Nardello & Co.

Business Intelligence & Investigations Department

Asia-Pacific Region

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Nardello & Co. is, according to a market expert, "historically very strong with investigations, especially when it relates to a legal, contentious matter." Founded in the USA, the firm has become a global investigations outfit and serves the Asia-Pacific market from its offices in Tokyo and Hong Kong.

The firm is particularly well regarded for its legal expertise and high level of service in corruption-related investigations and civil or criminal litigation support. "They have a really strong mix of public record gathering and comprehensive record checks in East Asia," says a local lawyer, "married with really high-quality source interviews. Nardello were always careful and precise in describing sources' access or credibility and the veracity of the information we were getting." Another interviewee says: "The whole firm is about investigating fraud and white-collar crime - it all revolves around that core expertise."

Key contact:

Ben Rowse, Regional Managing Director, Head of Asia-Pacific