This content is provided by 3 Verulam Buildings.

Joint Heads of Chambers: Ewan McQuater QC & Adrian Beltrami QC
Chambers Director:
Stewart Thompson
Senior Practice Managers: Stephen Penson & Stuart Pullum

3 Verulam Buildings is one of the foremost sets of barristers’ chambers specialising in commercial law, with 85 members based in London (ranked by Chambers UK in 26 practice areas) and with many highly prominent legal practitioners across the world. Members advise and represent clients in court, arbitration and other tribunals in England, other jurisdictions worldwide and internationally. 3VB’s approachable and responsive members and practice managers understand the pressures on solicitors and clients and the importance of providing a superb quality of service, in which legal excellence is combined with a commercial attitude.

WORK UNDERTAKEN 3VB has a genuine depth of experience across the full range of commercial litigation, from banking and financial services to company law, insurance, professional negligence, insolvency, commercial fraud, IT and media and entertainment. Its members are regularly instructed by the leading law firms in the major pieces of commercial litigation of the day, and often act in teams on various sides of major disputes. Chambers has a strong reputation in domestic and international arbitration, including significant experience of investment treaty disputes and cases involving energy, natural resources and infrastructure. 3VB has substantial experience of international work, in both litigation and arbitration. Members are frequently instructed by lawyers from other jurisdictions and are accustomed to working in multi-jurisdictional teams. They have particular experience of disputes arising in the Caribbean, the Gulf States, the post-Soviet states and the Asia-Pacific region. As well as acting as counsel, many of its members and impressive array of international associate members sit as arbitrators, under all the major arbitration rules. 3VB’s members also undertake non-contentious work, such as drafting terms and conditions in contracts for financial institutions and commercial clients, and advising clients on the effects of new law.

RECRUITMENT 3VB offers up to four pupillages a year and also considers applications as lateral hires from barristers with established, excellent practices.


Ewan McQuater QC (1985) (QC-2003)

Adrian Beltrami QC (1989) (QC-2008)

Ali Malek QC (1980) (QC-1996)

John Jarvis QC (1970) (QC-1989)

Christopher Symons QC (1972) (QC-1989)

Richard Salter QC (1975) (QC-1995)

Michael Blair QC (1965) (QC-1996) (Hon Causa)

Gregory Mitchell QC (1979) (QC-1997)

Hodge Malek QC (1983) (QC-1999)

Andrew Sutcliffe QC (1983) (QC-2001)

Andrew Onslow QC (1982) (QC-2002)

Rory Phillips QC (1984) (QC-2002)

Tom Weitzman QC (1984) (QC-2003)

Andrew Fletcher QC (1980) (QC-2006)

Johnathan Nash QC (1986) (QC-2006)

Hefin Rees QC (1992) (QC-2013)

David Quest QC (1993) (QC-2013)

Jonathan Davies-Jones QC (1994) (QC-2013)

Matthew Hardwick QC (1994) (QC-2014)

Ewan McKendrick QC (1998) (QC-2015)

Richard Edwards QC (1993) (QC-2016)

David Head QC (1995) (QC-2016)

Ian Wilson QC (1995) (QC-2018)

Jamie Riley QC (1995) (QC-2019)

Peter de Verneuil Smith QC (1998) (QC-2019)

Nicholas Craig QC (1998) (QC-2019)

Christopher Harris QC (2002) (QC-2019)

Rajesh Pillai QC(2002) (QC-2020)

Peter Cranfield (1982)

Michael Lazarus (1987)

Angharad Start (1988)

Matthew Parker (1997)

Peter Ratcliffe (1998)

Sophie Mallinckrodt (1999)

Tariq Baloch (2001)

Jane Davies Evans (2001)

William Edwards (2002)

Saima Hanif (2002)

George McPherson (2003)

David Simpson (2003)

Lisa Lacob (2004)

Charlotte Eborall (2004)

Adam Kramer (2004)

Farhaz Khan (2005)

Richard Hanke (2006)

Robert Purves (2007)

Alexia Knight (2007)

Christopher Bond (2008)

Philip Hinks (2008)

Anne Jeavons (2008)

Adam Temple (2008)

Kate Holderness (2008)

Tom De Vecchi (2009)

Theodor van Sante (2009)

Christopher Burdin (2010)

Teniola Onabanjo (2010)

Paul C K Wee (2010)

Miriam Schmelzer (2010)

Ian Higgins (2011)

Yash Bheeroo (2011)

James Potts (2011)

Cleon Catsambis (2011)

James McWilliams (2011)

Scott Ralston (2012)

Antony Pavlovich (2012)

Mark Wassouf (2014)

Nathaniel Bird (2012)

Sarah Tulip (2012)

Pia Dutton (2013)

Emmanuel Sheppard (2013)

Georges Chalfoun (2014)

Hannah Glover (2013)

Victor Steinmetz (2014)

Cameron Miles (2015)

Rebecca Zaman (2015)

Dominic Kennelly (2016)

William Day (2016)

Ryan Ferro (2017)

Sophia Dzwig (2017)

Ravi Jackson (2017)

Ivana Daskalova (2018)

Clarissa Jones (2018)

Judy Fu (2019)

Calum Mulderring (2019)

Tan Sri Dato’ Cecil Abraham ++

Elizabeth Birch ++

Sir William Blair ++

Stavros Brekoulakis ++

Richard Brent QC ++

The Hon Ian Binnie CC QC ++

Lee C Buchheit ++

Sir Ross Cranston ++

Sir Peter Cresswell ++

Clive Freedman ++

Catherine Gibaud QC ++

Sean Hagan +

Kaj Hober ++

D. Brian King ++

Christopher Lau SC ++

Felicity Maher ++

Mansoor Jamal Malik ++

Thierry Marembert ++

John Lorn McDougall QC ++

Sophie Nappert ++

Sir Robert Nelson ++

Nayla Comair-Obeid ++

Sir Stephen Silber ++

Gopal Subramanium ++

Attila Tanzi ++

Jose Maurellet SC ++

++ Associate Member