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Chairman: Federico Linares
Managing Partners: Rocío Reyero and Ramón Palacín
Number of partners:
Number of professionals: Over 900
Languages: English, Spanish and other languages

Firm Overview:
EY Abogados advises on the development and implementation of business strategies promptly and efficiently, combining local technical knowledge with a global perspective on tax, legislative and administrative matters which translates into an agile response to the most urgent international challenges of its clients. The firm provides an integrated multidisciplinary service based on the deep knowledge of the business, the market and the industry sector in which clients operate to add value by creating effective business models and strategies.

Main Areas of Practice:

Transaction Tax:
Tax due diligence and tax structuring advice in domestic, cross-border and inbound transactions from pre-transaction planning straight through post-merger integration, among others.
Contact: Rocío Reyero
Tel: +34 915 727 383

International Tax & Transfer Pricing:
Advice to multinationals in their strategy across the complexities of multiple tax systems worldwide. Transfer pricing design, complex supply chain solutions, cost contribution agreements, business aligned conversions and controversy procedures in different industries.
Contact: Ramón Palacín
Tel: +34 915 727 485

Tax Financial Services:
Tailor-made services to all type of financial organisations within the Banking, Insurance and Wealth & Asset Management business.
Contact: Araceli Sáenz de Navarrete
Tel: +34 91 572 77 28

Business Tax Services:
Corporate tax advisory services throughout every stage of the tax life cycle. Definition and establishment of adequate tax policies and strategies complying with tax reporting and compliance and improving the tax management and control, building an efficient relationship with the tax authorities and with a strong focus on available tax incentives, such as R&D credits and Patent Box.
Contact: Javier Seijo
Tel: +34 915 727 414

Tax Controversy:
One of the biggest teams in the market, with a deep knowledge of tax litigation in specialised sectors as local taxation, EU controversy or energy and environmental taxation. The team has excellent relationship with the tax authorities.
Contact: Maximino Linares
Tel: +34 915 727 123

Global Compliance & Reporting:
Deep knowledge on addressing key elements of a company’s finance and tax processes for preparing statutory financial and tax filings.
Contact: Sergio Garrido
Tel: +34 915 727 717

VAT & Other Indirect Taxes:
The team advises companies on addressing issues related to VAT and other indirect taxes, including custom and excise duties, locally and internationally.
Contact: Eduardo Verdún
Tel: +34 915 727 421

People Advisory Services:
Remarkable experience in global expatriate management and Human Resources advice, especially on talent management, compensation and pension systems.
Contact: Jaime Sol
Tel: +34 917 493 152

M&A & Private Equity:
Driven to provide client-centric solutions, guided by a deep sector focus and a multidisciplinary approach. Extensive experience advising corporations and private equity investors on all types of transactions and cross-border deals.
Contact: Francisco Aldavero
Tel: +34 917 493 225

Real Estate:
Experienced in advising sizeable transactions of large portfolios also in asset management. Regularly retained by some of the largest players in the sector to handle some of the highest-value and highest-profile deals in recent years.
Contact: Ivan Azinovic
Tel: +34 917 493 274

Public Law & Regulatory:
Experienced in advising companies in all regulated sectors. Deep knowledge of public administrations procedures and their control institutions.
Contact: Félix Plasencia
Tel: +34 915 727 504

Top executives, contracting, collective negotiations, expatriates, outsourcing, litigation and Social Security issues. Contact: Raúl García González
Tel: +34 915 725 110

Corporate Governance:
Integrated solution with a multidisciplinary nature focused on listed and non-listed companies from all economic sectors. Corporate governance matters, Directors’ remuneration, capital markets, corporate social responsibility and sustainability, risk management and regulatory and compliance.
Contact: Lourdes Centeno
Tel: +34 915 674 729

Digital Law:
Legal angle of the companies’ digitisation processes, including legal issues derived from the use of disruptive technologies like IoT, blockchain and AI/algorithms and legal protection of intangible assets as IP and personal and non-personal data. EY’s Digital Law practice is embedded in one of the greatest technology hubs in Europe. Contact: Blanca Escribano
Tel: +34 915 727 679

Competition Law:
Legal and strategically-focused antitrust advice in all sectors and industries. Practical advice for clients to stay competitive whilst complying with competition law. Merger control proceedings, sanctioning proceedings (cartels, abuses of dominant position), state aids, claim for damages and compliance programs.
Contact: Alfonso Ois
Tel: +34 917 499 530

Pretrial conflicts to avoid judicial disputes, judicial proceedings and negotiation in complex civil and commercial disputes, including regulatory and corporate conflicts and bankruptcy procedures.
Contact: Antoni Frigola
Tel: +34 915 675 869

Legal & Regulatory Financial Services:
Wide range of national and cross-border solutions to financial industry players across the banking, investment services, insurance, asset management and payment services businesses. Senior multidisciplinary subject matter experts on legal and regulatory complex matters covering regulatory filings, rules of conduct, disciplinary procedures, implementation of Financial Services International Regulations and transaction law advice.
Contact: Enrique A. Fernández Albarracín
Tel: +34 917 493 429

OFFICES (Spain): 

Avda. de Sarria, 102-106
Edificio Sarrià Forum
08017 Barcelona
phone: +34 933 663 700
fax: +34 934 053 784

Plaza Euskadi 5. Planta 13.
Torre Iberdrola.
48009 Bilbao
phone: +34 944 243 777
fax: +34 944 242 745

La Coruña:
Cantón Pequeño 13-14, 7B
Edificio Ocaso
15003 La Coruña
phone: +34 981 217 253
fax: +34 981 223 475

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria:
Avda. Alcalde Ramírez Bethencourt, 6
Edificio Atlántico
35003 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
phone: +34 928 380 984
fax: +34 928 370 249

Madrid (Main Office):
Calle de Raimundo Fernández Villaverde 65
Torre Azca
28003 Madrid
phone: +34 915 727 200
fax: +34 915 727 238

Paseo de la Farola, 5
Edificio Velería
29016 Málaga
phone: +34 952 228 506
fax: +34 952 226 616

Palma de Mallorca:
Camí del Reis, 308 - Torre A, 2º
Urb. Can Granada
Edificio Mapfre
07010 Palma de Mallorca
phone: +34 971 213 232
fax: +34 971 715 673

Avda. Pío XII, 22
31008 Pamplona
phone: +34 948 175 510
fax: +34 948 178 085

Santa Cruz de Tenerife:
Avda. Bravo Murillo, 5
Edificio Mapfre
38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
phone: +34 922 244 717
fax: +34 922 243 307

Avenida de la Palmera, 33
41013 Sevilla
phone: +34 954 238 711
fax: +34 954 239 437

Menorca, 19
Edificio Aqua
46029 Valencia
phone: +34 963 533 655
fax: +34 963 523 318

Calle Santiago 9 1º
47001 Valladolid
phone: +34 983 361 286
fax: +34 983 361 287

Areal, 18
Ofic. 10-13
36201 Vigo
phone: +34 986 443 029
fax: +34 986 430 021

Avda. Gómez Laguna, 25
Centro Empresarial de Aragón
50009 Zaragoza
phone: +34 976 458 110
fax: +34 976 458 111