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Alvarez, Liévano & Laserna S.A.S.

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Managing Partner: Carlos Alvarez Pereira
Senior Partners: Claudia Lievano Triana, Felipe Alvarez Echeverri
Partners: Maria Lucia Laserna Angarita
Number of partners: 4
Number of other lawyers: 31

ALVAREZ, LIEVANO & LASERNA S.A.S. is a boutique law firm that works exclusively in the fields of employment law, labour law and social security. Giving companies integral advice regarding human resources management, in both the public and private sector, restructuring processes, voluntary separation plans, collective bargaining and, in general, attention of legal proceedings before ordinary judges, administrative judges and the UGPP. The firm is highly recognised due to its professionalism, precision and opportunity in the response to its clients and has earned strong praise from clients for its wealth of experience and attention to detail.
Chambers and Partners has previously assessed the partners of ALVAREZ LIEVANO & LASERNA S.A.S. as outstanding lawyers in the labour and employment law field. In fact, Carlos Alvarez Pereira, Claudia Lievano Triana and Felipe Alvarez Echeverri, former partners of Alvarez, Escandon & Liévano –AESCA S.A.S, were appropriately ranked as leading individuals on this area of practice.

Employment Relations:

The firm advises a large number of companies in day to day employment matters, such as wages and hours, disciplinary procedures, hiring and termination of contracts, indemnities, employment policies procedures, handbooks, discrimination and harassment. The firm’s experience has led it to become a valuable tool for its clients.

Alternative Dispute Resolution:
ALVAREZ, LIEVANO & LASERNA S.A.S. throughout its history has advised its clients in alternative dispute resolution mechanism resolving conflicts in a less expensive and time consuming process, achieving the satisfaction of the parties. The firm is characterised by analysing with detail each situation that is presented before it too determine under what circumstances it is appropriate to seek an agreement. Through this method the firm drafts legally solid agreements that brings differences to a final end.

Labour Management Relations:
This is one of the most traditional practice areas of the firm. ALVAREZ, LIEVANO & LASERNA S.A.S. has an excellent team of lawyers with deep expertise in this field of law. The firm has handled critical labour situations of different companies and has been able to cope with the new alternatives that unions have found to exercise their right of association. The firm has advised national and multinational companies of different industries, including oil and gas, food and beverages, banking, mining, and energy companies among others. It has dealt with the largest and important unions of the country; exceeding the clients’ expectations on a number of occasions. ALVAREZ, LIEVANO & LASERNA S.A.S., masters strategy and tactics that have led to excellent management of labour conflicts.

Proceedings Before the Colombian Ministry of Labour:
ALVAREZ, LIEVANO & LASERNA S.A.S. has successfully represented clients before the Ministry of Labour’s requirements and proceedings. In addition, the firm has undertaken authorisations to undergo the company’s decisions such as massive layoffs, and management of contracts of employees with reinforced protection.

Labour & Employment (M&A Transactions):
Due to the growth of this kind of transactions, ALVAREZ, LIEVANO & LASERNA S.A.S. has had to advise its clients in the labour and employment aspects obtaining very positive results. The firm provides advice in the process of renegotiating working conditions of new employees to avoid differences that could lead to judicial suits alleging inequality, in the elaboration and subscription of successorship clauses and in the proceedings before the Ministry of Labour in order to obtain permission for mass layoff, if needed.

This is one of the most renowned practice areas of the firm. Its prestige is due not only to its excellent group of highly skilled litigants, all of whom are trained and prepared by the firm. But also for litigating country wide providing assistance to clients wherever it is needed. The firm litigates both in the labour ordinary and administrative jurisdictions.

Social Security:
ALVAREZ, LIEVANO & LASERNA S.A.S. provides legal advice in the three complex regimes of the Colombian social security system, (pension, healthcare and professional risks), offering its clients precise and detailed information in these matters.

The firm provides legal advice in immigration aspects accompanying clients in the process of obtaining working visas, working permits, residence and the validation and homologation of professional credentials in Colombia.

Currently the firm provides advice to two energy Canadian companies in employment matters related to its subsidiaries in Colombia.

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish.

The firm has clients in different sectors of the national and international economy, in industries such as banking, mining, oil and gas, food and beverages and mass consumption products, education, health, communications, automotive, technology, pharmaceutical and transportation industry, among others.