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Managing & Senior Partner: Claus von Wobeser
Number of partners worldwide: 16 Number of other lawyers worldwide: 80+
Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch

Firm Overview:
Founded in 1986, the firm has a team of foreign and Mexican lawyers with international backgrounds who have handled the most complex and groundbreaking matters that are transforming the business landscape in Mexico and Latin America.
VWYS is one of the foremost law firms for leading multinational and domestic clients which offers integrated legal solutions and unparalled expertise advising in the establishment, operation and expansion of commercial interests in Mexico and Latin America. The firm is renowned for its successful track record regarding high profile matters and transactions such as the Anheuser Busch InBev’s adquisition of Grupo Modelo and other multinational and international business deals. The firm has 16 practice areas and six industry groups including specialised desks (Asian desk, Canadian desk, European desk, German desk, US desk) and its Pro Bono work. It has been recognised by global institutions including Chambers Global, Chambers Latin America, Latin Lawyer, GAR 100, Legal 500 and IFLR 1000 among others. Many of the firm’s clients are significant investors in Mexico and are listed in Fortune 50 and Fortune 500, as well as the Dow Jones, S&P 500, DAX, Nikkei and Bolsa Mexicana de Valores.
VWYS operates as a strategic legal partner that handles each client’s most significant transactions and prominent cases. VWYS’s involvement in the most transcendental and consequential business decisions has saved hundreds of clients billions of dollars by thoroughly understanding each client’s core business, and offering well-tailored, effective solutions that adapt to the Mexican legal system.
VWYS’s team focuses on each client’s commercial success by protecting its resources from legal liabilities and risks as well as developing tactics to optimise them and create legal plans that maximise the efficiency of clients’ assets.
The expert team of more than 80 lawyers has broad experience in North America, the European Community and Mexico. The firm’s lawyers have up to date, comprehensive knowledge of legal reforms and current national and international events affecting Mexico and the global business economy. Their profound understanding of Mexican law provides insight into the most effective legal strategies that conform to local laws. Lawyers at the firm are experts in their specific fields and include North American, European Community nationals that have graduated from the top universities in Mexico, the United States and the European Community. They have professional experience in prominent business cities of the world.

Main Areas of Practice:
Anticorruption & Compliance
Arbitration & Litigation
Banking & Finance
Bankruptcy & Restructuring
Competition & Antitrust
Constitutional & Administrative Proceedings
Environment, Energy & Natural Resources
Foreign Investment
Industrial & Intellectual Property
International Trade & Customs
Labour & Employment
Project Finance
Securities & Capital Markets
Tax & Customs

VWYS has special desks for Asia, Canada, Europe, Germany and the US, as well as 16 practice areas and six industry groups including anticorruption and compliance, arbitration, automotive, banking and finance, bankruptcy and restructuring, commercial contracts, competition and antitrust, constitutional and administrative proceedings, corporate M&A, dispute resolution, energy and natural resources, environment, foreign investment, government procurement, immigration, industrial and intellectual property, insurance, international trade and customs, labour and employment, life sciences, mining, oil and gas, privacy and data protection, project finance, real estate, tourism and hospitality, securities and capital markets, social security, tax, telecoms and pro bono area.

Arbitrator and counsel for major multinational companies and governments in international commercial disputes. Advisor in commercial arbitration proceedings, including those according to the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce, the Inter-American Arbitration Commission, the UNCITRAL and in relation to NAFTA’s Chapters 11 (investment) and 19 (review and dispute settlement in anti-dumping and countervailing duty matters). Commercial: Preparation and/or negotiation of commercial agreements such as distribution, supply, agency, purchase and sale of assets and transportation.

Full range of services including analysis, advice and advocacy of cases involving both monopolistic/anti-competitive behaviour and merger control. The firm has become a pioneer in cases by making innovative interpretations of the law.

Full range of corporate services including merger/acquisition of companies in Mexico and advice for both purchasers and sellers on domestic and international transactions including full-scale mergers, restructuring transactions, joint ventures, asset purchases and spin-offs. Advises/conducts legal audits, due diligence investigations related to such transactions.

Intellectual Property:
Protection, registration and maintenance of patents, utility models, industrial designs, integrated circuits, vegetal variations, industrial secrets, trademarks, slogans and copyrights, on licensing, franchising and related agreements, transfer of technology, unfair competition and administrative litigation and litigation before district and circuit courts. In addition, it advises clients on industrial property mediation/arbitration, intellectual property due diligence and advertising/marketing promotions as well as entertainment including social media. VWYS has been involved in landmark industrial property lawsuits in Mexico and developed special programs for protection against various types of counterfeiting and infringement of IP rights.

International Trade & Customs:
Consulting, preventive planning and litigation related to different aspects of international trade and customs in Mexico. The team works on matters related to among others; free trade agreements, provision of Mexican Customs Law, the establishment and operation of IMMEX Entities and the Verification of Origin of Products.

Advise on all aspects of labour relations including the strategic planning related to the structuring of large and medium size companies. Counseling regarding the hiring and laying off of large groups of employees as well as of high level executives who are expatriates and Mexican nationals. Counselling and preventive planning related to human resources and employment management issues.

Involved as defence and claimant attorneys in complex federal litigation. Specialisation on major commercial disputes and solid experience sponsoring intellectual property, tax, consumer prosecution, civil and labour matters. Real Estate: Counselling on all legal aspects regarding the acquisition and financing of commercial, industrial and residential projects. Negotiation, structuring, registration and certification of corresponding agreements as well as establishment of trusts, lease backs, condominium ownerships and counselling on procure government authorisations in all types of licenses for commercial, industrial and urban development.

Advisory services and representation in administrative proceedings before corresponding tax agencies and litigation in the Federal Tax Tribunal/federal courts. Specialises in taxation of foreign individuals/companies in Mexico, double-taxation treaties to which Mexico is party. Pro Bono: The firm is committed to defending human rights and its lawyers dedicate a substantial amount of time advising organisations and individuals in pro bono activities.

International Network:
VWYS is a part of the American Bar Association, the International Bar Association, the Mexican Bar Association, the American Arbitration Association, the International Chamber of Commerce, the International Fiscal Association, the International Trademark Association, the German Chamber of Commerce, American Chamber of Commerce among others. VWYS has a strong relationship with firms in the United States, Canada, Germany, other European countries as well as Latin America and Asia. VWYS is the representative for ALFA International in Mexico.