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Head of Chambers: Bill Braithwaite
Chief Executive: Tom Handley
Chambers Director: Jonathan I’Anson
Senior Clerk: Nick Buckley
Clerks: Dave Haley, Ria Ashcroft, Leigh Daniels, Josh Finn, Colin Griffin, Lynn Salter, Joe Mawson
Tenants: 171 (including 17 silks)

THE CHAMBERS Exchange Chambers is an award-winning, full service set of barristers’ chambers in Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds. It is one of the largest and most well-resourced Chambers in England and Wales which allows it to provide strength in depth and an unparalleled level of service and cover. Consistently recognised as a leading national set, it develops strong relationships with clients to ensure that the set understands their requirements and delivers outstanding service.

WORK UNDERTAKEN The set has a proven track record in all major areas of law comprising 171 barristers, including 17 silks.

Alternative Dispute Resolution: Chambers covers all forms of ADR including arbitration, adjudication, dispute resolution boards, expert determination, early neutral evaluation and mediation across all practice areas. Chambers has 30 trained mediators.

Commercial: The set is widely acclaimed for its complete range of commercial services including insolvency, professional negligence, commercial fraud, property, shareholder, company and partnership disputes, banking, construction and planning. The set also has expertise in a number of niche areas including competition, intellectual property and tax.

Crime: Comprising 85 members, including 8 silks, the criminal team is one of the largest, most successful teams in the UK. 40 are Category 4 Prosecutors. The team provides representation at all stages of a case, including pre-charge, trial and appeal. The set has extensive experience in fraud and financial crime, and cover niche areas such as cybercrime and data protection.

Employment: The team covers the full range of employment work. Its members are regularly instructed by large private sector employment and public sector organisations such as NHS trusts and local authorities.

Family: The team is highly experienced in all matters of family law, with a particular strength in financial remedy and matrimonial finance cases.

Inquests & Inquiries: Chambers has a strong reputation in this area. Its barristers have been involved in some of the largest public inquiries in the UK. The team has a particular unrivalled depth of experience in relation to the healthcare sector. Three members of Chambers sit as Assistant Deputy Coroners.

Local Government & Social Housing: This specialist department is independently acclaimed as ‘first class’ and boasts an enviable record advising and representing local authorities and social housing providers across the country on the full range of issues faced by such organisations. Members of the department frequently advise and appear in high profile and test case litigation before local courts as well as the High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. The team works alongside other specialist departments within Chambers where appropriate to ensure that they provide the very highest standards of service to Chambers’ substantial client base.

Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence: The extensive team handles claimant / defendant personal injury, clinical negligence and industrial disease work. Members have an exceptional reputation handling high value cases involving catastrophic injuries. There are also a number of barristers who deal with niche matters such as military claims, claims for amputees and complex pain disorders.

Public Law & Judicial Review: Exchange Chambers has a strong team spanning the full range of specialist areas within Chambers including education, human rights, housing, local government, immigration, licensing, community care and mental health.

Regulatory: Chambers has dedicated teams providing specialist advice and representation across a range of regulatory fields including environmental regulation, health and safety, healthcare, professional discipline, police law and inquests.


Bill Braithwaite QC (1970) (QC-1992)

Anthony Elleray QC (1977) (QC-1993)

Gerard Martin QC (1978) (QC-2000) +

Mark Cawson QC (1982) (QC-2001)

John Richard Jones QC (1981) (QC-2002) +

Gordon Cole QC (1979) (QC-2006)

Tania Griffiths QC (1982) (QC-2006) +

William Waldron QC (1986) (QC-2006) +

Stephen Meadowcroft QC (1973) (QC-2007)

Benjamin Myers QC (1994) (QC-2014)

Christopher Tehrani QC (1990) (QC-2004)

Nick Johnson QC (1994) (QC-2016)

David Mohyuddin QC (1999) (QC-2016)

Louis Browne QC (1988) (QC-2017)

David Knifton QC (1986) (QC-2018) +

Andrew Haslam QC (1991) (QC-2018)

Richard Littler QC (1994) (QC-2019)

Michael Scholes (1996)

Simon Earlam (1975) +

Eric Lamb (1975) +

Judith Fordham (1991)

Anthony Goff (1978)

Ian Harris (1990) +

Paul Kirtley (1982) +

Karen Gregory (1985)

Roger Hillman (1983)

Neil Cadwallader (1984) +

Wayne Jackson (1984)

Paul Clark (1994)

William Hanbury (1985)

Guy Vickers (1986)

Mark Mulrooney (1988)

Greg Plunkett (2013)

Rebecca Clark (1989)

Simon Vaughan (1989)

Mark Rhind (1989) +

Christopher Stables (1990)

Julie Case (1990)

Christopher Cook (1990)

Paul Johnson (2006)

Michael Lavery (1990)

Jason MacAdam (1990) +

Robert Golinski (1990)

David Toal (1990)

