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Jara Del Favero & Ried Fabres

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Managing Partner: Felipe Ovalle
Partners: Gabriel Del Favero, Rafael Valdivieso, Sven Herlin, Jorge Schenke, Manuel Jiménez, Felipe Ovalle, Ricardo Brancoli
Number of partners: 7
Number of other lawyers: 20

Antitrust, Unfair Competition & Consumer Protection:
Manuel Jiménez
Environmental: Gabriel del Favero, Dino Pruzzo
Financing & Concessions: Felipe Ovalle
Labour & Social Securities Regulation: Felipe Ovalle
Litigation & Arbitration: Jorge Schenke, Ricardo Brancoli
M&A: Sven Herlin
Natural Resource, Mining & Water: Gabriel Del Favero, Hipólito Zañartu
Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics Regulation: Andrea Abascal
Real Estate: Sven Herlin
Tax: Rafael Valdivieso

Firm Overview:
Jara Del Favero & Ried Fabres, was founded in 1939 and today is a modern and multidisciplinary firm whose main task is to provide comprehensive legal services of excellence to its clients. The firm currently advises national and international clients engaging in the most varied of businesses, offering specialised attention to foreign clients investing in Chile and to domestic investors who wish to invest abroad, in collaboration with foreign legal advisors.

Antitrust & Unfair Competition:
The firm provides daily assistance to clients on antitrust law, advising them about the conduct of their businesses, review of merger, cartel investigations, concentrations and abuse of dominant position issues and unfair competition. The firm also represents clients before the Antitrust Prosecutor and Antitrust Court.

The firms advises clients to participate in tenders or in the acquisition of different types of sanitary, electrical utilities, hospitals, ports, highways, toll roads, airports, maritime and aquaculture concessions.

Consumer Protection:
The firm advises clients in matters relative to consumer relationships, representing them in interests in individual and/or collective disputes, whether administrative or judicial, in mediation and in other matters involving consumer protection.

The firm provides legal assistance in environmental regulations and in the use and management of natural resources, counselling clients in the environmental impact assessment of investment projects and in the enforcement of environmental regulations and non-renewable natural resources.

The firm assists clients in preparing and executing loan agreements, project finance agreements, banking and all other related finance agreements.

Labour & Social Security Regulations:
The firm assists clients on all labour issues and represents them in collective bargaining with unions or other employee’s associations and in all collective processes.

Litigation & Arbitration:
The firm represents clients in any type of negotiation and lawsuits, developing strategies to lead them to satisfactory agreements, whether civil, commercial, criminal, contentious and administrative lawsuits. Members of the firm perform jurisdictional duties as arbitrators.

Natural Resource, Mining & Water:
The firm assists clients in all stages of mining projects, including the development, financing and commercial operation of a project, and protection of mining concessions. The firm assists clients in all aspects of the water law, such as the establishment of water rights, the obtainment of permits and authorisations according to the Water Code.

Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics Regulatory:
The firm assists main multinational pharmaceutical labouratories, cosmetic and medical device manufacturers in various matters related to the industry.

Real Estate:
The firm assists clients in the development of real estate projects, starting from zoning regulations, planning up, financing, acquisition, construction, regularisation and start-up.

The firm advises clients to design and implement structures appropriate to their business and to development strategies and solutions to maximise their resources through a purpose oriented legal structure.
The firm makes inquiries to the Internal Revenue Service of Chile and advises and represents clients in audits by the IRS or in tax lawsuits, whether before the IRS or the Ordinary Courts of Law.

English, French, Italian, Spanish.