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Chairman: Ángel Acebes Paniagua
Managing Partners: José María Michavila Number of partners: 14
Number of lawyers: 98 Lawyers
Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian

MA Abogados is composed of a highly skilled legal team of professionals who offer a qualified personal service in virtually all areas of law. Lead by José María Michavila and Ángel Acebes, both were Ministers of Justice of Spain, whose legal experience moves to an excellent legal advice. The firm believes in building a direct and agile relationship with the client when providing high-quality tax and legal service. Always managed by senior professionals, the firm ensures absolute national and international coverages since the professionals who make up the firm are in continuous legal training, speak different languages and offer dedicated and personalised attention to their clients.


Banking & Finance
Dispute Resolution
Intellectual Property
Public Law
Real Estate

Banking & Finance:
MA Abogados is supported by experts in judicial and extrajudicial procedures for resolving interbank disputes, as well as corporate and project finances. Their team provides personalised legal assistance to all types of organisations in terms of banking and finance: debt restructuring, advising private equity funds and collection procedures, among others.
Contact: José María Michavila / Demetrio Madrid Alonso

The firm offers careful advice to its clients regarding the appropriate structures of management and control of the companies, the current regulation in relation to the disposition of the power relationships between shareholders, board of directors and the administration and, last, interested parties.
Contact: Ángel Acebes Paniagua / Alberto Pérez-Solano

More than 50 insolvency proceedings, where the firm lawyers have been designated as administrators in ordinary and shortened procedures, to back up the firm experience. The main objective of MA Abogados is to get the company´s viability helping all creditors and debtors who need it.
Contact: José Carlos González / Lucas Fernández de Bobadilla

Intellectual Property:
The firm works hard to protect all the author rights and other holders like artists, producers, and broadcasters. This field of work includes the management and defence of moral and patrimonial rights, as well as contracts related to the exploitation or transfer of economic rights and usage licenses.
Contact: Mariam Beigdeber

The firm experts in labour law offer advice in legal-labour matters and attorney legal assistance before the social and administration jurisdiction bodies and competent authorities. The counseling services include advice in matters such as: substantial modification of working conditions, functional and geographical mobility, employment and work contracts and subcontracts, accidental and occupational diseases, among others.
Contact: José María Fernandez Mota

MA Abogados offers a full-service and bespoke advice in private and public M&A transactions: from design, structuring, and planning to negotiation, completion, post-completion, and integration. Transaction teams are composed of senior-level lawyers and former public officials with a profound knowledge of and experience in the following sector groups: financial investors and institutions (banking, insurance, private equity, venture capital); life sciences and social-healthcare; maritime and transportation; real estate and regulated industries.
Contact: Manuel Martínez

Dispute Resolution:
The Department of Procedural Law and Arbitration gives advice in every kind of civil and business conflicts and any sort of litigation. Depending on the situation, MA Abogados set up a team led by a partner which aim is to avoid judicial or arbitral proceedings, offering expert counsel when the understanding is not possible.
Contact: Guillermo Alonso Olarra

Public Law:
The firm provides legal assistance and legal advice in public economic law, both to the public sector and to private companies or individuals - The firm advises companies on compliance with these rules and represents them if there is a dispute with an authority. The firm is specialised in Harbour Law and performing public procurement contracts (public procurement, public service concessions, occupation of state property agreements, etc). The firm provides assistance (advice and litigation) to businesses which act in areas with specific regulations (telecommunications, energy etc).
Contact: José María García Santos / Sofía Acuña/ Salvador Bueno

The firm is highly specialised in public and private shipping law. Its professionals have wide experience and training in litigation and arbitration in private maritime law (port terminals, freight forwarders, shipagents, shipowners, international sale of goods) and in public maritime law (port authorities, port concessions, port licences, fines and sanctions from public authorities).
Contact: Carlos Salinas Adelantado / Sara Recatalá

The powerful tax team of the firm offers permanent service and suggests practical and effective solutions regarding their clients’ needs, paying special attention to changes in the tax system that may affect the current issue. The firm also assumes the defence of both administrative and contentious-administrative matters in all kind of applications.
Contact: Manuel Guardiola / José María Costa Bosch

Real Estate:
The firm offers cogent counsel on all aspects of real estate in transactional and litigation matters in every phase of real property acquisition, development and ownership. We provide significant experience in town planning and special related regulations.
Contact: Rafael Martínez Tojo

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