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Simon Devonshire QC practices in a l areas of statutory and contractual/commercial employment law, but with a particular emphasis on (i) inter- business competition issues (Including confidential information, restrictive covenants and the poaching of employees in unlawful team moves), ( i) employee/business owner fraud, ( i) the attempted diversion of business opportunities by employee fiduciaries, and (iv) whistle-blowing, discrimination and TUPE disputes. He also has considerable experience in disputes between LLP members and in the management and control of repeated/vexatious litigation. In the High Court, he regularly acts in fraud, business diversion and employee competition disputes. Recent reported and/or important cases include Ferguson -v- Astrea [2020] IRLR 550 (beneficial transfer-related variations void under TUPE); Capita –v- Darch [2017] EWHC 1248 (Ch) & 1401 (Ch), [2017] IRLR 718 (thresholds for interim injunctive relief in team move disputes); Samara –v- MBI Partners [2016] EWHC 441 (QB) (abuse of process arising out of recidivist litigation); Dorma UK Ltd –v- Batemen [2015] EWHC 4142 (QB) (springboard relief arising out of an a leged team move); Thomson Ecology –v- APEM [2014] IRLR 184 (summary judgment and disclosure orders in team move cases); CEF Holdings -v- Mundey & Ors [2012] FSR 35 (obligations of a party moving the court without notice).


Called 1988. Appointed QC 2009

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Employment Law Bar Association. ELA. LCLCBA