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Partners: Ricardo Indacochea SM, Mariana Pereira N, Alonso Indacochea P. de Z., Andere Indacochea P. de Z. and Anwar El Farah M.
Total number of legal practitioners: 22

Corporate & Commercial: Alonso Indacochea P. de Z.
International & Domestic Contracts: Ricardo Indacochea SM
Energy & Natural Resources: Ricardo Indacochea SM
Real Estate: Alonso Indacochea P. de Z., Anwar Farah M.
Banking & Finance: Mariana Pereira N, Ana Carola Muñoz A.
Labour & Immigration: Andere Indacochea P. de Z.
Dispute Resolution: Marcelo Longaric S.
Tax: Candys Dorado R.

Firm Overview:
Founded in 1991, Indacochea & Asociados, Abogados, (‘IA’) is ranked as one of the most prestigious law firms in Bolivia. IA has been awarded ‘Best Law Firm of the Year’ in the Chambers and Partners Latin America Awards in 2012 and 2017. Comfortably the largest firm in Santa Cruz, the region of greatest economic development in Bolivia, nonetheless, IA has the ability to assist its clients with matters involving government representations in La Paz, the seat of government, and other departments of the country.

The reputation achieved since its foundation has placed IA as the preferred referral to foreign investors, especially those operating mainly in the eastern part of the country. Likewise, thanks to its modern vision of corporate law and its understanding of business, the firm has worked — in many areas — with the most important foreign multinational companies operating in Bolivia and also with industry leading local Bolivian companies and investors. IA maintains liaison with renowned and distinguished law firms around the world thanks to its afiliation to Meritas Law Firm Worldwide. With most of its attorneys holding masters degrees from American and European Universities, IA has the reputation of successfully combining youth and experience in order to provide clients with team work, which guarantees quality, timeliness and transparency in their projects and their day to day operations.

Main Areas of Practice:
Corporate & Commercial:
Advises local and foreign clients permanently on the best approach to start business in Bolivia from the inception of incorporating the type of entity that best meets the client needs (corporations, pass-through entities, branches, foundations, associations, joint ventures, among others) the customary administration of the entities (minute books, shareholder meetings, assemblies and board meetings, powers of attorney whether foreign or local, etc), mergers and/or acquisitions (including due diligence processes) up to the dissolution and liquidation of companies.

International & Domestic Contracts:
Drafting and negotiation of contracts, both international and domestic, taking always in consideration expediency and client’s needs regarding the business but, also applying its experience in dispute resolution, and other areas such as taxation, antitrust, labour and civil law. Counselling is essential from the perspective of preventing legal contingencies, or successfully overcome them should they arise.

Energy & Natural Resources:
Wide experience and specialised knowledge in oil and gas law and electricity law, allowing to counsel clients whose activities are along the production chain starting with exploration through marketing of production of hydrocarbons, including transportation, and from generation to distribution in the electricity sector. Legal assistance to clients in the above-mentioned sectors for which purpose it negotiates and drafts agreements, including sale of energy resources, services agreements, gas transportation agreements, easement and right-of-way agreements, among others.

Real Estate:
IA has become a preferred reference in real estate counseling due to local and foreign investments mainly regarding malls, hotels and (rural and urban land) acquisitions. Drawing on years of experience and expertise, the firm advises clients in every necessary aspect of real estate contracts and foreign investment law related thereto, in order for them to have a sound corporate structure and undergo profitable transactions in this area. Complex corporate and financing deals are smoothly handled by IA since the firm also focuses on obtaining all municipal licenses, territorial planning, investment projects, drafting of horizontal property contracts, urban map approval and all necessary requirements to convey ownership rights to interested party. Sell-purchase agreements, agrarian title analysis, corporate restructuring and financing, companies buyoffs and share-pledge agreements are day to day legal assistance as well.

Banking & Finance:
Provides legal services to major financing institutions in the largest projects (ie with IDB, CAF, OPIC, KfW, among others), mainly gas and oil transportation projects, executed in Bolivia in the last decades, as well as counseling local and foreign banks. IA gives utmost importance to the issue of conflict of interest, confidentiality and foreign corrupt practice regulations. Likewise, counselled top notch local and international companies in debt reorganisation, leasing and loan agreements, credit lines, bond placing and public offerings.

Labour & Immigration:
With specialised and experienced lawyers, the firm provides consulting services to local and foreign corporations in the compliance of labour and social security regulations, being in charge of the negotiation and drafting of labour agreements, collective bargaining contracts, law suits and in-house working regulations. When client deals with expatriate personnel, IA provides full legal support on all immigration processes and regulatory matters.

Dispute Resolution:
Planning and executing dispute resolution from a broad perspective. Vast experience in commercial arbitration and portfolio recovery. Advise to foreign investors in nationalisation processes and other disputes against the local and national entities.

The firm’s specialised tax department advises international and local clients on possible tax contingencies in any specific operation, as well as on tax planning for companies to be incorporated, new firms or projects with long experience which plan further investment or economic deals besides the tax effects on mergers, acquisitions and international operations, tax impacts on financial products and other operations of similar scope.

Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese and German.

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