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Practice Areas

Derecho Mercantil. Derecho Marítimo

Litigación y arbitraje.

Profesor titular de Derecho Mercantil de la Universidad de Valencia.

Administrador concursal.


Doctor en Derecho, por la Università degli Studi di Bolongna (Italia) en 1995

Licenciado en Derecho con Premio Extraordinario por la Universidad de Valencia en 1992.

Estudios de Postgrado en:

- La Universidad de Bolonia

- La Corte Internacional de Justicia de la Haya

- La Universidad de Hamburgo

Habla español, inglés, francés, alemán, italiano.

Professional Memberships

Colegio Abogados de Valencia.

Asociación Española de Derecho Marítimo.


General Maritime Insurance Provisions, in “The General Maritime Navigation Act Pre-Project” by various authors, Bilbao, 2006.

“Concordance and discordance between the Rotterdam Rules and the General Maritime Navigation Act Project”, in ADM, 2010.

“In rem guarantees in the Insolvency Act”, in Volume dedicated to Professor Olivencia, by various authors.

“Basic principles applicable to the effects of the tender on contracts” in ADCo, 24, 2011

“The legal regime in the pledge of marketable securities”. Tirant lo Blanch, Valencia, 1996, 500 pp.

Collaboration with the project “Verordnungsmäßige ausländische Sicherheiten in der EU”, under the direction of Prof. Dr. R. WELTER, professor of mercantile law at the University of Potsdam

“Il pegno ‘omnibus’”, in: Banca, borsa e titoli di credito, 1997, pp. 603-622

“Company law and the securities market (Changes in the Share Companies Act introduced by Act 37/98 of the 16th of November, on Reform of the Securities Market Act, and Act 50/98, accompanying the General Budget)”, in: Law (“La Ley”). Co-authored with Prof. Dr. FRANCISCO VICENT CHULIA

“The reform of the Securities Market Act”. Tirant lo Blanch, Valencia, 1999, 535 pp. Co-authored with MR. PERE KIRCHNER

“The new regulations for deposit guarantee funds”, in: Banking and Stock Market Law Review (“Revista de Derecho Bancario y Bursátil”), n. 66., 1997, pp. 431-475

“The concept of marketable security”, in: Banking and Stock Market Law Review (“Revista de Derecho Bancario y Bursátil”), n. 63, 1996, pp. 609-648

Deregulation and neo-regulation in the securities market”, in: Mercantile Law Review (“Revista de Derecho Mercantil”), Doctrinal Section, n. 224, 1997, pp. 709-773

Book chapter: Collaboration in drafting arts. 5 to 9 of the Insurance Contracts Act (“LCS”), in the volume “The insurance contract in the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court”, by various authors. Tirant lo Blanch, Valencia, 1996, 500 pp. 81-104

“The formal or consensual nature of the land transport insurance contract: A question not at all “academic””, in: General Law Review (“Revista General de Derecho”), Financial Market and Mercantile Contracting section, n. 643, April, 1998, pp. 4001-4031.

Teaching colaboration

Languages Spoken







Full Professor in Mercantile Law at the University of Valencia.

Course director for the Master’s on Maritime Law.

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Shipping - Spain
Band 3

Carlos Salinas goes up the rankings with strong activity on shipping mandates. He assists shipping companies, logistics operators and insurers with damages claims, cargo loss and contractual matters.

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