Chambers Professional Advisers submissions: the process

Submissions are sets of factual information provided by firms and professional advisers concerning specific areas of expertise. When used in conjunction with other sources, this information helps us determine whether a firm or individual should be listed within our guides. It is also an opportunity for you to comment in confidence about the wider market and to provide views and information not publicly available, to ensure we get a full picture of the strengths of your practice.

Chambers Professional Advisers: how it is different

While Chambers most commonly receives submissions from lawyers and law firms, the guides in the Professional Advisers series also research other types of professional services, in order to give a fuller account of a given sector or area of activity. If you are making a submission on behalf of a non-legal firm or company, please use the appropriate dedicated template below. If there isn't a template appropriate for your organisation, please use the standard form or contact the editor to suggest we compile a new form. Please give concise descriptions of your organisation, recent work and pertinent biographical information about key individuals.

The Chambers Professional Advisers referees form

You are welcome and encouraged to provide third-party referees for us to interview. A referee is usually a client, although it can be anyone who has good experience and knowledge of your firm over the preceding 12 months.

Interviews with referees are non-attributable and any quotes we publish are anonymous. We take care never to include a quote that will reveal the source.

When submitting your referees, please:

  • Include no more than 20 referees per practice area.
  • Lawyers or other professionals from your own organisation cannot be submitted as referees.
  • Do not alter the referee spreadsheet in any way. Uploading and matching to our database will be corrupted if the spreadsheet is changed.
  • Get permission from your referees before submitting them to us.