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London (Bar)
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This outstanding set is home to top-flight barristers who are consistently instructed in the biggest cases in the field. The chambers has extensive patent expertise ranging from matters concerning key innovations in pharmaceuticals to major TMT FRAND cases, such as the Unwired Planet v Huawei litigation, in which barristers from the set represented both sides. Members are also well equipped to handle trade mark, copyright and design disputes for their impressive client list. An interviewee comments: "8 New Square is the complete package: it is home to a wealth of talent, both senior and junior, possessing expertise covering all intellectual property rights."

Client service: "The clerks are incredibly responsive and accommodating." "Nothing is too much trouble, and they do their utmost to help you." "The clerks are good at sorting out incredibly complicated scheduling issues." John Call leads the clerking.

Adrian Speck QC

A technically brilliant, practical and commercially-minded barrister recognised for representing telecommunications companies in high-value patent litigation. His other areas of expertise include second-use medical claims and trade mark infringement actions involving online vendors. He maintains an excellent reputation for his advocacy both at first instance and in appellate proceedings.
Strengths: "He is the man of the moment. His intellect is astounding and he has an unnerving ability to see pitfalls down the road that other people can't see." "He is a very skilled advocate who is able to draw back and look at the case from a big-picture point of view." "He thinks very deeply about particular issues as well as analysing legal issues and concepts."

Andrew Lykiardopoulos QC

A likeable and popular silk who is consistently praised by instructing solicitors for his client-facing skills and his willingness to get to grips with the technical details of a case. He is regularly called upon for high-end patent litigation involving TMT and pharmaceutical companies, and has recently acted at the forefront of ground-breaking FRAND litigation.
Strengths: "He is outstanding. He combines great experience with very good judgement, and he has a very good style with clients." "He is hard-working, dedicated, diligent and does his best for his clients." "He is incredibly charming in court and very good on his feet."
Recent work: Appeared before the Supreme Court in Unwired Planet v Huawei, a case regarding the meaning and effect of the FRAND obligation and the appropriateness of granting injunctions for infringement of standard-essential patents.

Ashton Chantrielle

A talented junior who has developed a well-reputed practice focusing on copyright and trade mark cases, representing clients in a diverse set of industries including media, fashion and pharmaceuticals. Her experience also extends to trade secret litigation.
Strengths: "She is very good on her feet and is procedurally and technically excellent." "Her style is calm and there is a wonderful sense that she is in control and will manage anything."
Recent work: Acted in Glaxo Wellcome v Sandoz, a passing-off claim in respect of the purple colour and get-up of Seretide asthma inhalers.

Charlotte May QC

Leading IP silk praised for her skilful, measured advocacy, including before the Supreme Court, as well as for the quality of her client care and commerciality. She is recognised for her broad practice, with recent experience handling TMT and pharmaceutical patent disputes and cutting-edge trade mark infringement issues relating to the obligations of retailers and digital platforms. She is also frequently instructed in cases concerning media copyright disputes. May is regarded as a leading authority on supplementary protection certificates.
Strengths: "She is absolutely amazing and has excellent attention to detail." "She produces brilliant advocacy and has a really clear way of presenting the arguments. She is also clear and pragmatic in her advice to clients."
Recent work: Successfully defended Apple in a patent infringement claim brought by Conversant Wireless Licensing, regarding a user interface for computers and phones. Additionally brought a counterclaim for invalidity.

Daniel Alexander QC

A market-leading silk who enjoys an exceptional reputation for his advocacy in patent litigation involving pharmaceutical and TMT companies. His experience includes handling novel appellate actions arising from inventorship claims. He is consistently involved in cases which establish precedent in areas including patent infringement and licensing.
Strengths: "He is one of the top patent barristers currently at the Bar. He is very commercial and has a lot of experience about the best way to present a case." "Certainly one of the go-to QCs for any area of technology. He is good at addressing difficult legal concepts before the court." "He's got a lovely combination of different qualities: he knows his stuff inside out, is brilliant with clients and has a wonderful courtroom manner."
Recent work: Acted in Gilead v Teva and Others, an important case on the application of supplementary protection certificate regulation in relation to an HIV antiviral drug.

