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How-to Chambers Europe Webinar FAQs

Read the submitted questions and answers from the How-to Chambers: Europe webinar below.

Published on 23 March 2021
Written by Marlene Hermann
Marlene Hermann

During the How to Chambers: Europe webinar on 3 February 2021, our virtual attendees were offered the chance to ask questions and have these answered by the Chambers Europe team. Here we round up the guide specific questions.

Who is the best point of contact?

For jurisdiction-specific queries, please visit the Chambers Europe guide page here to determine the best contact.

For general queries concerning the research process and log-in details, please contact our Enquiries team here

For queries concerning commercial opportunities, please contact Felicity Pattison.

For more information about our Insight Reports, please visit our Insights page here.

Who can I speak to about my ranking?

Please contact the relevant Deputy Editor whose contact details can be found on the Chambers Europe guide landing page here.
For in-depth information, please email Felicity Pattison for more information about our Insight reports and visit the Insights page here.

What is a submission and why do you need this?

The submission document can be found here. Please select Submission form (Europe) from the list on the left-hand side.  
The submissions are an opportunity to showcase the firm's work and key clients over the previous 12 months, and demonstrate the team's make up. 

My referees don't all speak English. Is that a problem?

We speak over ten different languages across the Europe team, including Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and Russian. We usually have the capacity to communicate with an individual in their chosen language, both on the phone and in written communication. However, if you are concerned, please get in touch with the relevant deputy editor. 

What is Europe-wide?

Europe-wide assesses a firm's cross-border and international capabilities.

How do you create these Europe-wide rankings?

Europe-wide takes into a firm's rankings in that practice area in national rankings, e.g. for Europe-wide Corporate/M&A, we look at Corporate/M&A or Corporate/Commercial rankings across European jurisdictions, including UK. We also take into account the firm's work and feedback from clients indicating coordination across office, international reach and so on.

Do we have to send you a submission for Europe-wide?

Submissions are only required for Europe-wide International Trade/WTO and Europe-wide Regulatory & Public Affairs. Submissions for all other Europe-wide sections are optional, though they can be very helpful to get an idea of which matters the firm deems are most representative of its cross-border capabilities and to showcase coordination between offices. 

Do you contact referees for this section? Where do you get the feedback and quotes from?

We only contact referees for International Trade/WTO and Regulatory & Public Affairs. For all other practice areas, we use feedback gleaned from national research. If you upload referees for the other Europe-wide practice areas, they will not be contacted. 

We missed the national submission deadline. Can we submit to Europe-wide instead?

No. Please do not submit to Europe-wide if you have missed the deadline for your specific jurisdiction as the research process is very different. Research on Europe-wide also takes place at various times throughout the year and it is possible that your submission and referees may be missed if they are uploaded to Europe-wide. 
If you have missed the deadline for your jurisdiction, you must contact the relevant deputy editor to find out if you are still in time for research. 

General FAQs

If your question is not answered above, please see our general FAQs page here.

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