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This content is provided by Xenia Velez.

Practice Areas

Her practice is focused on advising clients on the tax treatment of corporate transactions and reorganisations, as well as assistance in devising tax-efficient corporate structures for new or existing Puerto Rico operations. She has worked extensively with the Puerto Rico tax and industrial incentives acts and provisions relative to U.S. income taxation of international operations, as well as the Puerto Rico and U.S. taxation of investment income, including government obligations. Ms. Vélez served as Secretary of the Treasury of Puerto Rico from 1997 to 2000. In 2010 she was appointed Director of the PR Tax Reform Committee, responsible for coordinating studies relating to, and conceptualization and drafting of, the PR Internal Revenue Code of 2011. In 2012 she provided technical support in connection with roll-out of PR Internal Revenue Code of 2011, including assistance in the drafting or review of tax return forms and instructions, proposed regulations and other public notices and analyzing the tax treatment of various transactions under the new tax provisions.


She is member of the Act 20 & 22, the sales and use tax and the tax exemption practice teams. She is a CPA and a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico Law School.