Henry Ward

Impresses sources with his realistic and commercial advice, his innovative approach to IP litigation and his experience assisting with IPEC proceedings. He is recognised for his skill in patent infringement and invalidation claims in the telecommunications, pharmaceutical and engineering sectors. He also appears in parallel import and trade mark disputes.
Strengths: "He is brilliant across the board in terms of dealing with intellectual property disputes." "He is very client-focused and gives advice in commercial and direct way." "He is very good at cutting through to the key points and coming up with a definitive view."

Iona Berkeley

Known for her deep expertise in soft IP matters; her experience encompasses trade mark revocation actions, passing-off allegations and litigation related to the parallel import of goods, as well as cases concerning the design of pharmaceutical products. She has also acted in a number of copyright actions relating to the televising of football.
Strengths: "She has a brilliant mind and a wonderful manner with clients." "She is enthusiastic and proactive, and recognises issues quickly."
Recent work: Acted in Glaxo Wellcome v Sandoz, a passing-off claim in respect of the purple colour and get-up of Seretide asthma inhalers.

Isabel Jamal

An extremely conscientious and talented junior who impresses instructing parties with her commercial focus and responsiveness. She is recommended for her experience acting in high-value litigation connected with pharmaceutical, telecommunications and engineering patents. She also excels in cases concerning design rights and copyrights. She has appeared in numerous precedent-setting cases before the Supreme Court and has recently tackled a number of actions relating to FRAND licensing.
Strengths: "She is very talented and a pleasure to work with." "A phenomenal senior junior."
Recent work: Acted in Unwired Planet v Huawei, a Supreme Court case considering the meaning and effect of the FRAND obligation in standard-essential patents, and the appropriateness of granting injunctions for the infringement of such patents.

Jaani Riordan

Particularly well known for his deep expertise in the law on the liability of internet service providers and other intermediaries, in cases of trade mark and copyright infringement online. He also has notable experience in patent litigation in the telecommunications and pharmaceutical sectors, and has undertaken work in cases of considerable importance in the area of standard-essential patent licensing.
Strengths: "His work on documents and research is incredibly meticulous." "He has a fantastic technical background." "Jaani is very knowledgeable but also practical in his advice."
Recent work: Acted in Warner Music UK v TuneIn, a case examining the scope of the communication to the public in copyright. The High Court considered whether TuneIn infringed music rights by providing online users with links to hundreds of thousands of radio stations worldwide.

James Abrahams QC

Commended for his extremely efficient, tenacious and forthright advocacy and his depth of experience acting in TMT patent litigation. He is also experienced assisting with trade mark infringement and database rights disputes. His recent activity includes pharmaceutical patent injunction proceedings, and his patent expertise extends to various other industries including manufacturing and shipping.
Strengths: "He has good advocacy skills and good judgement, and is very creative." "He is very clear, approachable and commercial," and "his advice is invaluable."

James St Ville

A highly experienced junior who is well regarded for his attention to detail and commerciality. Sources appreciate the thoughtful and cautious approach he brings to trials. His experience includes the handling of copyright, patent and trade mark infringement disputes. His other areas of ability include database rights and design rights litigation. He is a good choice for IPEC, Patents Court and appellate proceedings. Strengths: "If you have a heavy case and want attention to detail then James is top class." "He has absolutely excellent technical knowledge."
Recent work: Acted for the claimant in TQ Delta v Zyxel Communications UK, a case involving claims for infringement of standard-essential patents for digital subscriber line broadband technology, and for the determination of reasonable and non-discriminatory terms.

James Whyte

A technically brilliant junior with a background in the biotechnology field. He is also noted for his abilities representing electronics and telecommunications clients in patent infringement claims. Additionally, he is frequently instructed in patent invalidation actions and litigation involving supplementary protection certificates. He acts in patent cases at appellate level as well as at first instance.
Strengths: "He is incredibly smart and a complete expert in life sciences. It is amazing what he can turn his mind to, and you certainly want him on your side." "He is really into the detail and really hard-working." "He has a phenomenal technical brain."
Recent work: Successfully represented Illumia in a patent infringement claim against TDL, concerning an improvement for non-invasive prenatal fetal testing.

Jessie Bowhill

A highly regarded junior who is known for her representation of clients in the broadcasting and music industries. She frequently appears in cases concerning copyright, trade mark and design right infringement.
Strengths: "She is creative in her arguments and presentation, and is excellent on her feet."  "She is knowledgeable, articulate, thorough and super efficient."
Recent work: Acted in 77M v Ordnance Survey, a claim for database right infringement in relation to Ordnance Survey’s main mapping and addressing products.

