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Abreu Advogados

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Chairman of the Board of Directors: Carmo Sousa Machado
Managing Partner: Duarte de Athayde
Number of partners: 32
Number of lawyers: 200
Languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish

Firm Overview:
The world is changing: markets, mentalities, concerns and challenges are all changing, as well as the way people speak and what people want to hear. And different times call for different lawyers.
Abreu Advogados is the law firm for this new society of today, working daily to ensure that for new industries, Abreu Advogados creates new ideas, for new pressures, it plans new solutions, and for new challenges, Abreu Advogados provides new answers.
A full-service law firm with offices in Lisbon, Oporto and Funchal, Abreu Advogados is among the largest law firms in Portugal, with a team of over 200 lawyers in a company of over 300 professionals, recognised annually in international rankings of the legal sector.
Abreu was the first law firm to adopt a professional management structure committed to create a client-oriented culture that offers highly responsive teams, business-oriented advice and cost-effective structures.   Abreu Advogados breaks down barriers, walls and established models by opening discussions involving the different legal practice areas and skillsets so that together the team can deliver a complete and cohesive solution to its clients.

Main Areas of Practice:  

Corporate & Commercial:
Abreu Advogados’ commercial and corporate law practice has extensive experience and strong expertise in commercial and corporate law, being subdivided in specialised groups, which guarantee that professional services are provided through areas of expertise comprising corporate and commercial; mergers and acquisitions; private equity; transportation and maritime law; insolvency and corporate restructuring.
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Litigation & Arbitration:
The firm’s litigation practice is very experienced in assisting domestic and international clients, in their operations and businesses. It is particularly efficient in preventing and solving disputes, and guarantees the necessary assistance in civil, commercial and criminal litigation, as well as in national and international arbitration.
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Public & Environmental:
Abreu Advogados provides legal services through a number of specialised working groups in the fields of administrative and litigation law, public tenders and procurement, environmental and spatial planning law and energy and natural resources.
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Banking & Finance:
The firm provides legal services in the fields of securitisations, asset management, derivatives, capital markets and project finance. Having always invested in innovative areas of the banking law, Abreu Advogados has — through its investigative work, conferences and debates — contributed to allow the clarification of the legal and tax treatment of new and more complex financial products, such as derivatives, collateral instruments, CDOs and CBOs, as well as other structured products.
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Tax is one of Abreu Advogados’s key areas and the tax team assists clients in relation to tax matters of a wide nature, subdivided into five working groups, dedicated to local taxation, international taxation, Madeira’s free trade zone, tax litigation and private clients. Abreu Advogados also assists clients in matters related to local tax duties, notably including IRC (corporate income tax), IRS (individual income tax), IVA (VAT), IMI (real estate tax), IMT (real estate transfer tax), stamp duties and excise duties.
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Real Estate:
Abreu Advogados has wide-spread and proven experience in real estate, providing legal services through a number of specialised working groups in the fields of property finance, property acquisition, real estate investment funds, hotel and leisure, zoning and planning, the environment and retail and renovation.
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The firm’s employment law practice is highly experienced in all matters related to employment law, including daily assistance regarding legal and conventional provisions; drafting of labour contracts; contract termination agreements; collective bargaining agreements/negotiations; assistance in corporate mergers and acquisitions and in corporate restructuring redundancies; stock options plans and other fringe benefits; social security issues.
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Competition, Regulatory & EU:
The competition, regulatory and EU practice combines great capacity in competition and European law with the experience and multidisciplinary know-how necessary for providing integrated best solution to its clientele, including major national and international players. The department has been commended for its effective teamwork and timely service delivery in complex cases.
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Intellectual Property & TMT:
Abreu Advogados has extensive experience in intellectual property and IT law. The practice area acts in particular for corporate entities requiring specialised legal assistance and a range of complementary services. The intellectual property practice has a comprehensive service approach to clients’ commercial requirements, including industrial property rights and copyright protection, enforcement, media and advertising guidance, drafting and revision of IP licensing and related contracts, IT law, internet law and domain name disputes.
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The firm’s sports law practice has wide experience and expertise in sports legal matters, in areas as diverse as taxation, labour, litigation, intellectual property and public law. The sports law practice is able to efficiently assist clients in dealing with all their sports related legal and tax problems.
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International Work:
In order to provide top legal support to clients in Portuguese speaking countries, Abreu Advogados developed its own international presence. It is composed of lawyers who are highly experienced in international business and work closely with renowned local partners in emerging economies, such as Angola, Brazil, Cape-Verde, China, Mozambique and Timor-Leste. This allows the firm to provide a smoother experience in jurisdictions where legal risks would usually be higher. Abreu Advogados is committed to set the future in progress.