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Diversity and Inclusion

As a core value, Diversity and Inclusion is very important to Chambers and Partners. Learn about how we are working to further a diverse and inclusive legal market.

Published on 30 March 2021

Chambers and Partners' dedicated Chambers Diversity & Inclusion programme provides a unique and comprehensive resource for global D&I research, insights, articles and events for the legal profession. The Chambers Diversity and Inclusion team is made up of Dee Sekar, D&I Director, and Luke Vincett, D&I Advisor. They work across all Chambers departments to implement our diversity and inclusion strategy, as well as working with law firms and clients.   

We play an instrumental role in helping law firms, in-house legal teams and chambers in furthering the advancement of diversity and inclusion in the legal profession by shining a light on best practice and trailblazers in the field.  

Chambers D&I Awards

We first launched the Chambers Women in Law Awards in the USA in 2013.  In 2015 we expanded our awards programme into Latin America before officially becoming Chambers Diversity and Inclusion in 2015.  

While North America and Latin America have remained flagship events, we now have awards for the UK Bar, Europe and Asia Pacific. The categories we recognise have also expanded to include pro bono awards, and in the USA, veterans and sustainability awards.  

Find out more about our upcoming Chambers D&I Awards: North America 2021, here

Chambers D&I Events

Chambers D&I events are internationally recognised achievements of excellence in furthering the advancement of diversity and inclusion. We highlight the work of thought leaders - future leaders as well as established leaders – who create and foster diverse pathways in the legal profession. 

Find out more about our upcoming and past events here.  

Chambers D&I Content

The Chambers D&I blog promotes the trailblazing work that firms and in-house legal teams are involved to further the advancement of diversity and inclusion. Through interviews, in-depth case studies, podcasts and more, we bring interest and impactful stories to our audience. 

Find out more here

D&I in the Research

We are continually improving our research process based on the latest technology, client needs and sector developments. As diversity and inclusion has increasingly become an essential aspect of what client looks for in law firms, we have made sure our research takes account of this.  

To do so, we collect diversity data for all of our guides. This helps us to better understand the demographic make-up of the profession and ensure our rankings are reflective of the breadth of diversity. You can find out more here.  

We have also updated our absence leave policy and issued a tolerance statement. You can also find general FAQs about our D&I statement here

To find out more about Chambers Diversity and Inclusion contact:

Luke Vincett, D&I Advisor – [email protected]

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