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CEO: Bernardo Gutiérrez de la Roza
Managing Partner: Pedro Rodero
International President: Ignacio Ojanguren
Number of lawyers: 350
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Firm Overview:
ONTIER is an international full-service firm, with country offices with solid track record for decades. It combines local expertise with international reach, through its offices in 14 countries, and offers the highest quality of work to deliver the best possible service to its national and international clients. It is an entirely new concept that brings together the soul of a local firm, which is very close to its clients, but with the tools of a great global firm. In countries such as Spain, the firm has advised in some of the most significant and complex disputes and corporate/financial transactions in recent years, some of which are regarded as the largest or most complex in the country’s history.

Main Areas of Practice:
Banking & Finance, Capital Markets:

The banking and finance and capital markets practice, with a high-profile partner arrival and has rocketed in the last two years, with impressive achievements in both the banking and the capital markets arenas. It serves its clients in relation to finance as well as in ECMs and DCM products such as IPOs, rights issues and debt issues.
Contact: Ramón Ruiz de la Torre, Óscar Murillo
Tel: +34 91 431 30 00
Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Corporate, M&A:
ONTIER advises companies at all stages of the corporate life cycle, from their incorporation, drafting of by-laws and shareholders’ agreements, to all standard corporate transactions. ONTIER has been involved in many of the most important M&A transactions in Spain. The full-service advice provided to clients includes negotiating and drafting agreements related to each specific business activity.
Contacts: Francisco Silván, Pablo Enrile, Bernardo Gutiérrez de la Roza
Tel: +34 91 431 30 00
Emails: [email protected],[email protected], [email protected]

ONTIER has a fully dedicated Employment team, which works both in standalone employment cases as well to contribute to successfully face complex corporate transactions with employment implications.
Contacts: Javier Aurelio Rodríguez Pérez, Eduardo González Bidema
Tel: +34 98 527 27 28
Emails: [email protected], [email protected]

Energy & Natural Resources:
This team provides day to day and transactional advice to one of the country’s most impressive energy client roster, which includes major companies in development, investment, distribution and commercialization in the energy sector.
Contacts: Lucia Gónzalez, Pablo Enrile MoraFigueroa
Tel: +34 91 431 30 00
Emails: [email protected], [email protected]

Intellectual Property & New Technologies:
This IP and new technologies team covers all matters in the field, including corporate negotiations and IP claims, for leading companies in the tech sector and IP centered businesses.
Contact: Joaquín Muñoz
Tel: +34 91 431 30 00
Email: jm[email protected]

Dispute Resolution (Litigation & Arbitration):
The firm is one of the most experienced in the resolution of significant complex disputes, both before courts and in arbitration proceedings. The firm boasts a flagship litigation and arbitration department second to none in Spain, representing clients in highprofile court and arbitration proceedings.
Contacts: Pedro Rodero, Cristina Camarero
Tel: +34 91 431 30 00
Emails: [email protected], [email protected]

Public Law & Urban Planning:
ONTIER has extensive experience in a key area in the country: public law. In such a highly regulated environment as Spain, public law is present in every single business law area. Every deal requires the participation of the public law experts, which can be incorporated in the transaction/process team from the very beginning. This team is also a top player in specialised public law areas such as planning.
Contacts: Pedro Rubio, Jorge Álvarez González
Tel: +34 91 431 30 00
Emails: [email protected], [email protected]

Real Estate:
ONTIER’s leading real estate team provides top full service in this area. Its clients include companies for which real estate assets are their main activity as well as companies with real estate assets having a functional role or a wealth management aspect. The arrival of leading partner Jaime Díaz de Bustamante has crucially reinforced the team.
Contact: Jaime Diaz de Bustamante
Email: [email protected]

Restructuring & Insolvency:
ONTIER also has a history of advising in bankruptcy proceedings, both to defend the bankrupt company’s interests and those of its creditors. Its experience allows the firm to help clients find the best solution under Spanish law. The firm’s experience covers debt restructuring and refinancing, and investments in bankruptcy assets and liabilities: its lawyers’ negotiation capacity guarantees the best results for clients. A good example of the firm’s track record in this area last year includes dealing with more than 51 voluntary insolvency proceedings with total liabilities amounting to over €2.3bn.
Contacts: Bernardo Gutiérrez de la Roza, Eutimio Martínez Suárez
Emails: [email protected], [email protected]

Tax & Wealth Management (including succession in companies and family protocol):
This tax department boasts a fantastic team, which advices its clients on standalone tax issues as well as acting as key team members in complex corporate transactions.
Contacts: Francisco De Haro,Manuel Díaz Corral
Emails: [email protected], [email protected]

White-Collar Crime:
The firm also boasts a top white-collar crime litigation department, representing clients in highly sensitive court proceedings.
Contacts: Berta Aguinaga, Juan Casanueva
Tel: +34 91 431 30 00
Emails: [email protected], [email protected]


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