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Managing Partner: Claus Von Wobeser
Number of partners: 16
Number of lawyers: 80

Firm Overview:
Founded in 1986, Von Wobeser y Sierra, S.C. has more than 35 practice areas as well as specialised desks in: America, Asia, Canada, Europe and Germany. It provides legal services to national and international clients. More than 30 years of hard work support the firm’s experience and positions the firm as a leader in the national and international legal field. It has established close professional relationships with law firms in Asia, Canada, Latin America, Europe, the United States of America and in other key cities of Mexico. The firm is comprises more than 80 lawyers including some North American and European nationals. Many attorneys are graduates from the most reputable universities in Mexico and have undertaken specific legal studies at other universities of prestige in Canada, the United States and the European Union. Von Wobeser y Sierra, S.C. is aware that a social conscience is a question of human values and that is why it has an interest in sowing and developing a culture of pro bono work among members.

Main Areas of Practice:


The firm has acted as arbitrator and counsel for major multinational companies involved in international commercial disputes. Specific members of the firm have also participated in arbitration proceedings as expert witness in Mexican commercial law. Work undertaken includes advising on all commercial arbitration proceedings, including those conducted according to the rules of the International Chamber of commerce, the Inter-American Arbitration Commission, the UNCITRAL and in relation to NAFTA’s Chapters 11 (investment) and 19 (review and dispute settlement in anti-dumping and countervailing duty matters).

The firm advises international and national companies counseling and representing them in anticorruption and compliance matters. It assures that its clients comply with Mexican laws and regulations as well as with extra-territorial regulations that may apply to them. The team has solid experience regarding full anti-corruption span of services (risk assessment, development of codes of conduct, implementation of anti-corruption programs and training, investigation and document review of alleged corrupt practices, and enforcement of corrective measures). It collaborates with law firms in the US to advise clients subject to FCPA on how to best prevent and react to the risks of corruption in Mexico potentially affecting those clients’ businesses. Two of its partners are authorised to practice in NY – they fully understand the complexity of the risks that anti-corruption regulations pose to clients when doing business in countries with high corruption indexes.

The firm handles the preparation and/or negotiation of commercial agreements such as distribution, supply, agency, purchase and sale of assets, and transportation.

Commercial Litigation:
The firm has taken advantage of the experience acquired after many years involvement in arbitral proceedings and in court trials and administrative proceedings and has successfully applied this experience to commercial trials before Mexican courts. The firm has represented the interests of its clients, participating together with recognised litigators in the Mexican forum, in several of the most important cases in terms of the amounts involved and complexity, before local and federal courts in Mexico.

The firm handles a broad spectrum of corporate work ranging from the planning of corporate structures to the incorporation of companies, including the preparation of shareholder agreements, joint ventures and other corporate arrangements. It has acted in a number of corporate restructurings, several of which involved the principal Mexican financial, industrial and commercial groups as well as important foreign companies, including some listed in the Fortune 500. It also handles the day to day corporate matters of many of its clients including acting as corporate secretaries and attorneys-in-fact. Other corporate work undertaken includes the preparation of minutes of shareholders meetings, granting of powers of attorney, and transfer of shares together with all registrations required under Mexican law.

Intellectual Property:

The firm advises on the protection or registration and maintenance of patents, utility models, industrial designs, integrated circuits, vegetal variations, industrial secrets, trademarks, slogans and copyrights, on licensing, franchising and related agreements, transfer of technology, unfair competition and administrative litigation and litigation before all competent courts. In addition, it advises clients on industrial property mediation and/or arbitration, intellectual due diligence and advertising and entertainment. The firm has been involved in landmark industrial property lawsuits in Mexico and has developed special programs for protection against various types of counterfeiting of intellectual property rights. It is actively involved in promoting the development and revision of intellectual property laws in Mexico.

The firm provides a full range of services to clients wishing to merge with or acquire other companies in Mexico. It advises both purchasers and sellers on domestic and international transactions including full-scale mergers, restructuring transactions, joint ventures, asset purchases, and spin-offs. The firm advises on and conducts legal audits and due diligence investigations in relation to such transactions.

The firm provides a full range of services regarding competition matters, including analysis, advice and advocacy of cases involving both monopolistic or anti-competitive behavior and merger control. The firm has become a pioneer in cases by making innovative interpretations of the law.

The firm provides advisory services and representation in administrative proceedings before the corresponding tax agencies as well as litigation in the Federal Tax Tribunal and other federal courts. The firm specialises in the taxation of foreign individuals and companies in Mexico, and double-taxation treaties to which Mexico is party.

International Work:
Clients are mostly North American, European and Asian multinational corporate groups, with a growing influence on Mexican clients. Clients include private and public companies of different sizes and industries, from companies listed in Dow Jones, S&P 500 and DAX indexes to closely held national and international corporations. A variety of clients has allowed the firm to achieve the highest international standards in their services and high international expertise in its areas of practice. The firm is Mexico’s member firm of the State Capital Global Law Firm Group, an association of independent law firms composed of over 130 firms globally.

Spanish, English, French, German, Dutch.


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