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Overview Is participating in research free? How do I know when to submit? Can I have an extension on the submission deadline? Is an interview essential? How are interviews conducted? Where can I find a definition of practice areas? How will confidential information in a submission be protected? Does sending a submission guarantee a ranking? Should I send separate submissions for Global and Continent-Wide sections? What are Foreign Experts and Foreign Desks? Should I send a separate submission form for Foreign Experts and Foreign Desks? How do I submit Foreign Experts and Foreign Desks submission form? I have a suggestion for a new practice area or an improvement to the Chambers guides. What should I do? When do you contact a firm’s referees? Who will contact the firm’s referees? How often will your team contact those clients suggested by a law firm? How do you reach out to referees? What questions do you ask our clients? Do you ask referees about other firms? Will you tell me which referees you have spoken to? What can I do if one of my firm’s referees says they haven’t been contacted? Can I ask my references to reach out to the researchers directly? Why is Chambers asking for Diversity statistics in the submissions? How will you use the D&I statistical information in research? Will you publish the Diversity & Inclusion information? Can I provide overall firm Diversity statistics instead? Can I use the old template? How can I ensure that I receive important updates from Chambers and Partners? Does Chambers have a research policy relating to parental leave (maternity/paternity), leave required for caring responsibilities or absence leave taken by ranked lawyers? Does Chambers have a policy on harassment or inappropriate conduct towards its employees? What is the difference between the Global Market Leaders and Global-wide rankings?

Who will contact the firm’s referees?

The majority of referees will be contacted by the researcher listed on the research schedule as being responsible for the area the for which the firm has submitted. However, if the referee has also been put forward by a different firm for a different practice area, there is the possibility that they will have been contacted by another member of the research team. All researchers will ask about all practice areas, jurisdictions and firms the referee has recent experience with. All of this information is stored on our centralized database and can be accessed by all other researchers. 
If you would like to give your referees a heads up that we will be getting in touch, the best thing to do is to tell them to look out for an email from someone from Chambers, as opposed to a specific member of the research team. Our emails will always come from an email address ending with

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