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Chairman: Carlos Cruz
Managing Partner: Domingos Cruz
Number of partners: 8
Number of lawyers: 53
Languages: Portuguese, Spanish, English, French, German

Firm Overview:
‘A global office with a local soul’ is the firm’s vision. With a solid structure, with 70 years of experience, and in a community of interests with its clients, CCA ONTIER has always tried to innovate and differentiate itself to offer the best services possible with a business minded and creative team of lawyers with a focus on achieving the goals of their clients. In 2012, being aware of the globalisation and the need to assist its clients further and further, CCA joined ONTIER. In 2016, it reinforced its presence in national territory and opened an office in Oporto, starting to be represented in two different cities, in a total of 15 jurisdictions. CCA ONTIER provides the best solutions to their international clients so they can run their businesses worldwide with the same feeling of security their local clients do.

It is a law firm tailored to help companies navigate a global world. CCA ONTIER adds value by having a deep understanding of the areas in which its clients operate. The firm believes in non-stop investment, in training and talent as the only way to guarantee a service of the highest efficiency and quality. After all, the core values are based in three pillars: commitment, flexibility and innovation.

Main Areas of Practice:

-Criminal Economic
-Industrial & Intellectual Property
-Insurance & Risk Management
-Labour & Social Security
-Litigation & Arbitration
-Privacy & Data Protection
-Public Law
-Real Estate

CCA ONTIER has a corporate, mergers and acquisitions department with multidisciplinary teams of experienced lawyers who own a deep understanding of the models and structures used by companies internationally. The firm advises businesses in every step of the corporate life: incorporation and internal organisation, growth, corporate concentration and during critical stages it provides legal advice in insolvency and corporate reorganisation proceedings. The firm works in an international context on a daily basis, providing advice to both Portuguese Clients with a strong international dimension and to foreign clients who carry out their activity and make investments in Portugal.
Contact: Sara Reis
Tel: +351 21 322 3590
Email: [email protected]

CCA ONTIER’S TMT department is multidisciplinary and has a broad experience that is difficult to match in this sector, allowing the firm to advise clients in a comprehensive manner. CCA ONTIER is Portugal’s representative in this global group of experts in advertising, marketing and commercial communication Law. Since its inception, CCA ONTIER has been providing legal advice to one of the largest Portuguese media groups. The firm’s TMT team is widely recognised for representing companies in the media sector in the defence of intellectual and industrial property rights , in gaming and in data protection. It also provides assistance in terms of regulation, both in relation to registration procedures of media and in providing advice in relation to competition and media concentration matters.
Contact: Filipe Mayer
Tel: +351 21 322 3590
Email: [email protected]

CCA ONTIER provides to its clients legal advice on different matters relating to labour law, including corporate reorganisation and advice on the adoption and implementation of management and cost-effective human resources policies, in a forward-looking manner and based on the company’s current work scenario. The team is highly experienced in labour litigation, mediating negotiations and representing its clients in different areas of labour law. Within the scope of social security law, which is complex, the labour law team seeks to advise its clients in relation to the existing legal framework and helping them to prepare for the future.
Contact: Pedro Antunes
Tel: +351 21 322 3590
Email: [email protected]


Tax law is now taking on a new dimension both for companies and individuals. In a context of increasing cross-border transactions, CCA ONTIER combines strong professional training with global expertise, both of which are needed to advise its clients. CCA ONTIER’s tax law team includes specialists in Portuguese, International and European tax law. The team is highly experienced in advising Portuguese and foreign companies, as well as individual clients, and ensures its clients are represented in every step and stage of tax procedures.
Contact: Frederico Velasco Amaral
Tel: +351 21 322 3590
Email: [email protected]

Real Estate:
As it is an area that encompasses clients of the most diverse profiles and industries, whose real estate has the most varied functions and objectives, the advice of CCA ONTIER in this sector is highly personalised and has specialists with extensive experience in the areas of territorial and urban planning, tourism law and environment. The team provides legal assistance to the real estate operations of construction and commercialisation of shopping centres, retail parks, housing, industrial, commercial, hotel and tourism. It also advises its clients under the leasing law in the different sectors of activity.
Contact: Domingos Cruz
Tel: +351 21 322 3590
Email: [email protected]

Criminal Economic:
Economic criminal law is one of the practice areas which has experienced major developments in recent years. In an effort to offer an adequate response to the requests of its clients, CCA ONTIER has a team of lawyers that is ready to provide comprehensive and crosscutting services. As it includes both economic criminal law and administrative offences law. Crosscutting because CCA ONTIER does not limit the scope of its service to judicial representation in on-going proceedings, but rather offers its clients a wide variety of services, where preventive counselling and regulatory compliance play a prominent role. This new perspective enables CCA ONTIER to participate in the creation, implementation and follow-up of compliance plans, as well as to provide consultancy and legal advisory services to regulatory authorities, both in administrative proceedings and in litigation.
Contact: Henrique Salinas
Tel: +351 213 22 3590
Email: [email protected]

The firm’s litigation department represents our clients in civil, criminal and corporate proceedings, namely in civil liability and breach of contract proceedings, disputes relating to general contractual terms, judicial and extra-judicial credit collection and recovery, as well as in insolvency proceedings and enforcement proceedings, actions relating to crimes against property, against the market and against honour, disputes between shareholders, oppositions against corporate resolutions and liability of directors. Arbitration is increasingly becoming the privileged and effective solution to settle certain types of disputes in relation to which courts have not been able to provide a satisfactory answer. Therefore, CCA ONTIER has lawyers with recognised skills in arbitration and, as a firm, is experienced in ad hoc or institutional arbitration, both in Portugal and internationally, including in proceedings for the annulment, recognition and enforcement of arbitration awards.
Contact: Marta Duarte
Tel: +351 21 322 3590
Email: [email protected]

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