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Barristers and sets ranked in this section handle a wide range of cases involving motor insurance fraud. Cases covered in this section might include deliberately induced accidents, staged accidents, contrived accidents, phantom/bogus occupant claims and low velocity accidents, and might range from opportunism right up to nationwide organised fraud rings. Barristers will typically have to deal with motor insurance law (e.g. indemnity issues between policyholder and insurer, third-party liabilities, avoidance defences, declaratory proceedings, Motor Insurer Bureau claims, claims for indemnity or contribution from related insurers, etc.) and issues stemming from fundamental dishonesty (such as actions in the tort of deceit and committal proceedings for contempt of court). Claims will also often include elements of fabrication or exaggeration in relation to personal injury and related claims.

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Band 1
  1. Temple Garden Chambers
    Temple Garden Chambers
    Motor Insurance Fraud
    2024 | Band 1 | 9 Years Ranked
    Temple Garden Chambers is a "go-to set for any complex fraud matter," offering unrivalled expertise and bench strength in insurance disputes involving serious allegations of fraud. Its "extremely talented barristers" are a strong choice for insurers facing matters involving exaggerated personal injuries, staged accidents, credit hire frauds and fabricated documentation. The set acted for the defendant in Rocha v Rentokil, concerning an over £62,000 credit hire claim to replace a damaged motorcycle.
Band 2
  1. Deans Court Chambers
    Deans Court Chambers
    Motor Insurance Fraud
    2024 | Band 2 | 6 Years Ranked
    Deans Court Chambers has "a real depth of expertise in the area of insurance fraud", acting for both claimants and defendants across the breadth of motor fraud cases. Members are frequently sought out to handle matters involving complex factual and legal questions and arguments of fundamental dishonesty. The set offers further capabilities in contempt of court proceedings. Members acted for the defendant and their insurers in Jones v Aviva Insurance, a claim dismissed as being fundamentally dishonest.
  2. Deka Chambers
    Deka Chambers
    Motor Insurance Fraud
    2024 | Band 2 | 1 Years Ranked
    Deka Chambers has particular expertise representing insurers in personal injury cases with motor fraud elements and has a track record of success proving fundamental dishonesty. Members of chambers are experienced in tackling matters stemming from staged accidents and low speed impacts. The set is also capable of handling cases of complex credit hire fraud and fraud rings. Recent instructions have included acting for Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance in the striking out of a £40,000 compensation claim for whiplash and credit hire damages on the grounds of fundamental dishonesty. One commentator notes: "The expertise on offer at Deka is second to none."
  3. Park Square Barristers
    Park Square Barristers
    Motor Insurance Fraud
    2024 | Band 2 | 7 Years Ranked
    Park Square Barristers possesses "a wide choice of expert barristers who deal with and advise on the most complicated issues," acting for defendant insurers across a spectrum of insurance fraud disputes. Members of the set are highly capable in matters involving exaggerated injuries and induced accidents. The set offers further strength in achieving cost orders against third parties, including solicitors and rehabilitation treatment providers. Recent instructions have included representing AXA in a personal injury claim for a minor collision that was dismissed on the grounds of fundamental dishonesty.