Infected Blood Inquiry

The Chambers UK Bar team discuss the Infected Blood Inquiry and the barristers involved in the case.

Published on 21 May 2024
Written by Alexander Skelton
Alexander Skelton

The outcome of the report

Following a five-year investigation, the report of the Infected Blood Inquiry was published at 12:30 on Monday, 20 May 2024. The inquiry, chaired by Sir Brian Langstaff, was investigating the use of contaminated blood products given to 30,000 NHS patients in the 1970s and 80s. The report said victims were failed “not once but repeatedly”, having been knowingly exposed to “unacceptable risks” and that the government and the NHS “[hid] the truth” from victims.  

The Inquiry team consisted of:

Jenni Richards KC of 39 Essex Chambers who acted as Lead Counsel to Inquiry. 

Sarah Fraser Butlin KC, Tamar Burton and Rachel Barrett of Cloisters Chambers, Matthew Hill of 1 Crown Office Row, Katie Scott and Adam Boukraa of 39 Essex Chambers who acted as Junior Counsel to the Inquiry. 

A number of other barristers ranked in Chambers & Partners advised other interested parties. A full list can be found on the inquiry website.  

The Inquiry team are ranked in a variety of Chambers & Partners tables, including Inquests & Public Inquiries, Employment, Clinical Negligence and Court of Protection: Health & Welfare

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