In the year it celebrates its 70th anniversary, the CCA Law firm launches a new visual identity, with a new logo, new color, new graphics and new website. The renewed image intends to reflect the current strategic positioning of CCA, strongly aimed at supporting the internationalization of its clients, monitoring the digital economy leading companies, as well as assisting clients who, through digital innovation, seek to adapt to this new paradigm, in a context of strong economic globalization.

According to Domingos Cruz, Managing Partner of the CCA « This new image distinguishes not only the 70 years of CCA, but also its convergence with our strategic positioning: to be the reference law firm in terms of technological and digital innovation, both from an external point of view (areas and advice) and from an internal point of view (processes, procedures and relationship with clients). With this model we intend to strengthen our relationship with the industries that are being impacted by technologies, through solutions based on our know-how, acquired by working with large technology multinationals, SMEs and Startups. »

« Our positioning also marks a change of relationship with ONTIER. We cease to integrate the ONTIER network, which allows us to clearly assume our current strategic positioning. We will naturally maintain a relevant workflow with ONTIER, but separately and independently» says Domingos Cruz.

This change marks the 70th anniversary of the law firm founded by Fernando Cruz in 1949 and is accompanied by several new projects that will be presented throughout the year, among which we highlight the launch, last March, of the CCA ON Knowledge and Innovation Center.