This content is provided by Studio Legale Villata, Degli Esposti e Associati.

Chairman: Riccardo Villata (Founding Equity Partner)
Managing Partner: Andreina Degli Esposti (Founding Equity Partner)
Number of partners: 6
Number of lawyers: 16
Languages:English, French, Spanish and German

Firm Overview:
Studio Vilde, a leading firm in administrative law with offices in Milan, Rome, Bologna and Padua, was established in 1999 as a merger of the studios of Avv. Prof. Riccardo Villata and Avv. Andreina Degli Esposti. The firm’s practice covers a variety of areas — from infrastructure and oil and gas projects to public utilities and environmental law — while its extensive judicial and extra judicial experience has enabled it to become a key consultancy structure. The Italian legal system is seeing the administrative and civil law sectors become increasingly interlinked, an aspect that Studio Vilde also embraces, working with large multinational companies on matters involving corporate and financial law. The firm thrives within the constantly evolving legal environment due to its ability to adapt and the fact that it is always up to date with the latest changes. In addition to this, VILDE collaborates with large multinational companies, specialising particulary in corporate and financial law. On account of its dynamic structure — with its various offices — the firm is always able to respond promptly to all its clients’ needs. The firm has recently decided to expand its services by establishing a new collaboration regarding sports law that will be analysed from a public point of view.

Main Areas of Practice:

The firm’s partners regularly represent clients before the Administrative, Civil and Criminal Courts in all matters pertaining to the areas of expertise listed below. They also have an extensive experience in procedures before the Italian Court of Audit. By virtue of its excellent litigation practice, the firm has also built a strong expertise in non-contentious matters across all areas of public law.

Public Tenders:
The practice offers advice on public tenders and represents clients in litigation proceedings, both before the administrative courts in relation to tenders and award provisions, as well as before ordinary courts in tender contract disputes.

Public Utilities:
The firm’s partners are widely recognised as the leading Italian experts in public utilities. The firm provides clients with influential opinions and advice; litigation expertise; and assistance with the structuring, documentation and completion of complex transactions.

The firm boasts a comprehensive and experienced practice in both the remediation and waste sectors, along with an exceptional legal service in criminal law, litigations (before Administrative or Civil Courts) and the structuring of complex transactions — a combination of expertise that is unrivalled in Italy.

The firm primarily assists the principal Italian companies in the energy sector with the following matters: exploration; production; storage and distribution of natural gas; power generation (including renewable sources, cogeneration and waste-to-energy) and distribution; and the storage and distribution of oil.

Oil & Gas:
The firm assists major companies operating in the Italian oil and gas sectors with the regulation process under Italian Authorities, the acquisition of concessions and administrative permits, and litigation. Infrastructure: In this sector, the firm represents clients in tender procedures or in the implementation of public contracts. Malls & Stores: The firm has an extensive practice covering litigations and transactions with local public bodies (municipalities and regional governments) in this sector.

Privatisation & Public Enterprises (Listed or Otherwise):
The firm has developed widespread expertise in privatisation (it is currently involved in the major ongoing privatisation cases in Italy), financial transactions with public bodies and M&A in public enterprise sector.

Criminal Trials:
The firm has assisted clients before Criminal Courts in matters relating to administrative affairs. The firm also has a wealth of experience having offered expert advice in matters such as building regulations, town planning, mergers and acquisitions, independent authorities, regulations of industrial sites, project financing and arbitration.

Healthcare Compliance & Regulatory:
VILDE provides counsel on public-private management experiments, regarding the start-up phases, the contractual aspects and the development, including remodulations and stabilizations. VILDE has also dealt with pharmaceutical law on various occasions, providing companies with significant support during research and experimentation, as well as in the regulatory area.

Public International & EU Law:
European sources of law, including the rulings of the Court of Justice of the European Union are increasingly affecting national substantive and procedural law. This has prompted VILDE to create a multidisciplinary team that includes experts who, working as consultants for the European Commission and the Italian Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs, deal with these issues on a daily basis.

Sports Law & Sports Justice:
The firm recently decided to expand its services by establishing a new collaboration regarding sports law to be analysed from a public law point of view.