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Advokatfirma Ræder AS

Current View:

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Chairman: Erling Opdal
Number of partners: 21
Number of lawyers: 65
Languages: English, German, Scandinavian

Firm Overview:
Based in Oslo, Advokatfirmaet Ræder is a leading law firm covering most areas of business law. Since 1949 our lawyers have advised clients on complex issues in a simple, efficient and personal manner. Our long heritage enables us to attract talented people and our 60 experienced lawyers work closely with Norwegian and international enterprises, organisations and public authorities.

Main Areas of Practice:

-Corporate Law
-Tax, VAT & Excise Duties
-Employment Law
-Banking & Finance
-Corporate & M&A
-Competition Law
-Insurance, Marine & Transport
-Construction Law
-Real Estate
-Litigation & Dispute Resolution
-Restructuring & Insolvency

Corporate & M&A:
The group deals with all aspects of corporate and securities laws, including domestic and cross-border M&A transactions. The services range from rendering general daily advice to management of corporate clients to assisting on large cross-border transactions and Initial Public Offerings. The group has extensive international experience, including two members admitted to the Bar of the State of New York.
Partners: Carl Garmann Clausen, Morten Opstad, Carl A. Christiansen, Erik S. Aasland, Jan Martin Fjellestad, Fredrik Ottesen, Erling Opdal, Einar Heiberg
Contact: Carl Garmann Clausen
Email: [email protected]

Intellectual Property Rights:
Ræder has one of the leading IP departments in Norway and vast experience assisting clients in all industries establish, secure and enforce all forms of intellectual property rights, handle contracts, drafts and negotiate on behalf of clients. The group also advises on all aspects on personal data protection and the GDPR. In addition we handle cases before the DPA.
Partners: Vebjørn Søndersrød, Jan Morten Evertsen, Carl Garmann Clausen, Morten Opstad
Contact: Vebjørn Søndersrød
Email: [email protected]

Real Estate Development:
Ræder’s real estate group assists clients with transactions, property development and construction issues and has a leading and experienced department that combines sector knowledge, technical abilities and a commercial and practical focus.
Partners: Jøran Kallmyr, Anders, Utne, Andreas Frislid, Erik S. Aasland, Einar Heiberg
Contact: Jøran Kallmyr
Email: [email protected]

Maritime, Offshore Construction & Insurance:
The group represents a number of the largest Norwegian Insurance Companies, for whom the team handles a large number of transport and charter party disputes, marine insurance matters and fish farming disputes. The team has been heavily involved in providing legal advice for large Norwegian construction companies both at sea and ashore.
Partners: Jon Andersen, Kyrre W Kielland, Joar Heide, Carl A Christiansen
Contact: Jon Andersen
Email: [email protected]

Employment & Labour:
The team assists employers with all aspects of employment and labour law, including general advice on whatever issue or question that may arise regarding personnel on a daily basis, assistance in individual employment disputes, negotiation and litigation, reorganisations and downsizings, transfer of undertakings, breach of non-compete clauses, ex-pat contracts, pension issues and all other employment law related issues.
Partners: Ole Andre Oftebro, Nils Kristian Lie
Contact: Ole Andre Oftebro
Email: [email protected]

The group assists businesses, organisations and individuals on national and international tax matters. The tax services comprise tax planning and compliance, and assistance on tax audits and disputes, within areas such as transactions and business restructuring, current business tax issues, generation changes, EEA issues, transfer pricing, permanent establishment and moving of tax residency. The department also advises on direct taxes.
Partners: Hans Olav Hemnes, Jan Martin Fjellestad, Morten Opstad, Einar Heiberg, Anne Gro Enger, Anne Christine Wettre
Contact: Hans Olav Hemnes
Email: [email protected]

Restructuring & Insolvency:
The restructuring/insolvency team handles all aspects of restructuring and/or insolvency processes; both related to corporate/business insolvency as well as bankruptcies for individuals.
Partners: Anne Christine Wettre, Erling Opdal, Anne Gro Enger
Contact: Anne Christine Wettre
Email: [email protected]

The team deals with all aspects of competition law. The services range from rendering general daily advice to management of corporate clients to assisting on more complex cartel cases and merger applications.
Partners: Fredrik Ottesen, Carl A Christiansen
Contact: Fredrik Ottesen
Email: [email protected]

Banking & Finance:
Ræder’s banking and finance team assists Norwegian and international companies, banks and other finance institutions within various lending transactions and regulatory issues. The team works mainly within the banking and finance and shipping and transport sectors and is renowned for their expertise within: acquisition and project financing, ship and aircraft financing, export financing, bond financing, leasing financing and regulatory and compliance issues.
Partners: Kyrre W Kielland, Carl Garmann Clausen, Erik Aasland, Carl C Christiansen
Contact: Kyrre W Kielland
Email: [email protected]