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Head of Chambers: James Mellor QC
Senior Clerk: John Call
Head of Operations: Tony Liddon
Practice Managers: Nicholas Wise, Martin Williams, Ben Newham
Assistant Practice Managers: Paul Worrall, Philip Taylor
Junior Clerk: Sam Young
Business Development Manager: Harri Gibson
Tenants: 28

THE CHAMBERS 8 New Square is the largest set in the UK specialising entirely in intellectual property and related fields of law. All members of chambers are at the forefront of intellectual property litigation, advising on and presenting cases with considerable technical detail. Most have at least an undergraduate science qualification and some have advanced science degrees. Chambers handle litigation for leading commercial organisations around the world, high profile individuals as well as small companies and individuals. Members appear in the major English courts and tribunals including the High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court, Privy Council, The Intellectual Property Office including Trade Marks and Design Registries, as well as in cases before the Copyright Tribunal and the Patents County Court. Several members have written leading textbooks on aspects of intellectual property. ‘The Reports of Patent Cases' and ‘The Fleet Street Reports– the two main specialist intellectual property law reports, have been edited from these chambers for many years, as well as the most recent editions of ‘Kerly on Trademarks and Trade Names’ and ‘The Modern Law of Copyright and Designs.’

WORK UNDERTAKEN Patents expertise covers every field of technology. A team from chambers acted in the first ever biotechnology patent appeal to reach the House of Lords, Biogen v Medeva and the subsequent cases of HGS v Lilly and Kirin v Amgen. Members act in cases concerning the validity, infringement and licencing of patents and know-how, including competition aspects. All members of chambers have wide experience in trademark infringement, validity and passing-off litigation as well as disputes concerning ownership of trademarks. Ground breaking cases, such as Jif Lemon in the House of Lords and the long running Budweiser trademark dispute have all been handled by members of 8 New Square. Copyright litigation and advice includes disputes over industrial design and artistic works, including fashion, as well as music and literary copyright. Breach of confidence is also an area of expertise including employer/employee disputes. Entertainment and media related disputes form a large part of chambers’ work. Cases have involved leading companies and prominent individuals. Work in this area covers film, music, and other related media contracts, publishing and broadcasting disputes and performers rights. Information technology is another major area of chambers’ practice. This includes contractual disputes before the Technology and Construction Court, advice on internet and domain names database rights and data protection. Further information and news is available on the chambers website www.8newsquare.co.uk

INTERNATIONAL Not only do members act in the major European courts, they also act in domestic and international arbitrations and mediations. Some are qualified to practise and appear in various courts overseas, including the Far East and the West Indies.

RECRUITMENT Chambers offers up to two pupillages per year via Pupillage Gateway (Online Pupillage Application Scheme). Pupils with a scientific or technical background are strongly encouraged. Selective two day mini pupillages are available during term time.


James Mellor QC (1986) (QC-2006)

John Baldwin QC (1977) (QC 1991)

Martin Howe QC (1978) (QC 1996)

Daniel Alexander (1988) (QC-2003)

Richard Meade QC (1991) (QC-2008)

Michael Tappin QC (1991) (QC-2009)

Adrian Speck QC (1993) (QC-2012)

Andrew Lykiardopoulos QC (2004) (QC-2014)

Charlotte May QC (1995) (QC-2014)

Thomas Moody–Stuart QC (1995) (QC-2016)

James Abrahams QC (1997) (QC-2016)

Fiona Clark (1982)

James St Ville (1995)

Lindsay Lane (1996)

Iona Berkeley (1999)

Mark Chacksfield (1999)

Henry Ward (2000)

Jonathan Hill (2000)

Jessie Bowhill (2004)

James Whyte (2006)

Quentin Cregan (Australia 2003/UK 2013)

Isabel Jamal (2008)

Ashton Chantrielle (2011)

William Duncan (2012)

Jaani Riordan (Australia 2009/UK 2012)

Maxwell Keay (2013)

Tom Jones (2013)

Michael Conway (2016)

Rt Hon Professor Sir Robin Jacob *

His Honour Michael Fysh QC SC *

Professor (Practice) David Llewelyn *

Eleonora Rosati AVV *

* Door Tenants