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Senior Partner: José Luis Letelier
Number of partners: 22
Number of other lawyers: 70

Trademarks – Searches: Alfredo Montaner
Patents, Utility Models & Industrial Designs: Juan Pablo Egaña
Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT): Juan Pablo Egaña
Pharmaceutical Law – Data Protection: Juan Pablo Egaña
Copyrights: Rodrigo Lavados
Technology, Privacy & Media: Rodrigo Lavados
Domain Names: Alfredo Montaner
Contracts & Intellectual Property: Juan Pablo Egaña, Alfredo Montaner, Rodrigo Lavados
Unfair Competition – Consumer Protection: Juan Cristóbal Gumucio, Rodrigo Lavados
Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights – Litigation: Alfredo Montaner, Raimundo Moreno, Jorge Boldt
Geographical Indications & Designations of Origin: Alfredo Montaner
Plant Breeder’s Rights: Juan Pablo Egaña

Firm Overview:
With 129 years of history and a team of more than 90 professionals and technicians, Sargent & Krahn is the oldest and most experienced firm offering legal services in intellectual property (IP) in Chile. Sargent & Krahn is the sister company of the general law practice firm Cariola Diez Pérez-Cotapos which has over 90 attorneys, including the ones that perform their activities in the IP field for Sargent & Krahn.

The firm provides services in all areas of IP, from prosecution of trademarks and patents and IP rights in general to litigation, licensing, regulatory matters and the enforcement of IP rights. The firm also provides services in information technologies (IT) and the internet, licensing contracts, advertising, image rights, entertainment and related issues.

Main Areas of Practice:

Trademarks – Searches:
Sargent & Krahn files, prosecutes and enforces the largest volume of trademarks in Chile on behalf of both national and international clients, and provides specialised litigation services concerning trademarks.

Patents, Utility Models & Industrial Designs:
The firm has a long and distinguished record in protecting the rights of patents for inventions, utility models, designs and industrial drawings, providing advisory services in all matters related to the prosecution, enforcement and licensing of these rights.

Copyrights & IT:
The firm has extensive experience in the entire range of matters related to exploiting, protecting and defending copyrights and IT, Internet, advertising, image and publicity rights, entertainment and related issues.

Unfair Competition & Consumer Protection:
Sargent & Krahn offers advisory services on issues involving unfair competition and consumer protection, representing companies or individuals in dealings with antitrust agencies, authorities and the courts and defending the rights of consumers and self-regulating agencies, especially advertising.

Domain Names:
The firm represents clients in registering national and foreign domains names and in litigations and arbitration, in Chile and at WIPO, as well as in all matters involving the use of such domains names and the Internet.

Plant Breeder’s Rights:
The firm provides services in obtaining protection for plant varieties on behalf of national and foreign clients, as well as advisory services in exploiting and licensing.

Geographical Indications & Designations of Origin:
Sargent & Krahn offers legal advice to Chilean and foreign entities on obtaining recognition of protected geographical indications and protected designations of origin, including preparing and prosecuting applications and enforcing rights.

Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights:
The firm provides all range of litigation representation to clients concerning IP and IT matters.

Regulatory Aspects linked to Industrial Property & Exclusive Data:
The firm has represented clients in protecting proprietary information submitted to regulatory authorities for obtaining sanitary and agricultural registrations and in defending them in the courts of law and administrative proceedings.

Technology, Privacy & Media:
Sargent & Krahn has created this new area by taking advantage of the firm’s experience, capability and knowledge to advise local and international clients in different matters. This area includes internet related issues, contracts negotiation of software licensing, transfer and licensing of technology, infrastructure projects with technology components, trade secrets, database protection, processing of data and credit information, privacy and information security policies, advertising and publicity rights as well as transactional IP.

International Work:
Sargent & Krahn, through an extensive international network of firms, represents Chilean and foreign clients in connection with IP and IT matters in more than 70 countries, with specific focus in trademark filings and prosecution in foreign jurisdictions.

English, Spanish.

Clients of the firm are from all major industrial sectors and from several countries of the world. A list of representative clients is provided upon request.