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Partners: Carlos Aravena, Víctor Manuel Avilés, José Pedro Baraona, Arturo Bulnes, Juan Carlos Bulnes, Jorge Granic, Carlos Ignacio Larrain, Patricio Montes, Cristóbal Morandé, Pablo Ruiz-Tagle, Andrés Silva, Pedro Zelaya
Number of partners: 12
Number of other lawyers: 27

Carlos Ignacio Larrain
Banking & Finance & Capital Markets: Jorge Granic, Patricio Montes
Concessions & Infrastructure: Carlos Aravena, Arturo Bulnes, Pedro Zelaya
Corporate & M&A: Arturo Bulnes, Juan C Bulnes, Jorge Granic, Carlos Ignacio Larrain, Cristóbal Morandé
Intellectual Property: José Pedro Baraona
Labour: Andrés Silva
Litigation & Arbitration: Carlos Aravena, José Pedro Baraona, Pedro Zelaya
Mining, Energy & Environmental: Jorge Granic, Cristóbal Morandé
Regulated Services: Arturo Bulnes, Juan C Bulnes, Cristóbal Morandé
Tax: Víctor Manuel Avilés

Firm Overview:
Larrain y Asociados Abogados was founded in 1994 and has grown to become a firm with significant accumulated legal expertise. The experience and understanding of the legal team allows it to fully and efficiently advise clients in the most relevant areas of law. The team is internally organised in different practice groups based on areas of expertise. One of the firm’s characteristics is to privilege, above a significant growth, the recruitment of lawyers of the best universities. The firm’s practice has a balanced assortment of Chilean and off-shore-based clients. All of its lawyers are graduates from Chile’s leading law schools and many have postgraduate degrees and doctorates from the finest prestigious foreign programs and have also worked in renowned law firms in United States, Canada, Germany and France. Lawyers are encouraged to do pro bono work and commit to academic endeavours, as teachers or researchers in connection with their legal practice.

Main Areas of Practice:

The firm has gained a solid reputation and has acted as counsel to owners, lessors, export credit agencies, financiers, and Japanese, French, German, Canadian, British and US banks, in transactions involving operating and Japanese leases, debt financings and aircraft sales.

Banking & Finance & Capital Markets:
Larrain y Asociados is involved in all areas of financial product practice, including banking, debt restructuring, insolvency, project finance and general finance. It represents banks, investment banks, bond issuers in local and international markets, ADRs, structured finance companies, derivative products, and counsel on various aspects of the day to day operations of local banks

Concessions & Infrastructure Projects:
The firm holds a leading place in this field, acting as counsel to the first private toll road concessionaire in Chile. Since then, it has been involved in almost all such infrastructure projects in the country, advising national and international concessionaires, construction companies, banks and insurers on all aspects involved in toll road and public infrastructure concessions as financing, constructing and operating the projects.

Corporate & M&A:
Larrain is aware that the main objective in corporate advice and commercial contracting is to help the development of the business of clients, their organisation, corporate government, representation of majority and minority interests, financing and restructuring of liabilities, reorganisation, relations with regulatory and supervisory entities, among others. The team has also significant legal expertise in merger and acquisition transactions, both in Chile and cross border transactions. The firm is regularly involved in the divestiture and acquisition of companies and assets by Chilean and foreign companies.Foreign Investments & Venture Capital Investments: Lawyers of the firm are qualified in all Chilean law investment matters. This strong knowledge allows the firm to provide comprehensive counsel in investment issues.

Intellectual Property:
Work handled includes trademarks, information technology, patents, protection of internet process and software, music rights, license agreements, e-commerce and plan variety rights.
The team gives solid support to clients in all legal aspects related to preparation of individual and collective labour contracts, development of compensation or remuneration systems, interpretation and application of contractual and legal labour stipulations and provisions, assistance in processes of collective negotiation, among others.

Litigation & Arbitration:
Lawyers of the firm represent clients before judicial and administrative courts, as well as in alternative dispute resolution proceedings, including the International Court of Arbitration in Paris, antitrust agencies, tax authority and Constitutional Court. It also covers proceedings of an extrajudicial nature before administrative and regulatory authorities, particularly regarding regulated services.

Mining, Energy & Environmental:
The firm has been involved in projects advising companies all the way from exploration to title work to structuring joint ventures and project finance, as well as environmental and regulatory matters, and has also acted for banks in project financing mining and energy operations. This practice includes financing of power projects, power purchase agreements, regulatory matters and trials, transmission line operation and electricity concessions.

Regulated Services:
The firm has extensive experience advising national and international companies, in public and private fields, in process of privatisation, bidding, purchase and disposal of companies providing service in production and distribution of drinking water, besides collection and disposal of sewage, as well as in electricity distributing and transmitting companies.

Tax Consultancy & Litigation:
The firm has an extensive tax practice providing legal advice and support in many and varied matters and also defending clients before tax authorities. The office highly respects policies for regulations in form and substance, conferring it credibility to appear before authorities and courts in tax items, exerting a strong defence of its customer’s interests.

English, French, German, Spanish.