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Bart van Reeken

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Practice Areas

Bart negotiates in a way which contributes to the success of relationships. He allocates much of his time to large IT and business process outsourcings which often stretch over multiple countries and jurisdictions. His work covers a broad spectrum, ranging from negotiating and drafting outsourcing agreements, software development agreements, software licences, implementation and SaaS agreements, to handling software license and compliance issues and IT-related disputes. He also has experience in setting up joint development, mutually integrated production, and joint marketing arrangements.

Bart’s primary focus is structuring effective business relations. He likes taking a holistic view and forging an inspiring cooperation in diverse teams, leading to creative approaches and solutions.

Bart has worked for more than half of the larger Netherlands based multinationals. including most of the larger Netherlands based banks and insurance companies. By teaching post-academic courses for young lawyers and performing occasional work for fintech companies and other start-ups, Bart likes to keep connected with trends and innovations that can benefit his larger clients.


Graduated and qualified 1988. Bart is an accredited CEDR mediator. Attended Clarion University of Pennsylvania and Erasmus University of Rotterdam.