarish Dhunjibhoy (transactional and advisory work)
Dhawal Mehta and Denzil Arambhan – mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and private equity in the real estate sector.
Bindi Dave, Denzil Arambhan and Sameer Pandit appear before the NCLT and relevant Courts.

Intellectual Property:
Lead Partner:
Marylou Bilawala

Lead Partner:
Ashish Ahuja
Other Partners: Rohini Verma

Labour & Employment:
Lead Partner:
Marylou Bilawala
Other Partners: Aarish Dhunjibhoy

Litigation & Dispute Resolution/Arbitration:
Corporate and commercial litigation and redressal of disputes through domestic and international arbitration. Appearances before judicial and quasi-judicial forums at the national as well as international levels.
■ Mumbai – Lead Partner: Bindi Dave
  Other Partners: Dhawal Mehta, Denzil Arambhan, Pradeep Bhakru, Sameer Pandit, Jasmine Kachalia, Shoma Fernandes, Nitesh Ranavat, Krishna Moorthy
■ Delhi – Lead Partner:
Pranay Goel
■ Ahmedabad – Lead Partner: Tanvish Bhatt
Other Partners: Jay Kansara
■ Pune – Lead Partner: Akshay Gandhi

Real Estate:
All aspects of real estate including title verification, transactions and litigation. Acquisition and development of residential and commercial projects, malls, special economic zones, townships, agricultural land, information technology parks, hospitality and mill lands.
■ Mumbai – Lead Partner: Dhawal Mehta, Denzil Arambhan
Other Partners: Suraj Juneja, Manish Vora, Nitesh Ranavat, Gaurav Gopal, Krishna Moorthy
■ Ahmedabad – Lead Partner: Tanvish Bhatt
■ Pune – Lead Partner: Akshay Gandhi

Firm Contacts:

Ashish Ahuja   Tel: +919820442398
Email: [email protected]
Dhawal Mehta   Tel: +919820009708
Email: [email protected]

Pranaya Goyal   Tel: +919987087500
Email: [email protected]

Tanvish Bhatt   Tel: +919825028400
Email: [email protected]

Akshay Gandhi   Tel: +919673710444
Email: [email protected]