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What the team is known for

Operating out of New York and Washington DC, Nardello & Co is a highly regarded investigations firm that regularly works with the world's leading law firms, financial institutions, corporations and governments. The firm is particularly capable in handling matters relating to anti-corruption, fraud, and civil and white-collar criminal litigation.


A variety of sources praise Nardello as a market-leading practice. One interviewee says: "Nardello & Co. is top drawer. I've worked with every other major investigative firm and Nardello is clearly the most sophisticated, skilled and responsive of any I've ever worked with." "I find that to be above reproach at the highest level is paramount, and Nardello is bar none in the industry," reports a lawyer; "the team operates with no exceptions in their ethics and there's never any surprise or unwanted reverberations at the end of an instruction. That's more important than results." Another market insider concurs: "The firm is pre-eminent when it comes to understanding what is required in gathering evidence that is admissible in court. It doesn't hurt them that they're staffed with a bunch of former lawyers, so they're experienced with trial practice too."

Work highlights

For several principals of an enterprise accused of offering non-regulated financial services outside the jurisdiction of a host country, Nardello & Co. is conducting interviews of a statistical sample of the customer base to disprove the allegations. In addition to providing litigation support research and services throughout the world, Nardello & Co. is also conducting a background investigation on a rogue employee whose actions may have sparked the enforcement action.

Notable practitioners

Daniel Nardello is the founding partner of the firm, serving as chair and the chief executive officer. He is an experienced former federal prosecutor who now assists both US and foreign-based clients in business intelligence and investigations in support of complex litigation. "Dan is an ex-prosecutor who is honest and consistent with the firm's motto: he finds out," says a leading lawyer. "He's hugely experienced," adds another interviewee; "Dan quickly gets to the heart of the issue and the strategic objectives. He's quite simply the best there is." "Dan's the guy you put in front of a judge," says a client; "that's a big part of his expertise. If you need someone to present to a court Dan would be your man. There's no one like him in the US for that." One market source says Nardello is "the gold standard" for private investigators.

Thomas Feeney is a senior managing director and member of Nardello & Co.'s litigation and arbitration support practice and its anti-corruption and fraud investigations practice. Feeney is based in New York, where he assists clients by leading investigations regarding white-collar crime matters, multi-state mobile surveillance operations and the coordination of witness interviews around the world.

"Tom is outstanding," says an interviewee; "he is the master of surveillance. He's just incredible, unbelievably smart, with excellent judgement and very much under the radar in how he operates. His instincts are unparalleled." A hugely impressed lawyer adds: "Tom Feeney is one of the best investigators with whom I have ever worked. I've known him since his days in federal law enforcement and, among other things, his ability to obtain critical information from sources is unparalleled."

Department Information

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Nardello & Co. takes a creative approach to litigation and arbitration support, finding thoughtful solutions that are time-sensitive and tailored to their clients’ legal strategy. They partner with outside counsel and in-house teams to collect the information needed to get results, whether it’s evidence to support a legal position or for leverage against opponents. 

Building a persuasive argument takes accurate information, expert witnesses, and comprehensive forensics — all of which must be ethically obtained. They offer legal investigation services that can bring to light new facts and evidence that have been missed.

Their litigation and arbitration support services include:

  • Discovering, examining, and analyzing information, intelligence, and raw data to realize its evidentiary potential
  • Identifying information regarding its adversaries and their witnesses for impeachment on cross-examination
  • Locating and interviewing potential witnesses
  • Locating confidential sources and finding background information when public records are unavailable, unhelpful, or non-existent
  • Investigating credentials of expert witnesses
  • Identifying and tracing assets
  • Identifying and documenting undisclosed links between subjects and witnesses
  • Retrieving and analyzing data files using digital forensic methodology

In high-stakes litigation and arbitration, digging deeper and getting the facts of the case can make all the difference.

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Chambers Research is conducted by 200 Research Analysts, across 200 jurisdictions and provides nearly 6,000 rankings tables. Annually we collect hundreds of thousands of responses from clients, the majority via in-depth interview. Learn more about our methodology.

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