Jonathan Hill

Impresses instructing solicitors with his intelligence, user-friendliness and accomplished courtroom advocacy. He has notable experience of patent litigation related to licensing agreements and infringement allegations. His additional areas of expertise include trade mark, copyright and database rights, as well as litigation concerning the misuse of confidential information. Industry sectors in which he is active include medical technology, media and retail.
Strengths: "He is a really phenomenal barrister. He gets judges on side, he is really client-friendly and technically he is the best." "He is ferociously intelligent but he always tempers that with the commercial consideration of the client's needs." "He is very good on his feet and is a compelling advocate."
Recent work: Acted in Shanks v Unilever, an inventor's reward case heard by the Supreme Court. Professor Ian Shanks made the claim in respect of a patent obtained by Unilever for blood glucose tests, which was based on a discovery he made while employed by the defendant.

Lindsay Lane QC

Well-regarded silk highlighted for her pragmatic advice and efficiency. She is regularly instructed in relation to claims for patent, trade mark and database rights infringement. Her additional expertise takes in cases involving unregistered and registered designs.
Strengths: "She is very pragmatic, clever, sensible and a tenacious advocate." "She has an excellent understanding of technology, law, procedure and strategy." "She is an excellent and forceful advocate who is concise, to the point and persuasive, and who has the judge's ear."
Recent work: Acted in 77M v Ordnance Survey, a case concerning database right infringement in relation to Ordnance Survey’s main mapping and addressing products.

Martin Howe QC

User-friendly and cerebral advocate recognised for his abilities in high-profile copyright litigation. He is also adept at acting in passing-off disputes and claims related to trade mark infringements, and has additional experience acting in patent and supplementary protection certificate disputes arising in the life sciences sector.
Strengths: "He has an ability to condense reams of material into the key issues so we can focus on the key elements." "Martin is an outstanding all-round QC who has a great breadth of knowledge." "Clients enjoy working him as he always knows the details and is responsive and very reliable."
Recent work: Acted in Glaxo Wellcome v Sandoz, a passing-off claim in respect of the purple colour and get-up of Seretide asthma inhalers.

Michael Tappin QC

Enjoys an excellent reputation for his courtroom presentation and capabilities in handling highly technical life sciences patent disputes such as revocation attempts and infringement claims. He is also noted for his experience acting in TMT patent infringement cases. He is consistently praised by instructing solicitors for his outstanding command of detail.
Strengths: "He is incredibly strategic and thorough, while at all times applying his fundamental understanding of the technology." "His advocacy is very thoughtful and he is forensic in his analysis of the issues and his cross-examination of witnesses." "He is technically superb and is very good on his feet. He's great at dealing with unexpected issues."
Recent work: Acted in Eli Lilly v Genentech, a patent case concerning antibodies to the cytokine IL-17A/F and their utility in rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis. The case raised issues on validity and infringement of the patent, as well as on supplementary protection certificates.

Thomas Moody-Stuart QC

A seasoned and calm courtroom advocate who is admired for his practicality, responsiveness and tactical strength. He handles trade mark and patent infringement claims, as well as misuse of confidential information disputes. He has experience in patent validity disputes involving supplementary protection certificates, and a good knowledge of pharmaceuticals and other medical industries.
Strengths: "He is a thoughtful, clear and determined advocate." "One sometimes can get too wound up in the technicality of a case but Thomas always has the 30,000-foot view. He is exceptionally commercial." "He is very knowledgeable and charming in court."

Tom Jones

An impressive junior, notable among other things for his involvement in high-profile FRAND litigation. Sources note that he is quick to master important issues in his cases. His practice covers both patent and trade mark actions, and he represents clients in industries including TMT and life sciences.
Strengths: "He is very good at looking for a way through complex problems." "He is very bright, dynamic and responsive."

William Duncan

Able and experienced junior who elicits praise from instructing solicitors for his work ethic, written submissions and advice. He is adept at handling patent litigation in both the telecommunications and life sciences sectors, and commentators remark upon his burgeoning practice in the area of biotechnology in particular.
Strengths: "He is extremely vigorous in his analysis and very professional in his delivery." "He is incredibly clever, thoughtful, analytical and a top choice for any complex life science matter."
Recent work: Acted in Takeda v Roche, a patent revocation action relating to an antibody modification used in Entyvio, a treatment for Crohn's disease and other conditions.