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Practice Areas

A practitioner of government contract law for more than 50 years, Mr. Pachter has engaged in substantial litigation before the Boards of Contract Appeals, the United States Court of Federal Claims, Federal District Courts, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. He has prosecuted bid protests before the Government Accountability Office, the General Services Board of Contract Appeals, the United States Court of Federal Claims and Federal District Courts.

Mr. Pachter’s practice has involved dispute resolution in all areas of government contract law, including prime-subcontractor disputes, both in litigation and under alternative dispute resolution procedures.

In the bid protest area, Mr. Pachter’s practice has involved agency best value determinations, past performance, meaningful discussions, task order contracts, sample task issues, organizational and personal conflicts of interest, cost realism analyses, competitive range controversies, technical evaluations, bid mistakes, and other issues.

Mr. Pachter has represented a number of clients in the debarment area, and obtained the first reversal in federal court of a Service Contract Act debarment. Federal Food Service, Inc. v. Donovan, 658 F.2d 830 (D.C. Cir. 1981).

He has also represented and counseled clients on fraud and compliance investigations, audits, corporate governance and ethics, and defense of qui tam actions. Other work has included defective pricing, cost determination, requests for equitable adjustment, licensing of intellectual property, subcontractor performance issues, small and small disadvantaged business matters, terminations for default and convenience, GSA schedule contracts, task order contracting, multiple awards, commercial products and requests for government information.

In 2012, Mr. Pachter was the first recipient of the Allan J. Joseph Excellence in Leadership Award, conferred by the ABA's Section of Public Contract Law. The award recognizes “exceptional effort and accomplishments” as well as “extraordinary contributions” to the Section.

In October 2007, the Department of the Army appointed Mr. Pachter to serve as Independent Monitor to supervise ITT Corporation's performance under an Administrative Compliance Agreement. ITT entered into that Agreement in connection with a Guilty Plea and Deferred Prosecution Agreement regarding violations of the Arms Export Control Act at the Night Vision component of ITT Defense Electronics & Services. Since then Mr. Pachter has served as monitor in four additional matters. He has also served as an expert witness in several cases.

Professional Memberships

Federal and American Bar Associations (Chair, Section of Public Contract Law, 1991-1992; Section Delegate, ABA House of Delegates, 2005-present)

National Contract Management Association (Editor, NCMA Journal, 1983-1988; Mid-Atlantic Regional Vice President, 1981-1983; President, Washington D.C. Chapter, 1979-1981)

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Professorial Lecturer in Law, George Washington University Law School, Government Contracts Program.

Adjunct Professor, 1974-1980, The George Washington University, Dept. of Engineering Administration, School of Engineering and Applied Science

U.S. Army, Judge Advocate General’s Corps, 1966-1970; Trial Attorney (Contract Appeals Division), 1969-1970


George Washington University


1993 - 1996

George Washington University

LLM in Government Procurement Law

1967 - 1970

Tulane University


1959 - 1963