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About Chambers UK Bar

Chambers UK Bar recommends sets of chambers and individual barristers across the UK using rigorous independent research. Our experienced and dedicated research team conducts thousands of in-depth interviews with clients, instructing solicitors and barristers in order to draw up and produce our ranking tables, providing the most comprehensive insights and analysis of these ranked chambers and barristers.

To learn more about how we conduct our research and what goes into each stage of our research, please visit our methodology page.

Chambers and Partners offers unparalleled recommendations for those looking to buy legal services in the UK. Chambers' trusted and market leading rankings will provide all the information necessary to make an informed decision.

The Chambers UK Bar guide is published online annually in October.

UK Guide Bar 2022 Guide Launch Webinar
Join us for the guide launch webinar and discover key findings from this year's research and learn what is new in this edition of the guide with an overview from the Chambers UK Bar team.
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Research Updates

We are pleased to announce the release of the Chambers UK Bar 2023 research schedule, which can be found at this link. This page includes the complete list of practice areas with December 2021 deadlines. Research sections with February and April 2022 deadlines will be released soon.


The Chambers UK Bar 2022 research took place between January 2021 and July 2021.

Over 90 practice areas are featured covering the full spread of public, commercial and criminal law, and barristers' work both domestically and in foreign jurisdictions is investigated in-depth.

Chambers UK Bar 2022

Junior Barrister Rankings

New in UK Bar 2022

Group Litigation
Market commentators expressed an interest in a ranking table for barristers who have strong experience of managing group claims, whether for claimants or defendants. We were open minded as to what such a table might cover, but we’ve tended to focus on competition damages, equal pay, product liability, personal injury, data protection, banking and shareholder claims. This new section covers both traditional Group Litigation Orders and collective actions under CPR 19.6 or the Competition Act.
We’ve produced a table encompassing cross-industry matters relating to Cryptoassets and Distributed Ledger Technologies, which are the systems behind cryptocurrency storage and dealing. Listed barristers advise on issues relating to cryptocurrencies such as IP rights, ownership, the legal consequences of use and compliance regimes, amongst others.
Animal Law
The new legal rankings across Animal Law focusses on animal welfare-related cases. The barristers ranked here have notable experience in cases arising from the mistreatment of animals and are regularly called upon to represent animal welfare charities such as the RSPCA, or local authorities. Legal cases involving injuries or abuse to animals caused by veterinary practitioners whilst treating animals in their care, and cases relating to cruelty inflicted on animals in the sports sector are also considered under this practice area of the law.

Chambers UK Bar Awards 2021

We are delighted to announce the Chambers UK Bar Awards 2021 are due to be held physically. Celebrating the work and success of chambers across the UK, the awards are based on the Chambers UK bar's research over the past 12 months. Book a table or register your attendance here.

Legal Topics for Chambers UK Bar

Client Service at the Bar 2022
Discover which sets are particularly commended for their provision of quality client service, as researched by the Chambers UK Bar team.

Stars at the Bar 2022
The Stars at the Bar have proved their excellence across a range of practice areas. Read below for details on these top stars. Read more.

Chambers UK Bar releases Group Litigation barrister rankings
Chambers UK Bar 2022 releases new group litigation barrister rankings as claims appear in new areas such as product liability, environmental, employment and shareholder litigation.

Cryptoassets and Cryptocurrencies Legal Insights and Market analysis
At least 11 barristers represent the cryptocurrency practice areas in the UK Bar Guide. Read more about the legal basis of cryptocurrency in the UK and the list of barristers with different expertise that can advise clients on crypto issues.

Chambers UK Bar Research 2022: Key Findings
Research into the guide's findings saw an impressive 32% growth of practice area rankings per set, emerging new chambers, and many new market trends across the UK Bar. Learn more about the UK Bar's latest research findings.

Chambers UK Bar 2022 Diversity and Inclusion Statement
Read the Chambers UK Bar 2022 Diversity and Inclusion Statement for details on our efforts in ensuring diversity is a key factor in our research and submissions process and the subsequent results.  

New Ranking in Chambers UK Bar 2022
Discover which new sectors are included in the 2022 edition of the Chambers UK Bar guide and legal rankings, and what these new practice areas cover in our ever-growing coverage of the legal market.

Animal Law Coverage in Chambers UK Bar 2022
Read about the new coverage of this emerging practice area in the 2022 edition of the guide and to learn what this new section focuses on in relation to rankings and market intelligence.  

Meet the UK Bar Head of Research and Research Managers
The UK Bar Research Team bring a mixture of professional and academic experiences. They produce recommendations on sets of chambers and individual barristers across the United Kingdom. Learn more about how they can assist by reading their biographies in this article.

European Court of Justice’s key ruling on equal pay
In this Legal Topic, we examine the ruling on an equal pay case and look at the UK employment law barristers involved.

The Arbitration market continues to grow despite a global pandemic
Read about how and where the Arbitration market has seen growth, despite the changes enforced by Covid-19 and discover how the market has adjusted to the remote ways of working.

NHS Trust prosecuted
Following the tragic death of Harry Richford, an NHS Trust pleaded guilty to failing to provide safe care and treatment to the newborn. Read more about the case and a look at the acting barristers who worked pro bono.

Barristers win major Supreme Court employment equal pay case
A look at the success for leading QCs who were instructed to challenge Asda over an equal pay claim from female supermarket workers who claimed they were unfairly paid less than male workers for similar work.

Suez Canal blockage
Insightful analysis of the grounding of the container ship EVER GIVEN in the Suez Canal and a look at the QCs and Chambers instructed in the previous major incident.

Top barrister accuses government of mischaracterising findings of the Faulks Review
Learn about why a leading UK barrister challenged the UK Government's reporting of a key inquiry into judicial review and the rule of law.

Meghan Markle takes on the UK tabloid press
We offer a look at the leading defamation lawyers who were instructed to work on the Duchess of Sussex’s case against the Associated Newspapers.

The Supreme Court's verdict on the Shamima Begum Case
Learn about the case in which the Supreme Court ruled in favour of the UK Government and discover which top human rights lawyers were involved in the case.

The impacts of Covid-19 on business interruption policies
In January 2021, the Supreme Court gave its verdict on a landmark case regarding business interruption policies and how they apply to disruption caused by Covid-19. Read the result and find out who the leading barristers on the case were.

Success for the Stansted 15
Protest law is an ever-growing area, as evidenced by the recent case involving the Stansted 15. Read about who they were, why they protested and the outcome of their case.

Leading sets and barristers for and against the government
Discover which leading public law barristers and sets were the most involved in judicial review cases and who were ultimately the most successful.

Meet the Research and Editorial team

James Cowdell Chambers UK Bar Editor
James Cowdell
Head of Research
Contact James
Eleanor Burt Chambers UK Bar Deputy Editor
Eleanor Burt
Research Manager
Contact Eleanor
Eleanor Crundwell Chambers UK Bar Deputy Editor
Eleanor Crundwell
Research Manager
Contact Eleanor
Sam Williamson Chambers UK Bar Deputy Editor
Sam Williamson
Research Manager
Contact Sam
Chambers UK Bar 2022 e-Edition

Chambers UK Bar 2022 e-Edition available to download soon.

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View our D&I Highlights
The 2021 releases of Chambers UK Guides are the most comprehensive guides yet. As our research process continuously evolves with the latest technology
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Listen to UK Bar webinar
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