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Park Square Barristers

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Head of Chambers: Richard Wright QC
Deputy Head of Chambers: Kama Melly QC
Senior Managing Clerk: Richard Sadler
Senior Clerks:
Andy Reeves (Business Development): 0113 213 5252
Andrew Thornton (Crime): 0113 213 5202
Madeleine Gray (Regulatory): 0113 202 8603
Francine Kirk (Civil): 0113 202 8605
Claudine Cooper (Family): 0113 202 8604


The Chambers:
In the 4 years since the merger between Number 6 and Sovereign Chambers, PSQB has become an established set – and it is now one of the leading common law barristers chambers in the country. Based in prestigious Park Square in the heart of Leeds City Centre, PSQB combines the traditions of the Bar with a modern and progressive business approach. Its ability to attract and develop the best talent is clearly demonstrated by the number of members who have been appointed to the judiciary. PSQB is commercially astute with Head of Chambers, Richard Wright QC, a highly respected silk, supported by Deputy Head of Chambers Kama Melly QC. PSQB is the largest multidisciplinary set on the North Eastern Circuit, offering the highest standards of advice, representation, mediation and legal training. It has a client-focused ethos and is committed to providing excellent service countrywide to legal firms (from high street to international), insurance companies, local authorities and other public and regulatory bodies including HMRC, BIS, NHS Protect and the Environment Agency. Many accept Direct Access instructions. Members and clients enjoy the benefits of highly experienced, responsive and supportive clerking and support teams. The teams share best practice, knowledge and expertise for the benefit of clients and junior members. The strength of the membership means hearings can be covered at short notice, and enables the set to provide a one-stop service for clients where cases cross over into other practice areas. A number of members have been appointed to specialist panels, including the Attorney General, Treasury Solicitor, insurance companies, health trusts, CPS Specialist Fraud, POCA, RASSO, Serious Organised Crime panels.


Richard Wright QC (1998)

Kama Melly QC (1997)

Andrew Lewis QC (1985)

Peter Moulson QC (1991)

Abdul Iqbal QC (1994)

Andrew Hall QC* (1991)

Lee Karu QC* (1985)

William Tyler QC* (1996)

Oliver Saxby QC* (1992)

David Rose (1977) “P”

Andrew Dallas (1978) “P”

John Isherwood* (1978)

David Orbaum (1978) P

Patrick Palmer (1978)

Christopher Ferguson (1979) P

Michael Smith (1980)

Simon Haring (1982)

Jeremy Hill-Baker (1983)

Allan Armbrister (1984)

David Gordon (1984)

Taryn Turner (1990)

Helen Hendry (1983)

Stephen Spence (1983) *

Robin Frieze (1985)

Nadim Bashir (1988)

Jane Curnin (1988)

Louise Hill (1988)

Mark McKone (1988) P

Dawn Tighe (1989)

James Hargan (1990)

Martin Todd (1991)

Ian Shiels (1992)

Kitty Colley (1992)

Richard Woolfall (1992)

Khadim Al’Hassan (1993)

Benjamin Caswell (1993) P

Judy Dawson (1993)

John Batchelor (1993)

Kerrie Broughton (1993)

Victoria James (1993)

Andrew Semple (1993) P

Darren Finlay (1994) P

Yunus Valli (1994) P

Michael Greenhalgh (1994)

Adam Wilson (1994)

Timothy Jacobs (1995)

Peter Wilson (1995)

Elizabeth Withyman (1995)

Michael Morley (1995)

Christopher Dunn (1996)

Shufqat Khan (1996)

Matthew Smith (1996)

Simon Anderson (1997)

Huw Lippiatt (1997) P

Fergus Currie* (1997)

Richard Paige (1997) P

Ayshea Megyery (1997)

Michael Collins (1998)

Rukhshanda Hussain (1998)

Tom Gent (1998)

Adam Rhys-Davies (1998)

Caroline Wood (1998) P

Ian Hudson (1998)

Roger Andre (1999)

Gillian Batts (1999)

Sally Devall (1999) P

Craig Hassall (1999) P

Glenn Parsons (1999)

Howard Shaw (1999) P

Julian Jones (1999)

Ifzal Khan (2000)

Catherine Mason (2000)

Narinder Sekhon (2000) P

Paul Dunn (2000) P

Julie-Ann Elliott (2001)

Catherine Silverton (2001) P

Kate Batty (2001) P

Zarah Dickinson* (2002)

Matthew Harding (2002)

Katherine Robinson (2002)

Mark Saunders (2002)

Janine Wolstenholme (2002)

Charlotte Worsley (2002) P

Paul Abrahams (2002) *

Robert Stevenson (2003) P

Simon Connolly (2003)

Lee O’Sullivan (2003)

Julia Beer (2003) *

Vincent Blake-Barnard (2013) P

Laura Addy (2004) P

Natalia Perrett (2004)

Edward Renvoize* (2004)

Fiona Ross (2004) P

Simon Clegg (2005) P

Georgina Coade* (2005)

Andrew Wilson (2005)

Rebecca Randall (2005) *

Giles Grant (2006)

James Hasson (2006) P

Kirsten Mercer (2006) P

Amy Philipson (2006)

Caroline Shields (2006)

Soheil Khan (2007)

Christopher Moran (2007) P

Catherine Moxon (2007)

Lucy Brown (2007)

Anna Wilkinson (2007) P

Camilla Buck (2008)

Kate Bisset (2009)

Michael Jowett (2009)

William Lindsay (2009) P

Stuart Young (2009)

Carla Rawlinson (2009)

Ben Thomas (2010)

Lorraine Harris (2011)

Kate Wilson (2011) “P”

Thomas Stanway (2012) P

Andrea Parnham (2013)

Emily Reed (2013) “P”

Phillipa Hildyard (2014)

Christopher Boxall (2014)

Joseph Bairstow (2014)

James Holding 2015 (Pupil)

Laura Nelson (2016)

Naomi Mcloughlin (2016)

Chelsea Brook-Ward (2017) (pupil)

Joseph Hudson (2018) (pupil)

Tom Jackson (2018) (pupil)

Shannon Woodley (2019) (pupil)

Ellie Mitten 2019 (pupil)

* Door Tenant

P Public Access