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Managing Partners: Christian Sederberg & Brian Vicente
Number of partners: 9
Number of lawyers: 40
Languages: Brazillian Portuguese, Farsi, French, German, Hebrew, Spanish, Turkish

Vicente Sederberg LLP is not just another law firm that decided to jump into the cannabis space. It is a cannabis law firm, with a team of attorneys and professionals who have been at the cutting edge of marijuana and hemp law and policy since the inception of the regulated cannabis industry. Vicente Sederberg doesn’t just help clients navigate marijuana and hemp laws and regulations; they help shape those policies and have a strong track record of advancing the legal cannabis industry in a dynamic and responsible manner. As Rolling Stone magazine put it, Vicente Sederberg is “the country’s first powerhouse marijuana law firm.”

Vicente Sederberg offers a full suite of services for all types of plant-touching marijuana and hemp businesses (cultivators, retailers, extractors, product manufacturers, distributors, and testing labs), ancillary businesses, investors, trade associations, and governmental bodies. The firm has been hired by local governments to help draft marijuana ordinances, and has worked with state and national officials to develop medical and adult-use cannabis laws. On the regulatory side, Vicente Sederberg attorneys have helped governments shape regulations at the local, state, and national levels.


Cannabis Law
9 partners, 40 total attorneys across offices in Los Angeles, CA; Denver, CO; Jacksonville, FL; New York, NY; and Boston, MA
Contact: Brian Vicente
Tel: 303-860-4501
Email: [email protected]

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