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Antitrust & Consumer Protection:
Carlos E Gonzalez R
Banking & Finance: Inocencio Galindo
Criminal Law: Omar Rodríguez
Energy: Ramon Varela
Offshore & Estate Planning: Roberto Lewis
Government Procurement: Carlos E Gonzalez R
Immigration Law: Albalira Montufar
Intellectual Property: Francisco Arias
Labour Law: Ricardo Aleman, Maria Teresa Mendoza
Litigation & Dispute Resolution: Jose Carrizo
M&A: Francisco Arias
Maritime Law: Jazmina Rovi, Juan David Morgan Jr
Mining: Inocencio Galindo
Projects: Ramon Varela
Securities: Francisco Arias
Inocencio Galindo

Firm Overview:

Morgan & Morgan is a full-service Panamanian law firm, regularly assisting local and multinational corporations from different industries, as well as recognised financial institutions, government agencies, and individual clients. In particular, the firm has been involved in all stages of the development of mega projects related to energy, water supply, construction, oil, mining, public infrastructure, retail, ports, transportation, among others.

Main Areas of Practice:

Antitrust & Consumer Protection:
■ Advice concerning consumer protection rules before the antitrust authorities
■ Guidance and representation on lawsuits related to consumer protection

■ Advice and representation in arbitration processes, both domestic and international.

Compliance & Data Protection:
■ Advice in regulatory matters related to protection of personal data
■ Advice on matters related to prevent money laundering, financing of terrorism and financing of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction

Corporate, Commercial & Banking:
■ Mergers and Acquisitions
■ Joint Ventures
■ Project finance (real estate, energy, mining, public infrastructure)
■ Syndicated Lending
■ Guaranteed loan facilities
■ Due diligence related to credit facilities contracts
■ Insolvency and reorganisation processes
■ Guidance and advice in judicial processes for the collection of unpaid high-risk credits
■ Advice on general corporate and regulatory matters

Energy & Natural Resources:
■ Advice in the entire spectrum of energy projects from permits, development and construction, to their operation
■ Power purchase agreements (PPA)
■ Resolution of disputes before the public services regulator
■ Obtaining environmental permits related to the development of projects
■ Counseling and representation in processes before the environmental authorities
■ Counseling on tax matters related to projects (including benefits and tax incentives for renewable energies)

Government Procurement & Contracts:
■ Drafting and preparation of Public Bids
■ Negotiation of multiple major concession contracts
■ Representation before the corresponding administrative and judicial entities

Immigration Law:
■ Residence permits, visas, citizenship applications, and passports proceedings
■ General advice acting before Panamanian immigration authorities

Insurance & Reinsurance:
■ Advice in regulatory aspects related to insurance and reinsurance law
■ Representation before the regulatory authorities
■ Representation in insurance claims (especially maritime and transportation)

Intellectual Property:
■ Filing and registration of trademarks
■ Drafting and reviewing of License and Franchise Agreements
■ Protection of industrial property assets
■ Advice and representation in litigation matters related to Intellectual Property

Labour Law:
■ Advice in regulatory aspects related to labor law
■ Drafting and revision of employment contracts
■ Advice and representation in labor litigation processes
■ Collective bargaining negotiations
■ Administrative proceedings before the authorities

■ Advice and representation on administrative, civil and criminal processes Mining
■ Acquisition related to mining concessionaries
■ Tender offers for foreign publicly-traded parent companies of the local concessionaire
■ Assets transfers, including mining concessions transfers
■ Representation before regulating entities
■ Licensing and permits, both for exploration and extraction
■ Streaming agreements
■ Investment agreements
■ Dispute resolution, including administrative, labor, civil and constitutional litigation

Offshore & Estate Planning:
■ Incorporation, management, and administration of offshore companies
■ Trusts and private foundations
■ Post incorporation services (directors’ nominee, custody of books and corporate documents, issuance of shares, and corporate dissolutions)
■ International Tax Guidance (reporting and exchange of tax information requirements such as FATCA and CRS)

Real Estate:
■ Drafting of loan contracts related to retail and commercial banking
■ Drafting and revision of leasing contracts
■ Advice on administrative and regulatory matters for real estate construction and development

Securities & Capital Markets:
■ Public offerings
■Advice and incorporation on Real Estate Investment Funds (REITs)
■ Advice and administrative processes on regulatory law related to securities brokerage, financial advisors, and custodians
■ Advice on general regulatory matters related to capital markets in Panama

Ship Finance & Registration:
■ Advice on financing transactions of vessels
■ Registration of ship mortgages
■ Acting as registered agent in Panama for ships under the Panamanian flag

Shipping & Admiralty Litigation:
■ Advice on maritime dispute resolution and claims including collision, cargo, oil spill pollution, charter party disputes, personal injury, maritime liens, maritime insurance claims, and ship mortgage executions.

■ Tax consulting and advice (including special tax regimes)
■ Administrative procedures before tax authorities
■ Guidance and representation in judicial processes related to tax matters

Throughout the firm’s pro bono program, it provides free legal advice to more than 20 non-governmental organisations on matters related to corporate, regulatory, labor, and tax. The firms also ssupports on the creation of significant legislations that promotes social development.


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