Anya Horwood (1991)

Steven Swift (1991)

Timothy Evans (1992)

Giles Maynard-Connor (1992)

Fiona McNeil (1992)

Stephen Connolly (2003)

Rachael Woods (1992)

Mark Ainsworth (1992) +

Dr. Kevin Naylor (1992)

Oliver Jarvis (1992)

Amanda Johnson (1992)

John Wyn Williams (1992)

Charlotte Kenny (1993)

Robert Dudley (1993)

Robert Wyn Jones (1993)

Andrew Jebb (1993)

Alaric Bassano (1993)

Sarah Barlow (1993)

Kim Whittlestone (1994)

Damian Nolan (1994)

Ceri Widdett (1994)

Andrew Williams (1994)

Sean Smith (1994)

Ian Whitehurst (1994)

Michael Maher (1995)

Lisa Linklater (1995)

Mark Smith (1995)

Claire Gourley (1996)

Scott Redpath (1996)

Jayne Acton (1996)

Sheren Guirguis (1996)

Andrew Smith (1996)

Imran Shafi (1996)

Ashley Serr (1996)

Lawrence McDonald (1996)

Steven Fennell (2014)

Pankaj Madan (1997)

Kevin Slack (1997)

Adrian Farrow (1997)

Mark Stephenson (1997)

Jonathan French (1997)

Jon Close (1997)

David Fearon (2013)

Paul Burns (1998)

Katharine Titchmarsh (1998)

Nicholas Walker (1998) Siân Jones (1998)

David Bentley (1998)

David Went (1998)

Matthew Stockwell

Nigel Edwards (1999)

Daniel Travers (1999)

Gareth Roberts (1999)

Christopher Barnes (1999)

Martine Snowdon (2000)

Jonathan Rogers (2000)

Andrew Vinson (2000)

Andrew Ward (2000)

Nicola Daley (2000)

David Temkin (2000) +

Stephen Grattage (2000)

Mark Kellet (2000)

Andy Scott (2000)

Philip Tully (2000)

Laura Jane Gooding (2001)

Paul Hodgkinson (2002)

James Malam (2002)

Neil Baki (2003)

Caroline Gee (2003)

Charlotte Atherton (2003)

Christian Taylor (2003)

Stephen McNally (2003)

Sara Sutherland (2004)

Sarah Johnston (2004) +

Andrew Petterson (2004)

George Rowell (2004)

Catherine Knowles (2004)

Alex Menary (2004)

Daniel Prowse (2004)

Jane Greenhalgh (2004)

Charlotte Rimmer (2005)

Chloe Fordham (2005)

Andrew Wastall (2005)

Kerron Rohrer (2005)

Suzie Kitzing (2005)

Carly Sandbach (2006)

Chris Gutteridge (2006)

Richard Tetlow (2006)

David Birrell (2006)

Alfred Weiss (2006)

Julian Goode (2006)

Natalia Cornwall (2007)

Gareth Shires (2007)

Alice Dobbie (2007)

Jonathan Lowe (2008)

Victoria Smith-Swain (2008)

Brynmor Adams (2008)

Simon Whitfield (2009)

Lee Speakman (2009)

Huw Edwards (2009)

Stella Hayden (2009)

Ian Tucker (2010)

Stuart McCracken (2010)

John Waiting (2010)

Lisa Feng (2011)

Sarah Griffin (2011)

Kyra Badman (2011)

Christopher Allen (2012)

Simon Lewis (2012)

Richard Wilcock (2012)

Holly Betke (2013)

Peter Dixon (2013)

Fiona Clancy (2013)

Ray Smith (2013)

Julian King (2013)

David Williams (2014)

Anja Lansbergen-Mills (2014)

Alex G Williams (2014)

Tom Longstaff (2017)

David McCormick (2014)

Peter Killen (2015)

Tom Clarke (2015)

Rachel Webster (2016)

Hedley Nield (2016)

Chris Richards (2016)

Harriet Hartshorn (2016)

Alexandra Sutton (2017)

Joel Finnan (2018)

James Kinsey (2018)

John Charles Rees QC (1972) (QC-1991) *

Cairns Nelson QC (1987) (QC-2010) *

Neil Hawes QC (1989) (QC-2010) *

Robert O’Sullivan QC (1988) (QC-2002) *

Eleanor Laws QC (1996) (QC-2011) *

Philip Marshall QC (1980) (QC-2012) *

Anthony Metzer QC (1987) (QC-2013) *

Richard Fisher QC (1994) (QC-2015)

Rupert Bowers QC (1995) (QC-2015) *

Damian Garrido QC (1993) (QC-2015)* +

Edward Cousins (1971) *

Alun James (1986) *

Andrew Maguire (1988) *

Alison Graham Wells (1992) *

David Tyack (1994) *

Anthony Eyers (1994) *

Frida Hussain (1995) *

Adam Chichester-Clark (2000) *

+ Recorder * Door Tenant